100-Day Dream Home Cancelled – What Is the Future of The Show?

100-Day Dream Home

If you are a fan of interior design and home renovation-related shows, 100 Day Dream Home on HGTV is potentially one of the best shows that you can consider watching. It’s fun, engaging, and also a perfect way to witness the beauty of home remodeling.

In each episode, husband-and-wife duo Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt take on the challenge of building a custom dream home for their clients, all within the ambitious timeframe of 100 days. After three successful seasons, there are rumors of a potential cancellation.

This article will take a look at 100 Day Dream Home Season 4 and its renewal status and potential return.

When is 100 Day Dream Home Season 4 Releasing?

Although there are quite solid rumors that HGTV has most likely canceled the show after three seasons, the news hasn’t come from official channels.

So, the fans are hopeful these are rumors and that the creators will bring the show back sometime in the future.

With the release schedule of the previous seasons, we can remain hopeful of the fact that Season 4 of the show will most likely be released in 2024. However, at this point, everything seems to be uncertain.

If you are curious to know what’s next or what could potentially be happening in the upcoming seasons of the show, it looks like we’d have to wait and watch for official reports from HGTV or relevant avenues.

What can we expect from 100 Day Dream Home Season 4?

Season 4 of “100 Day Dream Home” promises to bring more inspiring stories and stunning home transformations than ever before. Brian and Mika will continue to travel across the country; meeting new families and helping them turn their dream homes into reality. 

The show will also feature a wider variety of home styles, from cozy cottages to modern mansions, showcasing Brian and Mika’s versatility as designers and builders. In addition to the usual challenges of designing and constructing a home in such a tight timeframe, Brian and Mika will also face some unexpected obstacles in Season 4. 

From dealing with unforeseen weather conditions to overcoming material shortages, the couple will need to adapt and improvise to keep their projects on track.

However, if the show is canceled, none of these speculations will come to life, which will truly be a lot more disappointing for the fans.

Who is returning on 100-Day Dream Home Season 4?

The dynamic duo of Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt will, of course, be returning to helm Season 4 of “100 Day Dream Home.” Their expertise, passion, and infectious enthusiasm have been the driving force behind the show’s success, and their return is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt

  • Brian Kleinschmidt
  • Mika Kleinschmidt


A lot of the fans are looking forward to the release of 100 Day Dream Home Season 4 but with a looming threat of cancellation, there seems to be nothing that we can do to expedite news about the release. We’d suggest keeping an eye out on the official social media channels for more details.


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