Antique – (Hindi Web Series) – Breaking Down the Seasons, Episodes and Cast

Antique – (Hindi Web Series)

Sometimes, we need a simple yet intriguing web series after a strenuous day at work. If you are someone who has been wondering how to go about finding a good web series to stream online, we have some suggestions to share.

Antique, which is available on ULLU is a great example. This is a bold and erotic web series, which means that it comes with age restrictions. However, if you are looking for something to watch that’s fun, has good comedic timing, and is good in terms of screenwriting, we’d recommend this.

This article will take a look into everything you need to know about Antique on ULLU and how you can watch the show.

Antique – Details

Other names Antique
Language Hindi
Genre Bold, drama, comedy, web series
Release date 1 September, 2023 – 8 September, 2023
Director Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Distributed by ULLU
Seasons 1
Episodes 9


When it comes to the majority of the bold and erotic web series available on independent streaming platforms in India, it is quite difficult to find options that are worth the time.

Some of them either focus only on the sexual and erotic themes or have no plot to the story while some are straight-up boring with no point to their existence.

Antique balances all the elements pretty well. From the storyline to the efficiency and performance of the actors, each element in the show has been done and executed quite well.

When it comes to the show’s plot, follows the life of Deepak, a man that runs an antique show, which is owned by his disabled wife. Given that Deepak’s wife isn’t able to man down the store, it is Deepak who handles everything in the store – from inventory to budgeting.

Despite having a very honest wife, Deepak is completely different and exploits his clients with manipulation and intimidation too. While these tricks help Deepak earn a steady income, his wife soon finds out about these tactics of his.

Being a very honest woman, Deepak’s wife is off-put by this behavior of her husband and things ensue after that. We don’t want to spoil the show for you, which is why we won’t be discussing anything further. If you want to find out what happens next, you’d have to watch the show yourself.

All Episodes

Episode name Release date Director
Episode 1 September 01, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 2 September 01, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 3 September 01, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 4 September 01, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 5 September 01, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 6 September 08, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 7 September 08, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 8 September 08, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt
Episode 9 September 08, 2023 Himanshu Brahmbhatt

Cast and crew

Name of the actors and actresses Role
Anupam Gahoi Deepak
Sarita Jha Maltese
Suhana Khan Mallu


Antique has gained quite a lot of followers, thanks to the fun and intriguing plot. If you have been meaning to stream the show, it is available on the ULLU app. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and stream the show at your convenience.


1. Where can I watch Antique?

Antique web series is available for free streaming on the ULLU app for Android.

2. Is Antique suitable for kids?

No, Antique is a bold, erotic drama web series, which contains adult themes and dialogues that aren’t suitable for children.

3. Can I watch Antique for free?

If you have the Ullu app downloaded to your Android phone, you can stream Antique for free.

4. How many episodes are there in Antique?

Antique has a total of nine episodes, each spanning 30+ minutes, so you can binge-watch them.

5. Will Antique 2 be released?

There are no reports of whether there will be a second season of Antique or not.


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