Rules for Playing Teen Patti with Real Cash Online

Rules for Playing Teen Patti with Real Cash Online

Teen Patti is a popular and interesting card game played with three or more people. It originated in India and bore different names, depending on the region. It is a variation of the three-card poker game. Recent variants of online teen Patti that have emerged are “Speed Patti” and “Fast Teen Patti.” You can find all of these types in online casino India.

How to Play?

The cards used during the game of online teen Patti are similar to those used for Poker. You can play it with a regular 52-cards deck without a joker card. However, there are some differences which you would come across once you start playing it. Here’s what to expect:

  1. There are only 3 suits – Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades instead of 4 suits as there are in Poker.
  2. The cards rank from Three downwards (Ace being the highest followed by 2, Jack, Queen, King.
  3. There are three cards of each rank at any point in time, unlike Poker, where there is a single card with the highest rank. Teen Patti has 3 ranks – ‘Gand’ (3), ‘Teen'(13), and ‘Sapth’ (17). Each suite consists of these 3 cards, e.g., Diamonds contains cards 3, 13, and 17. If you don’t have a card to complete a Gand or Sapth set, it becomes an automatic win for your team!
  4.  The winning combination may vary from person to person as this is decided beforehand by those who play it.
  5.  Each player gets two cards initially. A round of betting follows, after which the next set of 2 cards is given out. This set is called the ‘Dharmi deck,’ and each suit in the deck contains one card of rank Gand, Teen, and Sapth.
  6. Prediction – Now comes the part where you have to predict which suit will have a higher rank between two suits, e.g., Diamonds or Hearts or Spades (irrespective of what was initially dealt.
  7. You can make payments to other players if they win.

Who will Enjoy Playing It?

The online Teen Patti has gained immense popularity because of its simplicity, ease to play, and exciting gameplay. Teen Patti website or online casino India may sound like an easy game, but that’s not exactly true because there are chances that you end up losing all your money – so be prepared for it. Teen Patti is an excellent game for people new to this whole gambling world. It’s a very safe place to start your journey on Indian Poker sites.

Can I Play With Real Cash?

Yes, you can! Some websites allow you to play online teen Patti with real money on the internet and the option of cashing out the winnings. Since the game is not as popular as Poker, it’s not available on all Indian poker sites.

How to Win Online in Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a very simple game, but that doesn’t mean you win all the time. Some things will surely help you in winning Teen Patti more often. Check them out:

  1. Avoid playing Teen Patti with people who have a history of winning this game. Nothing can be as frustrating as losing continuously to one person, and it may even make you lose interest in the game.
  2. Play at reputable Poker sites which offer real money online games like Teen Patti. This way, your funds are safe and secure.
  3. Don’t bet too much, especially when you’re winning, as there’s no point in taking unnecessary risks. On the other hand, it’s good to quit while you’re ahead!
  4.  Playing at popular poker rooms makes winning easy as the competition is relatively less.
  5.  If you can afford it, use poker bots to better your gameplay. A bot is essentially a software program that plays for you and wins.

Precaution while playing Teen Patti Online

Try to avoid playing online Teen Patti games on free poker sites, as most of them are scams or frauds. Instead, stick to the popular websites that have gained a reputation over time and offer you real money for Teen Patti games.

The best way to do that is by checking out user reviews about a website before depositing any amount into it. It’s always good to know the rules and how the game works out before you start making payments! It will help you make informed decisions during betting rounds and save you from situations where someone cheats during payments.


Teen Patti is a new and exciting variation of Poker that you can enjoy online casinos with Marsbet. While it may not be as popular as poker, it’s gaining popularity with each passing day, especially among Indian poker players. It’s also one of the cheapest online games where you can win some quick cash without taking too many risks!

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