10 Legal Alternatives to Repelis in 2021


It is difficult to spot someone who doesn’t love watching movies. Movies are a brilliant way to escape reality. Movies take us to a whole new different world and characters. You can easily spend a day watching your favorite movies and series. While theaters were considered as the primary place to watch movies some years ago, OTT platforms and online movie streaming sites have taken over theaters by providing a wide variety of content right at our fingertips. 

Though theaters still exist and millions of people love to watch movies in theaters, OTT platforms, and online movie streaming sites are being used by people all over the world regularly including Theater holidays and lockdown periods. You can find n number of movies and series online. While OTT platforms are the legal source to watch movies and series, piracy websites are considered an illegal source to stream movies and TV shows. Despite the illegality, Piracy websites are on-demand All over the world by Millions of movie Watchers. 

The key reason for the popularity of piracy websites is their free cost and availability of unlimited movies and series. The piracy websites contain pirated versions of the latest movies and series Many of the piracy websites even offer movies and Series in HD Clarity attracting people to visit their site to stream content freely anytime anywhere they want. Most of these piracy sites are blocked or banned by the governments. But, they still exist through different domains or proxies. Now, let us take a look at the Repelis piracy site. 

What is the Repelis piracy site?


Repelis is one of the popular piracy websites that offer a variety of movies, songs, and series to users. This website is banned by the Indian government but using different proxies it still exists. Repelis piracy site provides movies and songs in various languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hindi, etc. Unlike many boring piracy site layouts, Repelis comes with a colorful layout, which has a thumbnail picture of movies you want to watch. It is one of the top piracy sites in the world that is used by millions across countries. Despite the ban, the piracy site emerges with new proxies now and then.

Features of Repelis illegal movie streaming site

Below are some of the features of the Repelis piracy site:

  • One of the main features of Repelis is its attractive and simple layout. Most of the piracy websites come with an appealing and easily accessible layout for people of any age to access with the utmost ease. Repelis is not an exception. Even if you are a beginner, you can access the homepage easily. 
  • It comes with a variety of content including movies and songs. 
  • The home page will display numerous movies with the thumbnail picture. You can select the thumbnail picture to enter and stream the movie. 
  • Repelis features so many ads. It is even one of the reasons for its survival. When you enter the website, you will automatically come across many numbers of ads. These ads are the source of income for piracy websites like Repelis. 

Category of content available in Repelis piracy site

Repelis piracy site is not just famous in India, but also popular in numerous countries across the world. It is famous for its versatile content. You can find the below content on the Repelis piracy website. 

  1. Hollywood movies 
  2. MP3 songs and albums
  3. Spanish movies 
  4. French movies 
  5. Korean movies 
  6. Korean series 
  7. Russian movies 
  8. Bollywood movies 
  9. German movies etc. 

Steps to stream and download movies in Repelis piracy site

As Repelis is an illegal piracy website, there are high chances for it to be blocked or banned by governments across the countries. If it is banned in your country, you will need VPN software or an app to access the Repelis website. You should remember that this is an illegal website and accessing it may put you in legal trouble. If you still prefer to access the website here is are the steps. 

  1. VPN will not just let you access the website, but also hide your identity. From the VPN countries, you should select the country in which Repelis is not banned. There are so many VPN apps available. From them, you can download anyone. 
  2. After you install the VPN, a list of countries will appear. Once you select the IP address of the country in which Repelis is not banned, you will be able to access the site. 
  3. You should enter the correct proxy or URL address of Repelis to reach the website as this is an illegal website. It might change its proxy very often. You should find the correct proxy to find the website. 
  4. Once you find the website, you can open it to see numerous movies available on the homepage itself. 
  5. You can either select movies from there and watch them or search for your favorite movie in the search column available on the top. You can also download movies on the Repelis site. 

10 legal alternatives to stream movies instead of Repelis piracy site

1. YouTube 

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming sites in the world. YouTube offers numerous movies, songs, albums, etc for free. To stream some of the exclusive movies on YouTube, you should subscribe to a Premium plan. Even without the Premium plan, you can access thousands of movies and video songs on YouTube.

2. Netflix 

Netflix is popular for its wide variety of content. You can find so many movies, documentaries, Series on Netflix. Netflix has also had amazing Originals in it. The collection of movies and Series on Netflix varies according to different countries. You can find movies and series in languages including Hindi, English, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc on Netflix. Netflix comes with a free trial policy for first-time users. It is one of the best OTT platforms in the world. It is highly recommended for you to check out this amazing video streaming site.

3. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is just like Netflix. You can find a lot of movies, series, and Originals in it. You have to subscribe to a pack to enjoy watching your favorite videos in the Amazon Prime Video. You can find movies and series in Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean, French, etc. on Amazon Prime Video. It requires a subscription plan to start streaming videos. 

4. Zee5 

If you are a Bollywood movie buff, you should prefer using the Zee5 platform. Zee5 has an amazing collection of Bollywood movies, TV programs, and serials. You can also find other language movies and shows in Zee5. You can stream exclusive programs on the platform in about 12 featured languages.

5. Crackle 

You can watch television shows and movies on Crackle. You can find Classic TV shows or sitcoms in Crackle. It also has some of the original scripted TV shows in high quality. The great feature of crackle is it is free. It has uncut and unedited versions of movies and series in it. You can select your favorite movies across the genres it offers. The genres include action, romance, crime, comedy, science fiction, horror, etc.

6. Popcornflix 

Popcornflix offers a specific collection of independent movies. You can access it through streaming devices or web browsers. You can even find cartoon shows, television shows, and Hollywood movies on Popcornflix. The site comes with 3 top columns, including movies, series, and viral videos. The site offers some of the classic movies that are unavailable on other platforms. 

7. Disney Plus Hotstar 

Disney plus hot star has everything that you want. It has numerous live TV channels, TV shows, Movies, and Originals. You can find movies of languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English, etc. in Disney plus hot star. You can also watch numerous Hollywood and sports TV channels live in Disney, plus hot star. 


1. Is it safe to watch movies in Repelis?

No, it is very unsafe to watch and download movies on the Repelis piracy site. The piracy sites come with harmful pop-up ads, which pose a high risk to your devices. Your device may get infected with a virus or malware. Also, it is lawfully unsafe to use these sites. You will be penalized or sentenced to jail if caught using this website.

2. Are the legal alternatives safe to use?

Yes, the legal alternatives mentioned above are completely safe to use. They do not pose any risk to your devices related to viruses or malware. Your device will be completely safe while using these websites or apps.

3. Why are Repelis considered illegal?

Repelis is considered illegal because it has pirated versions of movies are songs in it, which is against the government norms and policies. 

4. Which legal alternative mentioned above is available for free?

YouTube and crackle are available for free. But, some of the exclusive videos on YouTube will require payment to open. 

5. Why is VPN required to use Repelis?

As Repelis is an illegal piracy site, it will be banned or blocked in many countries by the government of that country. A VPN app will let banned websites open.


We do not recommend or encourage you to watch movies on piracy sites like Repelis. We strongly condemn the act of streaming and downloading movies illegally through piracy sites available online. The above information is just the features and description of the Repelis piracy site. Watching movies on piracy sites is a Criminal offense. It is against the government’s rules and regulations. The government in every country is trying its best to curb down piracy sites and illegal movie streaming. If caught, the person will be put in jail or penalized according to the government’s law. Therefore, you should refrain from watching and downloading movies or series from illegal online sites. 


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