Best Foot Forward Season 2 – When Is the Sequel Releasing?

Best Foot Forward Season 2

“Best Foot Forward,” the heartwarming Apple TV+ series chronicling the adventures of Josh, a young amputee navigating the complexities of public school for the first time, captured hearts with its humor and touching portrayal of inclusion and acceptance.

With the lack of inclusive representation in media, shows like these uplift the spirits of the people struggling in real life. Given that many people found a voice for themselves with the show is a true testament to how good it was.

As fans eagerly await the next chapter, here a glimpse into what Best Foot Forward Season 2 might hold.

When is Best Foot Forward Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Best Foot Forward was released in 2022 on Apple TV+ and was an instant hit, thanks to the interesting portrayal of Josh’s life.

Since the final episode of the first season, there has been no further update regarding the show’s return just yet. The fans have been curious to know about what life holds in the future for Josh and how it would be portrayed but it looks like Apple TV+ has no further insights to share at the moment.

Given that it hasn’t been that long since the last season, we still have time for further news. We have to keep in consideration that filming is a lengthy process, which is followed by post-production, following which the release dates and logistics surrounding it are decided.

If we consider all these individual factors, there are hopes that the show will most likely return in 2025 or later.

What can we expect from Best Foot Forward Season 2?

Before you even get into the theories of the second season, we’d 100% advise you to watch the first season. Familiarize yourself with the characters and also the storyline of the show. Only then will you be able to make sense of what’s going down in the second season?

Season 2 promises to delve deeper into Josh’s experiences as he continues to navigate the complexities of middle school. Some of the fan theories concerning the sequel’s plot include:

  • Having established connections in season one, Josh will likely build stronger bonds with his friends, facing challenges and triumphs together.
  • Whether it’s joining a new club, participating in school events, or pursuing personal interests, Josh might step outside his comfort zone and discover new passions.
  • Navigating middle school can be tricky, and Josh will likely encounter new obstacles, both personal and academic. Whether it’s social anxieties, academic difficulties, or self-doubt, the series will showcase his resilience as he tackles these challenges.

Season two will likely also explore the experiences of Josh’s family and friends as they support him on his journey. It will surely be interesting to see how things unfold.

Who is returning to Best Foot Forward Season 2?

The successful renewal of Best Foot Forward Season 2 will witness the return of all the main and beloved cast from the first season, including:

  • Logan Marmino as Josh
  • Stephen Schneider as Gary
  • Joy Suprano as Maggie
  • Peyton Jackson as Kyle


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