Experience Tension Free Binge-Watching Sessions With these Legal Alternatives to Project Free TV 

Legal Alternatives to Project Free TV

All of us are familiar with the concept of torrent websites. These sites help us to stream any kind of media content on it for free. However, one major drawback of such sites is that they are illegal as they use pirated content on their sites. Projectfreetv, the site we are concerned about today, is too an example of such a site. This site, however, specialize is in television shows rather than movies. 

However, since it is illegal in our country, no matter how great the service of the site is, the tension of getting caught is always on our minds. So we are here to help you outdo enjoy binge-watching your favourite television shows without any worry about browsing an illegal site. But first, let us take a look at the various advantages of Projectfreetv due to which even its illegality could not pull down its number of users. 

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV

With an abundance of torrent sites on the Internet right now one will have to prioritise their choices. The site we are talking about, Projectfreetv, right now is surely worthy enough to be one of the topmost choices. When you look at the wide spectrum of torrent sites on the web, you will see that all the sites have something or the other wrong with it. 

Maybe, one site has too many advertisements pop up during your watching sessions or maybe some other site does not even have that much variety of content to stream from. But Projectfreetv is one of the few exceptions that promises you to serve with the maximum that they have and lives up to that promise as well. There is probably no television show or any series that is not on this site. The site does not, however, host its shows, but rather uses materials from other third-party sites. The wide variety of genres that the site covers is commendable. 

Features of Project Free TV:

There are so many other sites from which people can stream shows and movies, then why do they select this particular site over the others? It must have something that attracts the people towards it. This that pulls the audience towards This site is the remarkable bunch of features that the site demonstrates. Here are some of those key features that help the site too make and maintain An appreciable base of audience.

  1. Projectfreetv is rich in its collection of movies and television shows. The plethora of genres that this site alone can provide sometimes wins over the collection of genres provided by many other such torrent sites collectively. 
  2. You can enjoy the latest shows and series at your convenience and that too within a small amount of time-lapse after their release.
  3. The site has a very user-friendly interface. It is super easy to browse through the site even though you are not too habituated with the functioning of the internet world. 
  4. Contents from different countries are covered on this site. This thus helps the site two increase its audience count. 
  5. The best part of it is that it is available for free to the users. The people accessing the site do not have to be any amount to get into the site or stream any of its contents.

Categories of movies on Project Free TV:

As we have pointed out repeatedly before, this site has a commendable collection of content on it. The site makes it easier for us to search for a certain show or movie by categorising the content it has to offer. Here are some of the categories that you will find on the site.

  1. Hollywood shows
  2. Bollywood shows
  3. Hindi dubbed shows
  4. Bengali show

These are just some of the categories of content that you may find on this site. There may be many more such divisions of movies that you can find on this site. One thing that you will find is that all of the categories of movies and shows that aren’t listed on the website also has further options that you can choose from regarding the genres.

Steps to watching movies on Projectfreetv:

In the futures section, we have already discussed how it is quite easy to handle the site even if you are not very habituated with the technology that the Internet uses. We are here to make things easier still for you. We have here a series of steps that will help you to watch content on Projectfreetv very easily.

  1. Since the site is illegal in our country one of the first things that you will have to have on your device is VPN software.
  2. After you are done with installing the software on your device from which you are going to stream the material, you will have to choose an IP address of allocation where the site is legal.
  3. Now what you have to do is to search for the URL of the site. This is but a tricky step even though it looks quite simple. That is because the domain address of these kinds of sites keeps changing.
  4. Once you have got hold off the site’s current URL, it is all easy going from thereon. All you have to do is two searches for the movie or show or series that you want to watch. You can either do it manually by searching on the search bar or choose from the list of categories or movies but the site provides you with.
  5. Once you’ve got the kind of material that you want to stream, just click on it or select it.
  6. The site will then ask you if you want to watch it online or download it and watch it later. 
  7. Choose the option that will let you watch the content online at that time. 
  8. That’s it now all you to do is sit back and enjoy!

12 Legal alternatives to Project Free TV:

We have by now made it clear that accessing This site is an offence against the law. But then one cannot just nullify order neglect the advantages that this site has or provides to its users. So what is to be done? Here are some alternatives that are as close to Projectfreetv as possible in their features, but are legal at the same time. Check them out!

1. Vudu

This is a movie rental site. Even though we see movies, the site of course has an amazing collection of television series and web series as well that you can rent. It also has a certain collection of its contents that you can also stream online on the site rather than borrowing it or renting it for later.

2. Pluto TV

This site provides you options that can be compared to how our traditional televisions used to work. It has a series of channels amounting to more than hundreds from which you can choose your favourite one. The channels provide content on sports, music, movies, serials, and much more.

