Joy Penguins: Reasons to Switch to Linux in 2021

Reasons to Switch to Linux in 2021

Linux dominates many computers except desktops (desktops and laptops) and probably mainframes. Embedded systems, mobile, server-cloud-supercomputer – Linux kernel systems prevail everywhere. Linux has failed on desktops and mainframes only because these segments are dominated by the monopolies Microsoft and IBM. And Microsoft is doing its best to maintain its dominance (IBM is gradually losing ground – it is transferring its mainframes to Linux).

Microsoft plays into the hands of the huge Windows ecosystem, its inertia, which drags business and home users with it. But the Linux ecosystem has grown a lot compared to what it was 15 years ago, and now many organizations and home users, who want to improve their experience and have some fun, for example, while play casino online, have a reason to switch to Linux. And not even one, but five.

1. Linux Is Faster

Yes, it is. Operating systems based on the Linux kernel really outperform Windows in terms of performance. That is why web servers are most often equipped with this system.

Of course, not every distribution can boast of performance. For example, the world-famous Ubuntu without configuration will work much worse than the same Windows 7. But there are Xubuntu and Lubuntu, which will never let you down.

2. Most Distributions Are Free

This is, in fact, a decisive factor for organizations – almost all distributions are distributed free of charge, even for commercial use. You don’t need to activate them – just download and install them.

3. Linux Is an Open-Source World

Since Linux itself is free, it has many tools built on the principle of open-source – not only do you not have to pay for the program, but you can also make changes to it yourself. This explains the transparency of the installed programs – malware will not enter the official repositories.

4. Linux Is Safer

Linux has its roots in prehistoric UNIX systems – and many of the principles have remained the same since then. Since all the code is low-level (does not depend on any additional libraries), it will be difficult to hack devices. And the number of Linux users is too small for hackers to pay attention to it as an attack platform.

5. No Need to Pull Hundreds of Accounts With You

While Microsoft Windows requires a user to link to multiple accounts, Linux does not. First, the account itself is optional – the number of uses is negligible. Well, even if you need it, then one – almost all services that are somehow related to Linux are tied to Ubuntu One – a single account.