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Torrent sites surely have made their impact in the digital world. They are quite easy ways to catch up on your television shows, web series, and of course watch all the latest and new movies in the market. One such up-and-coming torrent site is Rdxhd. The site is known for its unparalleled service to its users. 

Imagine having everything that you ever wanted to watch from classics to romantic comedies in just one place and Rdxhd is just a place such as that. But then a common question that arises here is that if the site does indeed have such unmatched levels of brilliance then how come does the need to stroll through alternatives arise? That is because Rdxhd, along with all other such torrent sites have been declared illegal by our government. But fret not as we would not let such a small issue get in between you and your hours of relaxation. Read on and see what we have got in store for you!

What is Rdxhd?



Rdxhd is one of the top torrent movie-watching and downloading sites right now. The site has already made its mark amidst the other torrent sites. It’s the amazing quality of movies surely can lure every other cinephile out there back to the site no matter how unlawful the act be. Few of the collections of movies on the sure consist of Bollywood movies as well as movies in South Indian languages. There are also English dubbed movies and of course Hollywood movies amongst other categories of movies on the site. The fact that it is illegal is the only bad blot that the site has on its name, but it surely is quite a prominent blot. 

Features of Rdxhd

The features of the site are the main reasons as to why the site or any site for that matter survives in the market. You have to offer something to the public as the bait so that they come running after it. These features are what help the site do exactly that. Better the features, larger the user base of the site. So what are these features in the case of Rdxhd? Let’s take a look.

  • First off is the free service that Rdxhd provides its customer and along with an uncompromised and guaranteed provision of movies and other shows. This balance is too attractive and offers to turn down. 
  • The next best thing about the site is its well-maintained nature. Starting right from the homepage to the categorization of movies, everything is in its top form.
  • The interface of the site is quite simple too. You would not need a degree in computer studies to stream a movie on this site. It is sometimes quite difficult to handle things on the internet but not on Rdxhd. 
  • Rdxhd has an amazing and profuse collection of movies. Not just movies, the site also offers various television shows for its users which they can binge-watch whenever they want.
  • That brings us to the next great aspect of the site that is you can either stream a movie online or download it to watch it at your convenience later. This is especially useful for today’s times when schedules are extremely tight and catching anything live is quite difficult. 
  • The site also provides some great video qualities that a person can choose from. Not all devices support all kinds of video resolutions. This feature thus becomes extra handy. 

Categories of movies on Rdxhd

The site sure provides a lot of movies and shows that the user can choose from. Before you love to any further let’s briefly take a look at the categories of movies that Rdxhd can provide to its users. 

  1. Bollywood movies
  2. Regional movies
  3. Hollywood movies
  4. International movies
  5. South Indian movies
  6. English dubbed movies 

These are merely just the kinds of movies that you could find on the site. These categories further consist of different genres of movies under them starting from romances to thrillers to even serious movies based on real-life incidents. The site offers a lot for you to explore.

Steps to watch a movie on Rdxhd

Ways to watch a movie on the said site is quite easy. It can be accomplished even by a person who is not very friendly with the concept and working of the internet. Here are some steps that will help you understand the mechanism to watch something on the site in an even easier way. 

  1. Your first concern would be to hide your location. The site is illegal in your location but there will most certainly be another country where the site can be used without breaking the law. For that, you have to install VPN software on your laptop or phone.
  2. Next, you need to choose an IP address of the location you chose right now, where the site is legally in function. Be sure of the location that you select for this purpose.
  3. Now enter the site. Be sure ad to the URL is the current one as they keep changing their domain address to be away from the frontier and carry on their business. 
  4. Once inside the site, now search for the movie you wanted to watch. You can either search the movie’s name manually or even use the list of categories to make your search more compact.
  5. As soon as you select a movie you want to watch, you will be given two options. One says stream online while the other says you download the movie.  
  6. You choose the option that lets you stream the movies online and then let’s start to enjoy the movie or shows that you intend to watch. 

10 Legal alternatives to Rdxhd

The wait is over. Here is the list of safe and secured but as close to Rdxhd as possible in their brilliance sites, that you can use to escape the constant fear of getting caught by the police while using Rdxhd. Take a look at these top-notch movie watching sites that are legal but free to use as well. 

1. Crackle

Quite a popular site to watch your movies on, Crackle is one of the best options to replace Rdxhd. Starting from different kinds of movies of the different resolutions they are provided in on the site, Crackle surely knows how to keep its audience. 

2. YouTube 

If you want a site that will provide you with every kind of content and not just movies then this is the site. The name of the site or app is heard by almost everyone anyway. It has song videos and short films and stands up comedies amongst the many kinds of entertainment resources of the site. It also has movies of old and new time which can be rented when needed as well.

