Harley Quinn Season 4 – Is the Show Returning This Summer?


We have recently seen a surge in shows featuring anti-heroes and anti-heroines. Among them, one that deserves a special mention is Harley Quinn, otherwise known as the Queen of Gotham. The show, which has three successful seasons behind it is rumored to return with a new season this summer.

The show follows Harley Quinn as she navigates through the Gotham City trying to uncover the criminal underworld. Having Poison Ivy by her side further escalates the whole dynamic, and it isn’t surprising that the show has picked up a dedicated following.

Harley Quinn Season 4

This article will explore more about Harley Quinn Season 4, its release date, and the expected cast and plot. 

When is Harley Quinn Season 4 Returning?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Release Date

Harley Quinn has already been renewed for the fourth season. So, if you were sitting there with anticipation and worry about the show’s fate, you now know that things are happening. However, the disappointing thing is that the show was renewed a year back.

So, it is quite sad that the viewers and the fans had to wait for almost an entire year to get news about the show’s release.

However, looks like the wait is over. The official network, HBO MAX, has confirmed that the show is returning this summer on July 27, 2023. So, if you have been awaiting news about the show’s release, we hope this serves as great news for you.

What is the Expected Plot of Harley Quinn Season 4?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Plot

With the show’s expected release date out of the equation, the next thing that most of the audience wants answers for is the expected plot. None of the people associated with the show have confirmed anything about the fourth season.

But, if we follow things that transpired in the last three seasons, it is safe to assume that the fourth season will pick up where they ended the third season. We witnessed Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy returning to Gotham as the power couple at the end of Season 3.

The producers and creators of the show have confirmed that HBO has encouraged them to continue developing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s relationship, which is something that the majority of the audience has been fond of. 

The fourth season of the show will be run by Sarah Peters as the showrunner and Ceci Aranovich is handling the animation production part of things. With both of them being super talented, we can blindly expect something big to happen and unfold in the fourth season.

Like the previous three seasons of the show, Harley Quinn Season 4 is set to unfold a lot of adventures along the as well, which is another factor that almost everyone has been awaiting. The action and the thrill that the show packs in with a female protagonist are mind-blowing. Seems like Season 4 has a lot left to uncover.

Who will be Cast in Harley Quinn Season 4?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Cast

Harley Quinn has been pretty consistent with their casting ever since the first season. They do have a main cast, which consists of the primary characters on the show. The fourth season is also expected to return with a few new additions.

Following is the list of the cast we are expecting in Harley Quinn Season 4:

  • Matt Oberg

Matt Oberg

  • Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni

  • Andy Daly

  • Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

  • James Adomian

James Adomian

  • Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

  • Briana Cuoco

Briana Cuoco

  • Harvey Guillen

Harvey Guillen

  • Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

  • Lake Bell

Lake Bell

  • Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk

  • Ron Funches

Ron Funches

  • Tony Hale

  • Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

The majority of the cast in the show portray the roles of different characters by themselves, making the whole experience even more fun.

Is there a Trailer for Harley Quinn Season 4?

Harley Quinn Season 4 has been officially confirmed for a release this July but we don’t have any official trailer in sight, which is quite disappointing.

According to reports, the reason why there are no trailers yet is because there is more marketing left to be done. So, as the release date nears, we can very well hope that the show will return with its new trailer soon.

We will keep you posted about the same, so save this webpage for more details in the future.

Where to Watch Harley Quinn Season 4?

Harley Quinn’s first three seasons premiered on MAX, formerly known as HBO Max. So, with things falling into place for the fourth season too, we can hope that Season 4 will be released on the same streaming platform as well.

Besides that, the viewers will also be able to watch the show by renting it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu.


Harley Quinn Season 4 has left the audience in a state of constant want. With the anticipation building and no trailers in sight, the viewers are now confused as to what they can expect from the show’s fourth season. We are pretty sure it’s going to pack in all the adventures, drama, and romance in the 10-episode league.