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There are a lot of people out there who love watching movies online. But the humongous prices of the tickets sold are making people think twice before they want to book any movie tickets. The advent of the internet has led to the mushrooming of various sites that upload the latest movies. You need not pay a single penny to watch movies from this site. 

All you have to do is to have a good electronic device with a proper internet connection. If the speed of your internet connection is very high, then the download speed of the movies increases at a very rapid rate. The biggest challenge in today’s date is to find the right kind of site to download the movies. In most of the sites, you can get to watch advertisements more than the movies. Also, when you try to download the movies, you end up downloading some other file which results in virus build-up in the system. 

What is Webjalsha? 


Webjalsha is one of the most sought-after piracy sites screening Bengali movies. Even before the movies could hit the theatres, one can find the movies being released on these sites. Almost all kinds of copyrighted content can be found on this site. Not just Bengali movies, one can find movies from Bollywood, Hollywood movies with dual audio being released on this site. That too all the movies released on this site are of top-notch quality that you can’t avoid downloading. 

Features of Webjalsha 

There is so much fuss surrounding this site. If you are eager to know why this site is sought after by many around, it is important to know about the features of this site. Some of the best features of this site are listed below. 

  1. One of the biggest hurdles in getting to download the movies from any pirated site is the menace of ads. When you make use of sites like Webjalsha to download movies from this site, you can get to see that number of ads coming in between the download process is way too less. This makes the user way too interested in downloading content from this site.  Though the site focuses majorly on Bengali movies, one can get to enjoy movies from other languages as well from this site. The list of movies provided on this site is too large to not explore fully. How the movies are arranged on this site makes any movie lover want to visit the site over and over again. 
  2. Proper categorization of movies is available which provides the complete database 
  3. The absence of any kind of viruses in the site makes it one of the best suited for downloads. 
  4. The web page design is top-notch that it attracts the audience at large. 

Categories of Webjalsha 

To use the site, it is very prime to understand the various categories under Webjalsha. The movies on this site are arranged according to the genre. There are different kinds of genres available based on which the user could get to enjoy the different movies:

  • Bollywood movies
  • South Indian movies
  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • English dubbed movies

How to download movies from Webjalsha? 

You need to follow the given steps to download movies from Webjalsha. 

  • Most of the time, the link of the site is not found in the normal search engines. You would be required to use the VPN to hide your identity. There are a lot of web browsers that come along with VPN installed. 
  • You need to find the exact link to the website. It is not a very tedious task to find a link to the website. You just have to keep following the updates of the website. 
  • You need to make searches for the movies under the HD category of movies. Only the movies under this category have the top quality of videos. You can get to see various resolutions of movies being uploaded under this section. 
  • You need to find the right quality of the video and tap on the movie link to download the movie. 
  • You need to learn to download the movies from this site to understand the entire process. 

7 legal alternatives to Webjalsha 

Webjalsha is an illegal site. There are many chances of the site getting blocked and banned by the users. About 10 legal alternatives are provided to the Webjalsha site. These sites wouldn’t be blocked by any chance as they are completely legal. 

1. YouTube 

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. However, one should not confuse it with YouTube TV which is used to stream live TV shows. For the ones who aren’t able to afford the exorbitant subscription charges of the various streaming services, they can go and type YouTube on any search engine and watch movies online. In the smartphones being released in today’s market, one can find YouTube being released as an application in itself. One can find movies of any language around the world on YouTube. You just need to have a proper internet connection to access content from this site. 

2. Hotstar 

Hotstar has become famous all over India ever since it became the official streaming partner for the Indian Premier League. Also, the Star Network is one of the largest in the country which streams the best and top content by buying the rights. Some of the movies of top stars in the country are released in Hotstar. One can get to access both free and paid content from this site. The paid content also is not priced at extremely high rates. Not just Indian movies, one can find movies from Hollywood being released on the site as well. Hotstar is also available as an application version. 

3. The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive is one of the largest libraries of movie collections in the world. One just has to type in the name of the movie in the search box and under the search results, it gets displayed. One can find movies with subtitles being released on this site as well. Earlier, the files uploaded to this site used to be huge. Now, with the release of torrents application, the file size of the movies has reduced as one can make use of the torrents application to watch and download the movies. 

4. Retrovision 

One is aware of the fact that Bengali movies have a huge collection of classics. All of the classics are arranged in the order of genre of the movies. Be it any genre, you can find the movies listed here. The subtitle files of the movies are also uploaded to this site so that one can get to view all of the movies by attaching the subtitles along with it. The video quality of the movies is too good that you should never miss out on downloading movies from this site. 

5. Crackle 

Crackle is one of the top streaming services in the world. The kind of content you get to see on this site is very exotic for it is owned by Sony. You can create a custom watchlist in Crackle. You just have to sign on to the platform and create an account. Even if you don’t create a watchlist, one would be created based on your watch history. One thing which disturbs the audience a little is the continuous display of ads in between while watching the movies.

