Can This Love Be Translated – What Do We Know About This Upcoming Netflix Show?

can this love be translated

Netflix’s new romantic-comedy K-drama, Can This Love Be Translated, is gearing up with a stellar cast. Although information about the show is scarce, we do know that filming is in progress. 

Can This Love Be Translated is penned by the Hong Sisters Mi Ran and Jung Eun while the direction is handled by Yoo Young Eun. This Netflix Originals show is expected to arrive on the platform sometime in 2025. That is if everything goes as planned.

If you are curious to know more about this show starring Go Youn-jung and Kim Seon-ho, you should give this post a read.

When Is Can This Love Be Translated Releasing?

Can This Love Be Translated is an upcoming Netflix Original show that is expected to release in 2025. The same was reported by a well-known news outlet, Joy News 24.

According to reports, the show stars Go Youn-jung and Kim Seon-ho in the lead roles, along with other cast members. As of now, the exact release date has not been announced as the show has yet to conclude filming.

This new series is directed by Yoo Young-Eun, who is known for his incredible work in Manhole, How to Buy A Friend, Bloody Heart, and Queen of Mystery. The story is written by Hong Sisters Hong Mi-ran and Hong Jung-eun, who are famous for their projects like Alchemy of Souls, Hotel Del Luna, and A Korean Odyssey among others.

What Can We Expect Can This Love Be Translated?

Ever since Can This Love Be Translated has been announced, fans have been curious to find out more about the plotline. But since this is a brand-new series, information about the plot is scarce. The producers along with the rest of the crew seem to be doing an incredible job in keeping the plot details under wraps.

As far as it is known Kim Seon-ho will assume the role of a multilingual interpreter in the upcoming show. It is likely to have a total of ten episodes, which are currently being filmed.

It is an interesting love story between an actress, portrayed by Go Youn-jung, and an interpreter, portrayed by Kim Seon-ho. The actress hired an interpreter to work with her. Due to their different perspective on love, they have several misunderstandings between them. However, with time, they tend to develop feelings for each other.

Who Is Cast In Can This Love Be Translated?

The lead cast of Can This Love Be Translated is confirmed along with a few other cast members. Kim Seon Ho portrays Joo Ho Jin. He is known for his roles in various Netflix Originals like Run On, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, and Start-Up. Go Youn Jung portrays Cha Moo Hee. Her previous roles include appearances in Netflix series such as Alchemy of Souls, Sweet Home, and Law School.

Here’s a brief rundown of the names of the actors and their characters in the series.

  • Go Youn-jung as Cha Mu-hee
  • Kim Seon-ho as Ju Ho-jin
  • Choi Woo-sung as Kim Yong-woo
  • Lee Yi-dam as Shin Ji-seon
  • Sota Fukushi is a Japanese