3. Hoopla

This is an interesting website that can also be accessed from your local libraries if they have the option for the same. It has a collection of movies and serials that it has taken from various other sites. Its library, hence, has shows that many other sites would make you pay to watch. But you can watch the same here for free!

4. Open Culture 

This site surely lives up to its name. It is indeed open to all kinds of materials that are available on the Internet. It consists of EBooks as well as serials and movies. It thus has anything that an individual could want. This helps this site too increase its reach in terms of its audience as well as the content that it keeps on it.

5. YouTube 

YouTube does not need an introduction as such. It has been in the market from when many of the sites we’re discussing right now we’re probably not even in existence. It does not only has a lot of cereals to stream, but also many other kinds of content on it such as song videos and tutorials do various things. It is thus not just an alternative to Projectfreetv but even better.

6. Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is known for the easy user interface that it provides its users with. Of course, the media on the site is appreciable. But along with it the ease with which you can handle the site is also something that benefits it as there are many people out there who do not feel too confident about handling such sites. 

7. Kanopy 

The site has a strong base of media content available on it. It is not meant just for entertainment, but also has videos other kinds of materials that you can benefit from. The materials on this site are selected after much discussion with various libraries and universities which have suggested this list of content on it, which is again available to you for free.

8. PopCornFlix 

Here is a game aside, which even though may not be as popular as YouTube, but has its fair share of the limelight to shine under. Popcornflix has a library of media content that covers everything from movies both old and new too television shows and series as well. The site is so popular that you may even face a bit of traffic while accessing it. But once past the traffic, you will see how it was worth it.

9. SonyLive

This is again a site that specialises in television shows. But this site of Sony liv specialise is only in the serials that are telecasted on the Sony channels predominantly. But even within it the service and the varieties of shows that the site has installed for its users is quite remarkable in itself as well.

10. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has everything covered under it. It is not as popularly known site as it should be, but has a loyal base of audience devoted to itself. The interface of the site is quite simple. This website is quite well maintained as well, which makes it easier for any user to access the desired content on this site with ease.

11. Tamilgun

With so many torrent movie streaming sites available on the internet, it becomes difficult for viewers to find out one site that offers satisfying content. If you too are looking for one such site, Tamil gun is here with its huge library of movies, web series, and documentaries. Apart from these, you can also find music videos, short films, trailers, etc. Its collection is rich and diverse. This site covers movies of all genres. So, no matter what are you willing to watch today, you would the best collection of movies or other content based on your mood. You don’t have to wait long before the latest blockbusters are uploaded on this site

12. Bolly4u

Content in different languages is covered on this site. The site has continually increased its traffic by delivering top-notch quality content. Its collection is varied and interesting. People with different movie preferences are sure to get what they are looking for on Bolly4u. To make it easier for people the site categorises its content into groups. They are updated from time to time. The site’s UI is extremely user-friendly, which facilitates browsing through the site’s content. If you are looking for a site that offers a hassle-free movie streaming experience, Bolly4u is the one for you. 

13. 123movies

123movies is yet another movie site that’s free to use. Like the above two, this site is also a torrent movie downloading platform. Braided online streaming, people can download their favourite content on their device for offline streaming. Downloading isn’t difficult at all. Navigating through the site’s categories is also quite easy. The site offers good audio and video quality, which highly enhances the movie streaming experience of people. Starting from Bollywood, Hollywood to regional films, 123movies brings together a plethora of old and new movies. Not just that, you would be pleased to know that the site covers content from various genres as well. 


Even though the site talks about what torrent sites are and especially about Projectfreetv, it in no way supports or encourages the acts upon which the business of such sites are based. Online piracy and plagiarism is a grave crime and does ask for legal jurisdiction. Search app switch involves using someone’s original work without his or her proper consent or without paying them proper remuneration and respect is an act morally unacceptable as well. We in no way stand by such practices.  


Is Projectfreetv free?

Yes, the site is free to be used and accessed by its users. All of the torrent sites can be accessed without having to spend any money at all.

Is Projectfreetv illegal?

This site uses pirated content in it. That is also the reason why it is free. The site is therefore rendered illegal by a recent declaration by the government.

Do the alternative sites provided have their alternative app versions?

Most of the alternatives that are provided have their app versions as well. You can download those apps from the play store quite easily and simply.

Do any of the alternatives require a subscription?

We have tried to keep the list of alternatives free from any such inclusion that would require you to pay any kind of a membership fee or a subscription fee. Even if there are instances where you would have to be a certain amount to access the content on the site it would most certainly be optional. 

Can I still access the site of Projectfreetv?

Yes, anyone can most certainly still access this site even though it is illegal. For that, you would require VPN software on your device and must know how to use the same. However, this act if and when caught can come under the act of breaking a law.