TamilBlasters: One of the Best Movie Streaming Platforms 


Are you tired of working day and night? Do you need to release stress but wondering how would you do that? Don’t worry. There are innumerable sites on the internet that allow users to stream their favorite content for free. Movies have always been a source of entertainment. Watching your favorite movies will surely give you a good time. One of the sites that offer an unlimited collection of movies is TamilBlasters. 

If you want to know more about TamilBlasters, we have you covered. Continue reading below to know more. 

What is TamilBlasters? 

TamilBlasters is an illegal movie streaming platform that’s notorious for uploading movies without proper copyright permissions. This is an extremely popular platform when it comes to streaming or downloading movies. A lot of similar sites on the internet are fake. But, TamilBlasters has been functioning for long and delivering top-notch collections to people. 

Besides offering movies, you can get a good collection of web series, documentaries, short films, and trainers too. But remember that this site is pirated and hence causes losses to our film industries by uploading pirated copies of the latest releases. This is harming our entertainment industry and we as responsible citizens shouldn’t allow this. 

That’s why TamilBlasters is an illegal website and we shouldn’t access such sites despite its free services. Anyone who’s caught going through TamilBlasters will have a tough time if found red-handed. Therefore, we advise our readers to connect the device to a VPN network before visiting TamilBlasters. This hides our IP address, preventing you from getting caught. 

If you are still interested in knowing more about TamilBlasters, continue reading this entire post. We have discussed its features, categories, and downloading process in detail below. 

Features of TamilBlasters 

The site is filled with amazing features. The features make the site so much more attractive. Furthermore, they enhance the browsing experience of all users. We have enlisted some of them below. 

  • Variety of content 

On this site, you can find movies, but also web series, documentaries, short films, trailers, and everything else. The vastness of the site’s collection is truly commendable. Whoever visits TamilBlasters, doesn’t feel like leaving this site again. 

  • Free downloading available

Not only does the site allow free streaming but also offers free downloading services. You can now download your content for free, without having to pay any charges. 

  • Additional information available

With every movie or web series, the site uploads additional information which helps readers understand what the movie is about. The additional information contains the plot summary, actors starring, genres, etc. If you have thought of streaming any unknown movie, you can go through the summary and decide whether to stream it or not. 

  • Available in various formats 

The site allows people to stream content in different formats. For instance, you can stream contents in 1020p, 720p, 320p, 480p etc. Though we advise users to stream content in HD quality only, they can choose to stream in other formats too. 

  • Fast downloading speed

The site is connected to fast servers, which allow fast downloading of movies. Not only is the downloading process fast, but there are also no buffering issues while streaming. Overall, the site gives you an uninterrupted movie streaming experience. 

  • Easy downloading process 

A lot of people think that downloading movies from torrent sites is very tough. That’s not true. We have enlisted the downloading process in detail below. Going through them would make you understand how easy it’s to download movies from Tamilblasters. 

These are some of the features of TamilBlasters. We would now move on to the categories. 

Category of Movies Available On Tamilblasters

As we said, the site holds a vast variety of content. Therefore to make it easier for people to find the content of their choice, the site has categorised content into different groups. There are hundreds of categories on tamilblasters. We have mentioned some of the important ones. 

  • South Movies

Are you a fan of south Indian movies? If yes, you must go through this category to find some of the best collections of South Indian movies. 

  • Tamil Movies

If you are looking for the best Tamil films, this is the category for you. Here, you can find a good collection of Tamil movies, both old and new. 

  • Telugu Movies

Are you willing to watch some of the latest Telugu movies? If yes, click on this category and browse through its content. 

  • Hindi Movies

If you are a Bollywood fan, this is the category for you. Here, you can get all sorts of Bollywood movies, starting from old to new ones. 

  • Malayalam Movies

Do you want to stream some Malayalam movies? You can visit this category and go through the collection of Malayalam movies now. 

  • English Movies

Who doesn’t love to watch Hollywood movies! If that’s what you like, you have this category. 

  • Dubbed Movies

To make sure people from other cultures can enjoy movies of all types, the site uploads content in dubbed versions. Here, you can stream dubbed versions of various original films. You can stream and download them for free.  

  • Punjabi Movies

Regional movies are also available on TamilBlasters. You can get a good collection of regional Punjabi films in this category. 

  • Dual Audio Movies

Some movies are available in two different types of languages. They are available under this category. You can stream them in any language of your choice. 

  • Latest Movies Leaked

Lastly, all the latest movies from all genres and languages can be found in this category. 

These are some of the major categories that you can find on TamilBlasters. Aren’t you excited to download movies on TamilBlasters? If you don’t know the downloading process continues to read the steps below. 

How to download movies on TamilBlasters? 

If you’re worried about downloading movies on TamilBlasters, you don’t have to worry. We have you covered. We have enlisted below the steps to download movies on TamilBlasters. Once you go through the steps, you would understand that the process is extremely easy and fast. So without wasting any further time, let’s go through the steps in detail: 

  • Firstly, click on the official site of TamilBlasters. The official link changes quite often. So, check if the link is active or not. 
  • Next, when you click on it, you would end up on another page. That’s the homepage of TamilBlasters. 
  • On the homepage, you are sure to see several categories of movies, web series, documentaries, and so on. Click on any category of your choice. 
  • Now browse through its collection and click on the movie that you would like to stream. 
  • If you cannot find the movie you are looking for, simply search for it in the search bar. 
  • A list of search results would appear on the screen. Click on the movie link that you would like to stream. 
  • The moment you click, you would be redirected to another page. 
  • There, you must choose whether to stream or download movies. 
  • If you want to download, click on download. 
  • Next, choose a suitable format in which you would like to download.
  • Now click on continue to download. 

That’s all. The movie would start to download on your device. 

Alternatives to TamilBlasters 

Being an illegal site, Tamilblasters has to continuously change its domain. Therefore, if you can’t access TamilBlasters but you need to stream movies immediately to release stress, you can refer to other movie streaming platforms available on the internet. The names mentioned below are of illegal websites that too provide services for free. 

  1. 9xrockers 
  2. Sdmoviespoint 
  3. SouthHindiMovie.com 
  4. Cinemewap 
  5. Moviesmad
  6. Movie4k 
  7. Moviezwap 
  8. Vumoo 
  9. Dvdwap
  10. Mp4moviez
  11. Torlock

Since the above-mentioned sites are illegal ones, we request our readers to not use them. Use the legal movie streaming alternatives instead, like Netflix, Amazon prime, Jiocinema, zee5, Hotstar, etc. 


1. What is TamilBlasters?

Tamilblasters is an illegal movie streaming site that uploads pirated content of movies without proper copyright permissions. 

2. Is accessing TamilBlasters unsafe?

Yes since it’s an illegal site it’s unsafe to be used. 

3. Do Tamilblasters offer free services?

Yes, the site allows free accessibility to all its users. 

4. What are the different types of movies found on TamilBlasters?

TamilBlasters hosts a variety of content starting from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati movies to movies from all genres like horror, comedy, sci-fi, psychological thrillers, etc. 


This post was entirely meant to make our readers aware of the dangers associated with streaming these illegal sites. It’s high time we take the matter seriously and stop accessing them. They upload pirated content of movies without having proper copyright permissions. This is an act of crime. People who browse through these sites indicate that they too support the piracy business. If you are caught red-handed, you would be jailed for 3 years besides being charged a sum of 3 lakh rupees. So, we advise our readers to stop accessing illegal sites and use the legal ones instead. 


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