Act Your Age: Is Season 2 on the Horizon?


The hilarious and heartwarming comedy “Act Your Age” captured hearts with its portrayal of three fabulous women navigating life and love in their 50s. 

While Bounce TV initially canceled the show, its recent success on Netflix has fans clamoring for more. Will there be a Season 2, and if so, what can we expect? There are a lot of rumors surrounding the show and its renewal and eventual release.

So, let us take a closer peek into everything you need to know about Act Your Age Season 2 and what you can expect from it.

When is Act Your Age Season 2 Releasing?

The future of “Act Your Age” remains uncertain. Bounce TV chose not to renew the show after its initial run in 2023. However, things took a turn when the series landed on Netflix in May 2024. It quickly skyrocketed to the #4 spot on the streaming platform, proving its enduring appeal.

Show creator Alyson Fouse expressed her surprise at the cancellation, considering the show’s strong performance on Bounce. She hinted at the possibility of a revival, stating, “this is probably the best outcome we could have hoped for because Netflix gives us a much bigger audience.”

We do have to keep into consideration the kind of success the show garnered from the first season, so the possibility of a return sometime in the future seems highlight likely.

What Can We Expect in Act Your Age Season 2?

The first season of “Act Your Age” introduced us to three fabulous women in their 50s – Barbara (Whitley), Sharon (Campbell), and Lois (Brown) – navigating life, love, and careers in Washington D.C. With a second season, we can expect them to continue defying stereotypes and embracing their vibrant lives.

Season one set the stage for interesting romantic prospects for each character. We might see Barbara navigate the complexities of dating after a long-term relationship. Sharon, with her newfound confidence, could explore a potential romance with the charming Malik. Lois, balancing motherhood and career, might find a supportive partner.

The women’s professional journeys were a highlight in season one. Season two could delve deeper into their challenges and successes. Barbara’s business could face new obstacles, forcing her to adapt and strategize. Sharon might finally get the recognition she deserves at work. Lois could face a career crossroads that tests her resilience.

Season two also has the potential to introduce new characters who could become friends or romantic interests for the leading ladies. The comedic situations that arise from their different personalities and life experiences will likely continue to be a major source of entertainment.

Who’s Coming Back for Act Your Age Season 2?

There are heavy inclinations that the show will most likely not be renewed for a second season, which rules out the need for discussing the cast too. However, if the show is renewed, it would return with:

  • Kym Whitley as Barbara Winslow 
  • Tisha Campbell as Sharon James 
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Lois Byrd 
  • Jackee Harry as Danni
  • Tony Rock as Malik
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