The Rise of Braydon Price and his $2 Million Net Worth 2023

Braydon Price Net Worth

Getting to turn your passion into a profession is something that every single one of us wants in our lives. While some can achieve it, some find it pretty difficult to make that a reality in their life. Among them, one such YouTuber that stands out is Braydon Price.

Braydon is one of the few YouTube sensations who managed to turn his passion for outdoor activities into a highly-paid profession that also comes with fame. He is a famous American YouTube personality who is known for posting videos in outdoor activities, motorsports, and pranks niche.

With the steady growth that Braydon has experienced in his YouTube career, it isn’t surprising that people want to know more about his net worth. We will explore more on that in this article.

Early Life

Braydon Price was born on August 24, 2000, in Los Angeles, California, and becomes to a multicultural family.

Despite the kind of fame that Braydon has gained on social media, he is very private and secluded about his early life. There’s not much information available about his family or even his parents and siblings.

Ever since he was little, Braydon has been very fascinated by biking and had an interest in riding different kinds of motorbikes. That built the foundation for his career.


Braydon’s YouTube career started with his debut video, which he posted on August 17, 2013. The first video he uploaded was titled “The Dirt Bikes (What We Will Be Riding).” Although he didn’t gain a lot of traction right off the bat, his channel started picking up quite quickly, gaining more and more subscribers.

Besides posting about dirt bikes and biking in general, Braydon also diversified his videos and posted about a lot of other topics, including hunting, pranking, outdoor automobiles, etc.

People started watching his videos, given how thorough and passionate Braydon was with his uploads. Some of his videos also feature him performing stunts and pranks on other people. Not just that, Braydon also shows off his stunning collection of offroad automobiles.

You can also find Braydon sharing tips and reviews of certain products and automobile gears and accessories that you’d need.

Personal Life

During the start of his career, Braydon lived with his parents. However, as his career kept growing, he later shifted to his place, which featured a huge home on 1.5 acres of land with two garages.

As for his dating life, Braydon was connected with a girl named Maddie. However, they broke up some time later and the same became a spectacle on the internet.

Net Worth

Braydon Price, with his successful YouTube career, has managed to secure a hefty net worth of around $2 million.

Besides YouTube ad revenue, Braydon also earns his income through other streams, including brand sponsorships and merchandise sales, which further add to his net worth.

According to reports, Braydon currently stays at his place in Monroe, North Carolina. There isn’t any other information about his investments or sources of income.