3. Vudu

This is more like a movie renting site rather than a movie streaming site. However, it does have the option to stream some of the contents online. The best part of this site, except for its rich collection of movies, is that you can access the site easily. It guarantees its users an unhindered movie watching experience. 

4. Pluto TV 

If you are a fan of the old times when the entire family would sit down to watch a show or movie on the television, then this is something you could enjoy. Pluto TV has an array of channels that an individual can choose from. These channels are all specialized in different kinds of entertainments including but not limited to sports and news and of course films

5. IMDb Freedive

Even though it is a newer site than most of the others on the list, it had already made its mark on the users. With an abundance of movies and shows and the ease of accessing them in top grade video qualities, IMDB Freedive has made itself quite an up and coming market for itself. Most of the content is here is free but some may require you to pay a certain amount to access them.

6. Kanopy 

This is a site that has a list of movies that are chosen by and after deliberate and elaborate discussions with libraries and universities. If you are a cinephile then this is as good as a treasure chest for you. You can be sure to find a collection of contents belonging as though to the topper of a class.

7. Yahoo View

Top-notch service, top-notch movie collection but the drawback of the site is that it provides free content mostly for people based in the US. But this is a minor problem that can be dealt with VPN software. Apart from that Yahoo View has a little that a user can complain about it. The br8lliant movie collection makes up for whatever little glitches they face here and there.

8. Open Culture

Not just movies but the site has audiobooks, eBooks, television, and web series as well. Open Culture is also quite diverse in the choice of its films. It transcends the concept of place and time, having a library of movies carefully catalogued with movies of different periods of cinematic history and various places across the globe.

9. Vimeo

Like YouTube, this site too has different kinds of entertainment resources. If you are someone who likes to make their path then this site you could try. It has a lot of independent films listed here, along with various lesser-known but worthy enough movies. However, the lack of any guidance regarding the choice of movies may make you feel a bit lost. But the feeling would not stay for long.

10. PopCornFlix

PopCornFlix is a name quite popular among movie buffs that like watching movies at home rather than visit the cinema hall now and then. But this may sometimes result in a lot of traffic and make it difficult to access the site. Apart from that though there is nothing else negative about the site. From the collection of movies to their video qualities, everything on the site is a true description of fantastic. 

11. Go movies

Go movies is an excellent alternative to the RdxHD website. It offers similar features and a wide range of content to choose from. The different category in which the content of this website is classified varies from language, genre, quality, etc. You can find lots of movies and TV shows featured on this website and you can watch all of them for free. You need not create an account or subscribe to the website for watching its content. You can either stream or download the content as per your preference. Downloading content from this website is just as easy as streaming. 

12. Solar movies

Solar movies is a very popular website that lets you stream and download movies of different genres. You can watch any content you want in HD visuals. The website also consists of subtitles for almost every content that you watch. You can watch the content in your regional language as it features content in many different languages. Another remarkable feature of this website is that it is free to use and you need not pay a single rupee to create an account or watch any of its content. There are just a few very simple steps that must be followed for downloading any content from this website.

13. 7starhd

This is also a very well-known website that is used for streaming and downloading movies. It features many other types of content like documentaries, short videos, biography, etc. The design of this website is very simple to work with. It has an easy user interface which is also a plus. You can consider this website if you are looking for a free website to stream and download content. There are different movies on this website that can be watched in many languages. You need not follow too many steps for downloading a movie from this website as it is really easy. 


As stated time and again, Rdxhd has an unmatched serving reputation and history in this field. But that does not change the fact that it uses the contents of people who have worked hard enough on them and use it without their permission and without paying them their due respect. The Indian Government has, by a recent order, declared such torrent sites as illegal. Moreover, it is also suggested not to use the site as it lacks a certain amount of security measures. We do not tolerate any acts of or about plagiarism and nor do we encourage them. Information that is provided here is given educating the readers about the site in context and certain legal alternatives that can be used in its place. 


Can I use the alternatives on my phone?

The alternatives enlisted here can be accessed from any device. You can use your laptop or PC or even your mobile phones to browse the sites and their contents. 

Do I need a VPN to access the sites listed under alternatives? 

No, the sites listed under alternatives are all legal. VPN software helps you develop anonymous footprints on the web to cause deception of your position to a place where a site such as Rdxhd is legally in use. The alternatives however require no such use of VPN. 

Will I be punished for using Rdxhd?

Online piracy is considered a serious offense. So yes, if you are caught supporting or encouraging such practices in any way, which involves browsing torrent sites such as Rdxhd, you can and will most certainly be punished in the name of the law.

Are the alternatives provided free?

Yes, the alternative sites provided here can be accessed without you having to pay any subscription fees. You may be provided with an option of doing the same, wherein you would get more facilities from the site but it is not a mandatory thing.

Can I still use Rdxhd?

Yes, you can use the site with the help of VPN software. However, whatever you do you must do it at your own risk.


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