African Queens: Njinga Season 2 – What’s Next for the Series?


The captivating story of Queen Njinga, the fearless warrior queen of Ndongo and Matamba, enthralled audiences in the first season of Netflix’s “African Queens.” With the engaging storyline, the fans are now hungry for more.

While viewers were captivated by Njinga’s resilience and cunning, there won’t be a Season 2 focused on her reign.  “African Queens” is an anthology series, with each season chronicling the life of a different powerful African queen.

That said, we will still take a closer look at African Queens: Njinga Season 2 and what we can expect in the following seasons.

When is African Queens: Njinga Season 2 Releasing?

While Njinga’s story has concluded, “African Queens” returns with a brand new season, this time exploring the life of Cleopatra VII Philopator, the iconic Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt.  

Cleopatra’s reign was marked by political intrigue, battles for power, and her captivating relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.  Expect a season filled with lavish sets, stunning costumes, and a deep dive into the complex world of ancient Egypt. 

That’s all the information that we have received at the moment. Whether or not Netflix or the creators decide to update the fans about the show’s future would be interesting to see in the upcoming days. It would very likely be a treat for the fans to unfold.

What can we expect from African Queens: Njinga Season 2?

Cleopatra’s story is one of ambition, intelligence, and a fight for survival in a cutthroat political landscape.  Season 2 will likely explore her rise to power as a young woman, navigating the complex dynamics of a male-dominated society.  

We can expect to see her strategic brilliance on display as she manoeuvres through alliances and betrayals.  The season will delve into her famous relationships with both Caesar and Antony, showcasing the political calculations and personal passions that intertwined. The docudrama format, established in Season 1, is sure to return.  

Expect dramatized scenes depicting key moments in Cleopatra’s life, interwoven with interviews from historians and experts.  These interviews will provide historical context and shed light on the complexities of Cleopatra’s era. 

There’s no point speculating how the creators will pan out the show and how things will be in the future. We won’t know anything about it unless the season is here and there is confirmed news about the show.

Until then, as fans, all you can do is go back and rewatch the previous episodes. These should give you all the details about the show’s format and even get a closer look at the life of the African Queens.

Who will be cast in African Queens: Njinga Season 2?

Since “African Queens” is an anthology series, the cast changes with each season.  As such, the actors who portrayed Queen Njinga, her court, and her rivals in Season 1, including Adesuwa Oni (Njinga), Eshe Asante (Ndambi), and Sivuyile Ngesi (Mbande) will not be returning for Season 2. However, a new cast will bring Cleopatra and her world to life.  The producers have yet to announce the new cast members, but with the success of Season 1, we can expect a talented group of actors to portray these iconic figures. 


When is African Queens: Njinga Season 2 releasing?

The release date for African Queens: Njinga Season 2 has not been announced yet. The new season will focus on Cleopatra VII Philopator of Ptolemaic Egypt.

What is African Queens: Njinga Season 2 about?

Season 2 of African Queens: Njinga is expected to explore the life of Cleopatra VII Philopator, focusing on her reign, and political manoeuvres. It is also likely to highlight her relationships with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar.

What is the format of African Queens: Njinga Season 2?

African Queens: Njinga Season 2 will follow a docudrama format exactly like the first season.

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