Call of the Night Season 2: Will the Beloved Show Be Back?

Call of the Night Season 2

The Japanese manga series created by Kotoyama received its anime adaptation by the same name in 2022. Now, even though it has been quite some time no official update has yet been made regarding a possible second season of the show.

We have brought together some speculation regarding the release date of the second season of Call of the Night. As you keep scrolling you can also find some information on the possible plot line that the next season might follow and the cast for the same.

What is the release date of Call of the Night season 2?

Based on the manga series of the same name which is illustrated and written by Kotoyama, Call of the Night had become quite a success following its premiere. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. No official update has been made about it as of yet.

Even though no official update has been made regarding a possible second season of Call of the Night, the manga on which the anime series is based still has quite a few plot lines to attend to. It can be therefore said for sure that a second season will be happening. 

The release date for the same cannot be guessed just yet. For an official release date announcement, the fans have to keep on waiting for a while longer.

What is the plot of Call of the Night season 2?

The plot of Call of the Night revolves around a high schooler named Ko Yamori. Our protagonist is the typical adolescent boy who has become disillusioned, especially regarding the concept of love. While this has been a very natural phase in the lives of all of us, something extraordinary happens to our protagonist here.

The boy becomes plagued by insomnia and starts to roam about the city at night. During one such endeavor, he comes across Nazuna Nanakusa. She is friends with him and takes some home. While at her home it is revealed that Nazuna is a vampire. As one would have guessed, she bites Ko and slowly introduces him to the joy of being a night Walker.

Feeling bored with his usual and uninteresting mortal life our protagonist also decides to turn into a vampire for good. However, as the rule dictates, one has to be bitten by the true love of their life to turn into a vampire. The anime series thereafter deals with the journey of the teenagers as they discover each other and fall in love.

The upcoming season of the anime series will deal with this plot line and it will also feature the variety of supernatural characters that our protagonist encounters on his journey to find love and himself.

Who are the cast members of Call of the Night Season 2?

Here is the list of the Japanese voice actors who have lent their voices to the characters of the show.

  • Ko Yamori – Gen Sato

Gen Sato

  • Nazuna Nanakusa – Sora Amamiya

Sora Amamiya

  • Hatsuka Suzushiro – Azumi Waki

Azumi Waki

  • Nico Hirata – Eri Kitamura

Eri Kitamura

  • Seri Kikyo – Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka Tomatsu

  • Kabura Honda – Shizuka Itou

Shizuka Itou

  • Akihito Akiyama – Hiroyuki Yoshino

Hiroyuki Yoshino

  • Anko Uguisu – Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro

If you are someone who enjoys watching the dubbed version of Anime then here is the list of the English artists who have lent their voices for the characters.

  • Gabriel Regojo as Ko

  • Natalie Rial as Nazuna

Natalie Rial

  • Jade Kelly as Akira

Jade Kelly

  • Brandon Hearnsberger as Tonio

  • Daniel Regojo as Kai

Daniel Regojo

  • Andrew Love as Matsuda

Andrew Love

  • Katelyn Barr as Young Ko

Katelyn Barr

  • Juliet Simmons as Young Akira

Juliet Simmons


Given how the plotline progresses in the manga, any changes regarding the cast or the usual plotline seem unlikely. Much more information will be available once a trailer is out for the second season of Call of the Night. For that fans will have to wait. For that, they will need to keep their patience for a while longer.