Countdown 2 – Everything We Know So Far

Countdown 2

Fictional and supernatural horror films are perfect for those days when you want to detach from reality and stay on the edge of your seat while watching a movie. Countdown, which was released in 2019, fits the description perfectly.

Directed and written by Justin Dec, the movie was not only well-received but has left fans wondering if a sequel to the movie would be a possibility sometime in the future. With so many speculations at this point, it does seem like a distant dream.

This article will take a look into Countdown 2, its potential release date, and whether the movie will return with a sequel in the future.

When is Countdown 2 Releasing?

The ending of Countdown is the reason why most of the viewers believe that there is a possibility for a second season. If you haven’t watched the first movie yet, be aware because we will have some spoilers ahead.

In the final scene of Countdown, we witness how Quinn and Matt survive the demonic encounters that still haunt some of the app users. However, when they try to delete the app, an error message saying “User agreement broken” shows up.

This has led to the speculation that Countdown 2 could be a possibility to explain what happens next. That said, we don’t have any official confirmation about the release date yet. So, it looks like we don’t have any idea about the release date yet.

Some fans do speculate that Countdown 2 might be released in 2024 after an official countdown is released in 2023 to hype up the release.

What can we expect from Countdown 2?

As we mentioned, the first installment of the movie ended very abruptly and without proper explanations. So, when it comes to the sequel, the fans are expecting to get all the answers to their questions.

We will likely witness Quinn return in the sequel and while she has survived in the first movie, there are chances that she will try her best in the second movie to stop the app from creating further destruction.

Not only that, we can also expect new characters to be introduced in the sequel to make the movie more interesting and plot-heavy. Also, the first film didn’t reveal the origin of the app, so we can expect more on that in the next one.

Who is returning to Countdown 2?

With the 50% confirmation of the fact that Countdown 2 is under development and will be released sometime in the future, the next question that people have is related to the cast.

We can expect the main cast to return:

  • Elizabeth Lail as Quinn Harris

Tichina Arnold

  • Jordan Calloway as Matt Monroe

Jordan Calloway

  • Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris

Talitha Bateman

  • Tichina Arnold as Nurse Amy

Tichina Arnold

Any further additions to the cast will be revealed when we get an official confirmation and trailer of the new movie.


Countdown 2 will unveil a lot of the plot loopholes and questions that the viewers were left with from the first movie. If you have been awaiting more news related to the movie’s sequel, the wait might be a little longer at this point. We will keep you informed about upcoming release dates.


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