13 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Go for


Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Nowadays, almost everyone enjoys streaming movies and videos in their leisure hours. People use various means to stream movies. With the increasing availability of the internet, a lot of movie streaming sites and apps have come up which release the latest films a few days after their theatrical release. Hence, no longer do people take out time from their busy schedules and visit theatres to watch their favourite movies. 

Watching movies has become much easier with these movie streaming sites. All you need to have is a steady internet connection. That’s it! Putlocker is one such movie streaming site that lets users stream and download any movie of their choice. With every passing day, this app is gaining immense popularity because of its vast collection of movies and other content. However, in this article, we would discuss why should one not use Putlocker and focus on using legal movie streaming alternatives instead. 

What is Putlocker?


Putlocker is a pirated movie site that releases the latest films without copyright permissions. Nevertheless, it is popular among movie maniacs because it offers services for free. People can stream and download any content of their choice from Putlocker for free. Hence, they prefer this site more than legal movie streaming platforms and movie theatres. The best part is that one stream not only movies but also web series, documentaries, music, videos, trailers, and whatnot. That’s not all. There are various languages of contents available here. 

When you visit Putlocker, rest assured that there won’t be any dearth of entertainment. With its wide variety of categories and collections to choose from, you are bound to have a satisfying movie streaming experience. As we already said it is an illegal platform and has been taken down by the government many times previously. However, the site is still in operation by changing its domain names. 

Being responsible users, we must remember that piracy is a crime and hence we shouldn’t watch the pirated contents of Putlocker. To make it easier for our readers, we have shortlisted the best legal Putlocker alternatives which they can prefer. They offer equally good services and functions. A short description of each of the alternatives has been provided later in this article. 

Features of Putlocker

Putlocker has some outstanding features which are why people find it extremely convenient to be used. Its advanced features have made it easy to be accessed and helped it to stand out from the rest of illegal alternatives. We have listed below some of its prominent features: 

  • Putlocker’s UI is extremely user-friendly and easily browsable. This is the main reason why people find using the site very convenient. 
  • The next best thing for movie maniacs is that Putlocker allows them to download their favourite movies. So if you are unwilling to stream it online, you can download it and watch it later.
  • Thirdly, Putlocker provides multiple formats for downloading a single content. One can choose from various formats like 320 p, 480p, 540p, 720p, and 1080 p. 
  • The downloading links are fast and connected to effective servers.
  • Also, the site’s audio and video quality are commendable.
  • The home page of this site has been lucratively designed and is attractive to engage viewers. The home page mostly contains the latest releases. 
  • The contents are updated and so ate the categories. The latest films are put up as soon as possible and users can stream their favourite comments within a few days. 
  • Putlocker even allows users to see subtitles in any language. So people easily can watch movies in unknown languages and yet understand. 
  • The site covers contents of various genres like horror, comedy, romance, thrillers, science fiction, and whatnot. With its rich collection, it has become the go-to option for every kind of audience. 
  • Last but not the least, you can find several dubbed movies on this site. So if you cannot understand the original movie, you can look for its dubbed version. 

Categories on Putlocker 

Because of the huge variety of contents available, it would become extremely difficult for people to find out their desired movies. To make it easier for people, Putlocker has categorized its contents. It has classified the contents based on their languages, genres, year of release, and so on. We have provided the main categories available on Putlocker: 

  • Latest IMDb movies
  • English TV series 
  • English movies
  • Top watched TV shows
  • Most watched movies

Steps to use Putlocker? 

If you are clueless about how to use this site for steaming movies, no worries. We have listed below the steps in easy language. Following these would lead you to your desired movie. 

  • Firstly, enter the active domain name of the site. 
  • Once done, you would find yourself in the middle of Putlocker. 
  • Now, you can look for the category to which your favourite movie belongs. You can also search for the movie in the search box on top of the screen. 
  • All relatable searches would appear on the screen. You must click on the movie you want to stream. 
  • After that, you would be redirected to another page asking ” stream or download. 
  • Click on stream. 

That’s it. Enjoy the movie now! 

As is evident, browsing through this site is extremely convenient and hassle-free. Even kids can use this site for their entertainment. If you are unable to find your required movie, you can request the site to upload it. The site would notify you as soon as your desired movie is uploaded. 

Top 13 Legal Alternatives for Putlocker in 2021

Being an illegal site, the active domains of Putlocker get banned frequently. As a result, it becomes difficult for people sometimes to access the site. By now you know Putlocker is an illegal site that promotes piracy business. You must also know the ill effects of the piracy business. Because of illegal sites like Putlocker, the Indian film industries face losses. It’s high time we realise that and use the legal movie-watching platforms instead. They are safe and offer better facilities. Also, you don’t have to worry about these sites getting banned at any moment. If you want to engage in safe movie streaming practices, go through the list of 10 best alternative movie streaming sites given below: 

1. Popcornflix 

Popcornflix is one of the well-known legal movie streaming alternatives. It offers services for free and paid subscriptions. Of course, paying subscription charges lets you access various other contents that the rest cannot. The site brings to people a lot of movie categories to choose from like top movies of Hollywood, Bollywood latest releases, etc. Not only that, but it also covers various genres like action, thriller, comedy, and whatnot. 

2. Pluto TV

To use this site, users don’t need to sign in or create an account. This is an entirely free movie streaming legal alternative, which is globally accessible. This website lets you enjoy live tv and also contents on popular demand. Similar to other alternatives, it too has categorised collections of movies, documentaries, short films, web series, videos, and trailers. With its quality services, Pluto TV has garnered over 20 million monthly users at present. 