6. Open Culture 

Open Culture is one of the best websites to find all types of content. Be it the movies, series, and other web-related content, you can find it all. Also, if you have a child at home and you want to make use of this platform as an educative tool as well, then Open Culture is where you ought to visit. The website charges absolutely no cost to access all of its content. 

7. MoviesFoundOnline 

Just as the name suggests, MoviesFoundOnline is an array of movies from all languages across the world. The best part of this site is that one can access movies that were released almost three to four decades ago. Be it any category of movies, you can find it on these websites. The website doesn’t upload movies on its site but it curates’ a whole lot of movies from the other sites and uploads it on to their site. It works more or less like an aggregator. 

8. Popcorn Flix

If you can access the websites under the domain of the United States of America, then you need to visit a site like Popcorn Flix. These are the kind of sites where movies from the public domain are posted directly on the site. The platform is owned by Screen Media Ventures and the user need not pay a single penny to view content from this site. One can find thousands of movies under each category. Just like the name suggests, you can grab a popcorn and watch all the latest flix free of cost. 

9. Hulu

If you don’t wish to download any movies, but you wish to watch the streaming of content, then you need to choose sites like Hulu. Websites like Hulu has applications released in the in-app store and play store to enjoy watching the content. If you wish to watch world-class content, then Hulu is the place to be. One major issue with Hulu is that it isn’t available in all the countries across the world. One needs to make use of a VPN to access these sites. 

10. Vimeo

If you wish to watch different kinds of movies and documentaries, then you need to choose a platform like Vimeo that has a neat and clean layout. The biggest disadvantage with most of the movie aggregating sites is that the display of all the movies on the site is not so neat and clean. One can find a lot of short movies to watch and download on the site. One can also post the content they wish to watch from Vimeo on the On-demand section. The content which the user wishes to watch will be uploaded to the site. This feature can be made use of to watch all your favorite Bengali flicks. 

11. Hoichoi

Hoichoi is an Indian subscription-based movie streaming platform that exclusively hosts Bengali content. The term Hoichoi stands for excitement and the platform does complete justice to its name. Hoichoi brings a plethora of Bengali content from different eras, genres, and cultures. Hoichoi is indeed an exciting platform for people who love to watch Bengali content. Currently, the site has an app version that’s compatible with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Apple TV, etc. On Hoichoi, one can stream not just Bengali movies but also songs, web series and so much more. Content on Hoichoi is available for downloading too! 

12. Spuul

This is another legal movie streaming platform that isn’t much popular because of the high subscription rates. Sometimes people can’t afford to pay the high subscription charges. But, if you can manage to subscribe to this amazing platform, you wouldn’t ever regret it. This site brings a versatile, diverse collection of content, ranging from Bengali, Hindi, English to other regional content.  If you are a movie buff who watches rare films, this is your ideal platform. If you are planning for a movie night with friends and family, getting a Spuul subscription would be the best thing to do beforehand.

13. Mx Player

Another legal platform that primarily offers regional content is Mx Player. Content here is updated regularly. With the release of new regional content, be it Hindi, English, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, or Tamil, you are sure to get that on Mx Player. People can stream content in HD quality. They can also select other formats for streaming and downloading. Mx Player is available in an app version that is more convenient to access. This application has categorised content and offers a simple user interface. If you are unable to understand the dialogues, you can turn on the subtitles. Lastly, the application doesn’t charge anything for its services.


The Government of India has formed stringent laws against the uploading of movies on pirated sites. When the uses are found watching and downloading content from the pirated sites, they would be punished or banned based on the cyber laws of that particular country. Sometimes, the persons watching the content from the site are also arrested. If you are interested in appreciating the work put in by the youngsters and other film technicians, then you should avoid watching movies from sites like Webjalsha. 


Why are there so many advertisements being displayed on these sites? 

The major reason for the number of advertisements being displayed on these sites is that it is very famous. When a site gets a lot of visitors, then the major task of all the digital marketing enthusiasts would be to get the top ads displayed on these sites. 

What are the sizes of the movies uploaded onto the Webjalsha site? 

There are a lot of sizes of the movies uploaded on to the Webjalsha site. The varying sizes of the movies are displayed on the website. You can choose which size you want based on your requirement. 

Is it necessary to register oneself on the site to watch and download the movies? 

No. It is not necessary to register oneself on the site to watch or download the movies. One can visit the website, watch and download the movies straight away. 

Is there a threat of virus attack on your computer when you download movies from Moviejalsha? 

No. As the files uploaded to this site are screened and then only uploaded. The threat of virus attack on your computer is way damn less. If you had installed an anti-virus package on your computer, then the threat of attack is very less. 

Is it safe to use a website like Webjalsha? 

As the files are uploaded to this site by any members on the internet, one cannot say that it is safe enough to use websites like Webjalsha. 

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