Christine Chiu Net Worth 2024 – How Much Is the Bling Empire Star Worth?

Christine Chiu Net Worth

If you are into reality television series, chances are that you have watched or at least heard of the Bling Empire. The show follows the lives of ultra-rich Asian and Asian American socialites that explore the wildlife of being out and about in Los Angeles.

Amidst all the cast, one that stands out is Christine Chiu. She is an entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of $90 million. Given how private she keeps everything surrounding her life, it isn’t surprising that people are often inquisitive to know what she is up to.

This article will explore more about Christine Chiu, her early and personal life, and also her career and net worth.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Christine Alexandra Chiu
Birth Date December 14, 1982
Age 41
Country of Origin Taiwan
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Spouse Dr. Gabriel Chiu
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $90 million
Last Updated: June 21, 2024

Early Life

Christine Chiu was born on December 14, 1982, in Taipei City, Taiwan. Despite her current rave of fame that she has acquired, there’s little to no information about her life growing up. There is no information about her parents or siblings (if any).

However, it is known that Christine immigrated to the U.S. eventually and graduated from an esteemed American University. She graduated with a degree in International Business. 

Besides that, there are no reports regarding Christine’s early life or the kind of hobbies or childhood she had growing up.

Personal life

Given the fact that Christine likes to keep her private life away from the media spectacle, it isn’t surprising that there isn’t much input about her private life.

She is married to Dr. Gabriel Chiu, who is reportedly a direct descendant of the famous Song Dynasty. He is a plastic surgeon and runs his private clinic, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

Christine Chiu


Given the fact that Christine has appeared on Netflix’s Bling Empire, it isn’t even a question that people are inquisitive about what she does and the kind of businesses she is into.

That said, we need to understand that not much about her career is out on the public forums and that includes the business ventures she has. Keeping that aside, Christine’s rise to fame primarily came about after she appeared on Bling Empire, putting her in front of a global audience.

Besides being starred in the show, Christine is also the producer of Bling Empire, which goes to show that she has a pretty great net worth to back up the work she is doing. Besides Bling Empire, Christine is also a renowned social media personality. 

She leverages her following across different social media platforms to endorse brands and earn sponsorships. It is even believed that she charged over $4000 per Instagram post that she does endorse a brand.

Christine also works as a Managing Director at her husband’s plastic surgery clinic, which adds to her income.

Christine Chiu is a Philanthropist And Businesswoman

After graduating from Pepperdine University, Chiu started her career in public relations in the beauty industry. Today, she uses her business skills to manage her husband’s luxury Medispa in Beverly Hills, which serves many celebrities and Hollywood insiders.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Chiu said she combines her love for high fashion with her job by predicting plastic surgery trends based on runway styles.

Besides her work in the plastic surgery business, Chiu spends a lot of time on charity. She serves on the boards of several charitable organizations, such as the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative, L.A. County Museum of Art’s Costume Council, and Step Up Woman’s Network.

In 2019, Chiu and her husband collaborated with Prince Charles to open the Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme in Cumnock, Scotland.

Net Worth

With the business ventures and entrepreneurial journey that Christine has set out on, she has an estimated net worth of around $90 million. There isn’t much news about the investments or the real estate that she owns. But, it is reported that she prefers living a very luxurious lifestyle.


1. What does Christine Chiu do?

Christine Chiu is an entrepreneur and notable figure in the Bling Empire reality television series. She is also the managing director at her husband’s plastic surgery clinic.

2. How did Christine Chiu gain fame?

Christine Chiu gained recognition through her appearance on Netflix’s Bling Empire. She is not only a cast member but also the producer of the show. Besides her involvement in television, she is a prominent social media personality.

3. What is Christine Chiu’s net worth?

Christine Chiu has an estimated net worth of approximately $90 million. Her wealth is primarily attributed to her involvement in the Bling Empire.