Banshee Season 5 – Has Cinemas Cancelled It?

Banshee Season 5

It looks like there is no end to the list of good American drama series and Banshee is one of them. Ever since its release in 2013, the show has managed to gain the steady attention of the viewers, bringing more and more agitation among the audience about the release of the fifth season.

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The fourth season of Banshee aired in April 2016. Given that it has been over 7 years now, the possibility of the show returning with a fifth season is quite bleak. 

If you have been watching the show and have been wondering about the release of Banshee Season 5, we have all the information lined up for you in this article.

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What is the Plot of Banshee Season 5?

Banshee follows the life of a prisoner who is released from prison after 15 years, following the influence of a Ukrainian mob boss named Rabbit.

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The prisoner was jailed for stealing diamonds worth $15 million alongside his accomplice, Ana, who happens to be Rabbit’s daughter. Rabbit’s main aim in releasing the prisoner is to find a way back to his daughter.

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Following his freedom, the prisoner goes to the small fictional Pennsylvanian town of Banshee, where Ana resides under the alias of Carrie Hopewell. How things navigate through their life is what Banshee is all about.

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When is Banshee Season 5 Releasing?

The fourth season of Banshee was released in April 2016. Since then, there has been no information about the show’s revival.

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Even the network officially confirmed that the show is going to be canceled after the fourth season and won’t be renewed for a new one. So, if you have been hopeful until now about the show’s return, we’d have to, unfortunately, disappoint you.

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Who is cast in Banshee Season 5?

Since Banshee has been canceled by the network after four seasons, there isn’t going to be any fifth season happening any time soon.

However, if the show were to return with a fifth season, there is a very high potential that it would return with all the protagonists that appeared in the first four seasons.

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Although Banshee has been canceled after four seasons, we’d recommend you watch the episodes that are available since it provides a very conclusive story. All 38 episodes are worth the watch and a pretty thrilling experience from the start till the end. For more updates, bookmark this webpage.

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