Gracie Dzienny Net Worth – How Much is the ‘Supah Ninjas’ Star Worth?

Gracie Dzienny Net Worth

If you grew up watching channels like Disney and Nickelodeon, chances are that you have watched shows like “Supah Ninja”, and “Chasing Life,” etc. Besides being a successful actress, Gracie is also a famous fashion model and has worked with a variety of leading brands.

Besides Nick’s Supah Ninja, Gracie has also appeared on other Netflix shows, including First Kill, which is one of the most popular ones around. The show has brought her immaculate fame and exposed her to a global audience.

This article will further look into Gracie Dzienny’s early life, personal life, career, and net worth as well.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Gracie Isabella Dzienny
Birth Date August 26, 1995
Age 28
Country of Origin USA
Profession Actress
Marital Status Unmarried
Parent’s Name Mike and Tara Dzienny
Jonathan Denmark
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1 million
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2024

Early Life

Gracie was born on August 26, 1995, in Toledo, Ohia in the United States. Being born into a well-settled and affluent family helped Gracie chase her dreams. She was named Gracie Isabella Dzienny by her parents.

There isn’t a lot of public information about Gracie’s parents and her siblings or her life growing up since she prefers to keep that personal information out of the media. 

However, Gracie has confirmed time and time that her exposure to the entertainment field started quite early in her life. She started modeling at the age of 5 after winning a competition arranged by L’Oreal. 

But Gracie didn’t let her passion take off her focus from her studies. Not only has the actress and model completed her school education, but she has also graduated from one of the most reputed colleges near her.

Personal Life

Gracie is reportedly in a relationship with Jonathan Denmark. One of the first pictures that Gracie shared of her and her boyfriend was in 2018. Since then, she has been quite secretive about her love life and prefers keeping things out of the media. Even Jonathan is quite a secretive person and has a private Instagram account.

Gracie Dzienny


Although Gracie has established herself as a leading actress in the present date, she didn’t kick off her career in that field. Instead, she started her career at the age of 5 as a model. She won a competition arranged by L’Oreal Modelling Contest.

Due to her age and educational commitments, Gracie only engaged in modeling gigs during the summer months. Besides modeling and acting, she also ventured into other fields like jazz, tap, and even hip-hop dancing as well. 

However, once Gracie gained enough fame and popularity, she relocated to Los Angeles with her mother when she landed a role in the show, Supah Ninjas. It took her quite a few auditions to land the role and stand out from the rest of the actresses that auditioned for it.

In the show, Gracie played the role of Greer Danville, who was the love interest of the protagonist’s younger sister. Once she gained good traction from the show, she later starred in the series, Chasing Life in 2014, followed by a role in the series, Zoo, which aired in 2016.

Her career has only experienced an uphill from there. The next show that she was cast in was Bumblebee, a movie that was released in 2017. One of her later roles is in the Netflix series, First Kill, which aired in 2022. In the show, she played the role of Elinor Fairmont.

Besides that, there is no information regarding her future projects that she is currently working on. 

Net Worth

According to sources, Gracie has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she has earned through the various television shows and movies she has acted in. Besides that, Gracie has a profound following on her social media platforms, which she uses to promote different brands and products.


1. Where is Gracie Dzienny from?

Gracie was born in Toledo, Ohio, which is in the United States. She spent the majority of her life growing up in Ohio and later relocated when she wanted to make a significant career switch.

2. How old is Gracie Dzienny in Supah Ninjas?

Gracie was born on August 26, 1995, which makes her 28 years, as of 2024. She has grown up gracefully and is on the way to becoming a very popular actress.

3. Who plays Clem in the zoo?

It is Gracie that plays the character of Clem in Zoo, which is one of her most popular characters to date.