3. Vudu

Another great platform for enjoying movies is Vudu. Its UI is extremely user-friendly and smooth and gives a hassle-free browsing experience. Contents on this site are neatly organized, enabling users to find out the movie of their choice. The site also has a search box, where people can directly search instead of looking into the categories. Unlike several other sites, Vudu provides genuine downloading links. 

4. Snagfilms

Snagfilms mostly uploads independent movies and documentaries. But don’t worry, it hosts some of the most popular films and web series too. The site is accessible for free on any device. The site brings contents from almost all genres of films like horror, comedy, romance, thriller, and whatnot. That’s not all. It hosts contents of various languages so that everyone can enjoy a convenient movie streaming experience. 

5. Tubi TV 

Another great platform for movie freaks is Tubi TV. Similar to other alternatives, this too offers a wide array of contents, making sure that everyone gets to watch something of their preference. If you can’t spot your favourite content, you can ask the site to upload it, though you can expect to find whatever movie you wish to stream. One drawback of this site is the frequent intervention by advertisements. 

6. Sony crackle

Another great alternative in this list is Sony crackle. The site is named crackle, owned by Sony, which is why it’s popular as a Sony crackle. It can be accessed for free on any device. The site’s user-friendly UI lets you browse through its contents easily and enjoy a hassle-free movie streaming experience. This is especially a great place for enjoying classic movies and shows. 

7. Sony Liv

Sony Liv mostly uploads contents in high definition. The website is well known for providing content with the best audio and video quality. Not only that, but its downloading links are also quite fast. This site has been providing services for free ever since it has been created. However, users are advised to connect to the VPN server before accessing this site. 

8. Retrovision.Tv

As the name suggests, this website mostly focuses on providing users with the biggest collection of retro movies. However, on this website, one can choose from a wide variety of content, covering every language and genre. The rich collection of content is enough to provide you with a refreshing and satisfying movie-watching experience for free. Users can find the latest as well as old movies here. To add to their convenience, contents are provided in various formats. 

9. Flicksmore

This can be considered as the safest and secure platform for watching movies. You can watch movies, web series, music videos, trailers, etc. Contents in various languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. are available. For extra convenience, the site even provides a short description of every content. Hence, users don’t have to Google separately to search for any unknown content. 

10. CmoviesHD

This is another site having a huge library of films, web series, documentaries short films snd whatnot. Any user would simply be amazed to see the extensive collection of this site covering every genre and language. Various categories of films are found here like best IMDb rated films, latest movies, most demanded movies, best Hollywood movies, etc. The site is completely available for free. Users can access their contents without having to create an account. 

11. Popcorntime

The Popcorntime is an impressive platform to watch your favourite TV shows, films, and web series. It is among the most popular streaming site that is widely used throughout the world. The list of features that this website offers to the users is quite interesting. It allows the users to watch the latest content without paying even a penny. The users could view their favourite shows and movies free of cost. All that the users will have to do is to download the software and start watching or downloading their favourite content from the application. Popcorntime website is similar to Prime Video and Netflix in terms of content but interestingly unlike Prime Video and Netflix, it is free of cost.

12. Gomovies

Gomovies is among the top-rated streaming website that offers an extensive list of features. The quality of content that the Gomovies website offers is exceptionally amazing. In addition, it also allows the users to use the website through the night mode. Furthermore, the design of the website is quite appealing and interesting. All the short movies, web series, TV shows, reality shows, and documentaries will be available on this website. From the classic content to the latest release, everything is categorised based on several categories. These categorisations make it easy for the users to get their favourite content without much difficulty. So, start using Gomovies website to watch the trending content without any further delay.

13. Megashare

Megashare is a user-friendly website that provides every category of content. If you wish to watch the latest films with the best quality then Megashare is your best shot. The website offers HD quality content without charging you a penny. You can watch as well as download the content from the website. Interestingly, there are no registration charges included to utilise the website. In addition, the users will get access to the subtitles of every movie so to evaluate if they wish to watch the movie. Megashare is one of the widely used websites to watch different categories of the movie. So, what’s your favourite movie? Let’s start watching it through Megashare!


According to Indian law, piracy of any form is a punishable offense. If anyone is caught engaging in the piracy business, the individual would be met with serious punishments. Sites like Putlocker which promote the piracy business engages in illegal practices. Because of these sites, movie producers cannot earn profits as the box office collection is severely hampered. We neither intend to support piracy nor promote it. This article was solely meant for educating our readers about the harmful effects of piracy. We aim to spread awareness among the masses and help people enjoy safe movie streaming experiences. 


Why should you avoid Putlocker? 

Firstly because it’s a pirated site which is extremely unsafe. It can hack all your device’s information and data and put your security and privacy at risk. Secondly, using this site means promoting the piracy business, which is a crime as per Indian law. 

Are these alternatives safe? 

Yes, all the above-mentioned alternatives are legal and are safe to be used. They protect your privacy and lets you have a safe movie streaming experience. 

Do they charge subscription fees? 

Some of the sites do charge subscription fees for accessing their services. However, the ones we have mentioned in this article are accessible for free. To help everyone get their share of entertainment, these sites offer free services. 

Do these alternatives allow users to download movies?

Yes, not only are these movie streaming sites, but also movie downloading sites. They allow users to download any movie of their choice in various formats, for free. 

Why should you access the legal alternatives instead of Putlocker? 

The legal alternatives are safe to be accessed. Also, they don’t charge money. So you get to enjoy a safe mode of entertainment free of cost! 


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