Crooks Season 2 Is Confirmed – Know The Details

Crooks Season 2

Crooks, Netflix’s German crime drama series, is set to return for a second season after its successful debut on 4th April 2024. The show was praised for its exciting portrayal of rival gangs fighting for a priceless coin. It received positive reviews from both fans and critics.

The renewal announcement came via X along with a video confirming the show’s comeback. However, the exact release date is yet to be revealed.

The first season of Crooks turned out to be so good that it ended up on Netflix’s official top 10 lists. Fans expect the same performance from Crooks Season 2. If you are intrigued to find out about what the second season holds, give this post a read.

When Is Crooks Season 2 Releasing?

As of now, the release date of Crooks Season 2 is not announced, but we are hopeful the news will come soon.

Netflix renewed the show soon after the release of season 1. However, it is not clear if the crew have resumed production. Considering the renewal date of the show, we can tell that it will take time for season 2 to release. If they start filming now, we can expect the show to return at the end of 2024, or sometime in 2025.

At the end of the first season, Charly escapes without harming Hassan and reunites with his family. However, challenges will likely continue to unfold for him and his loved ones.

The series features Frederick Lau as Charly, Jonathan Tittel as Jonas, and Christoph Krutzler as Joseph, with appearances by Georg Friedrich and Svenja Jung.

For fans wondering where to catch Crooks Season 2, it will be released on Netflix just like the first season.

What Can We Expect In Crooks Season 2?

In Crooks season 2, we are likely to witness our two heroes embark on a thrilling journey in search of the coin. The upcoming season will take Joseph and Charly on an exhilarating, authentic, and emotional gangster odyssey across the globe.

The first season did exceptionally well on Netflix, with the show garnering a massive number of views. Although the plot details of season 2 are scarce, we expect the new season to take the show a notch higher. 

Right now, it is too early to know the plot details as the show got renewed just recently. We will have to wait for the crew to resume shooting, so more details are revealed to fans.

Who Is Cast In Crooks Season 2?

Right now, we don’t have much information about Crooks season 2 cast. However, we can expect all the lead characters to return for a second round. It will be interesting to see if the showrunners add new characters in the upcoming season.

Here are the details of the expected cast members:

  • Christoph Krutzler as Joseph
  • Frederick Lau as Charly
  • Svenja Jung as Samira
  • Kida Khodr Ramadan as Rami
  • Jan Georg Schütte as Henning
  • Branko Samarovsk as Der Großein
  • Klara Mucci as Alina Ionescu
  • Brigitte Kren as Tante Margot 
  • Karl Welunschek as Der Rote