All That You Need To Know About The Site Of Openload & 12 Best Alternatives in 2021


Torrent sites can now be found in abundance over the internet. Openload is also one of them. You can watch the media of your choice on these sites. Especially in Openload, you can watch movies, television shows, anime, and much more. Remember the days when you would have to dress up and leave your house to spend some quality time with your friends and family or maybe to watch a movie you have been meaning to watch for some time? Well, those days are now over. Openload is there to lift your mood whenever you feel down. All you need to do is log in to the site. However not everything completely good or bad. Openload too has its share of drawbacks. Want to know more about it? Read on!

What is Openload?


Openload is a torrent movie watching site like many others. You can watch the movie or television show of your choice on the site. Starting from Hollywood to Bollywood and certain other movies too, the site indeed is a treasure worth keeping for any cinephile out there. But Openload, along with all other torrent sites, has a major drawback. It uses pirated content. So even though the content on it is free for use to the site’s users, it is illegal. But we cannot let this be a reason for you to not access such a wide range of good content on the Internet. Honestly speaking, this is the only thing that is problematic regarding this site. So we have brought to you some alternatives that will help you get all features as similar to Openload as possible but along with the sanction from the law.

Features of Openload:

Even though you can get into the market quite fast, it is quite a hard job too hold a firm and acknowledgeable position in the entertainment sector. If you don’t keep up your performance the public would automatically reject you. But what makes Openload such a great site that even though it is illegal people keep coming back for more? Here are some of the salient features of the site that helps it to keep up its reputation. 

  1. The library of Openload consists of movies from across the globe and genres. You can find anything starting from horror to comedy on this site. So no matter what kind of a movie lover you are this is a place where everyone can find something of their choice.
  2. Sometimes if a website takes up a lot of space in your CPU or android memory, it hangs the device. But there is no chance of this happening with Openload. It takes up very little space on your memory and hence helps in the smooth running of the device which you are using to stream the videos.
  3. Openload is equipped with a super-fast server. This means you can get access to the content of the site quite easily and fast. This is sometimes the issue with many sites when you try to access them in peak hours. 
  4. The resolutions of the videos of the movies that you will find on the side are quite good. This contributes to the movie-watching experience of the user and makes it much better. 
  5. Last but not least the site provides its users with free content. You would not have to pay or subscribe to the site for using the films and shows on the site. This is one of the top reasons why torrent sites such as Openload are so popular amongst the masses.

Categories of movies on Openload

Variety and versatility are what makes something interesting to people. The site of Openload has that in abundance. Below is a list of the categories of movies that you would find on the site. But there are various genres that you will find under those categories again. It may just show you Hollywood movies, but you will know that under them lies the options of a wide range of genres that you can choose from.

  1. Hollywood movies
  2. Bollywood movies
  3. English dubbed movies
  4. English subbed movies
  5. South Indian movies
  6. Hindi dubbed movies 
  7. Bengali movies

Steps to watch a movie on Openload

Watching your favourite shows and films had never been easier. With Openload specifically amongst torrent sites, it becomes very easy for anyone to stream movies online. Even if you are not too habituated with the working of technology or the Internet you will be able to make your way through the site by applying just a bit of common sense. Here the simple steps that you need to know to stream a movie on the site of Openload. 

  1. The first 2 steps are a bit technical and you may require a bit of help in that. It requires you to install VPN software on the device that you are going to use to watch the movies
  2. After you are done with installing the software you will have to choose an IP address of a place where the site is legally in function. This will help you to create a false position of yourself on the web and not let the others trace your actual location. 
  3. Once you are done with the above 2 steps it is quite easy-going from the hereafter. Now you need to search for the site URL. Make sure that the URL you click on is the. Current working one as the domain addresses of torrent sites keeps changing. 
  4. After you’re inside the site you will first see various suggestions of movies that will be shown on the home page itself. You can either choose a movie from there or search for one manually. You can also select a particular category of the movie to make your search results much more precise and compact.
  5. After you have got your choice of movie, click on it or select it.
  6. The site will now provide you with two options:
  7. One of which would let you stream the movie online while the other will require you to download the movie so that you can enjoy it later.
  8. Click the option that lets you watch the movie online and there you go! Enjoy!

12 legal alternatives to Openload

By now it is clear that there is nothing wrong with the site of Openload except for the fact that accessing it is against the law. But we cannot let that interfere with our entertainment right?! So here we have brought to you some similar sites too Openload which are legal along with having most of the better features of the site. 

1. Retrovision

Most of the masterpieces in cinema has been created in the olden times. This site named Retrovision helps us to realise again for a fact that old is indeed gold. If you are a lover of classic old movies that are rich in philosophical contexts and rich directorial and acting skills then this is a site that you must visit.

2. The Internet Archive 

The Internet archive surely lives up to its name. This archive is surely an archive of films and shows in every language and genre that one can think of. Not only in its collection of content the site also enriches our movie-watching experience with its top-notch graphics and sound qualities.

3. PopCornFlix 

Popcornflix is one of the most popular names in this sector. You can get everything starting from South Indian movies to Hollywood movies on this site. Popcornflix can also provide you with various television shows and web series that are currently trending. The site does not only lets you stream content about different genres and languages, but also keeps you updated with the latest shows and films.

4. Vudu

Even though this site lets you watch movies online there is no option to download the movie on this platform. Here you can rent movies of your choice. The site also provides you with certain television shows and other media content worthy of your binge-watching sessions.

5. Open Culture

This site has no boundaries. Open culture is a platform that is open to all kinds of media content. Now, this may give you an image of television shows, movies, web series, and so on for sure. But the site also has many PDFs of top-selling and trending books that you can read. This is therefore a place for both movie buffs as well as people who relish reading more than watching.

6. Hoopla 

Hoopla again is another such site as an open culture. You can access the site via its app our isn’t from your local libraries if any of them provide such services. Not only movies or films it also has some eBooks to offer to its users as well.

7. Kanopy 

Kanopy is what happens when a site makes an educated library for its users to use. This site has some off the selected movies and shows that do not only entertain the audience, but also let them learn from them. The site contains a collection of content that is sanctioned by various libraries and universities. This will surely give you an idea of the standard of Shows and films that you can expect to come across on this site.

8. Peacock

This site is run by NBCuniversal. It has a total of 1300 hours of streaming time for every user. It consists of featured films and series that you can catch up on. You can get all the trending shows and films on this site, and therefore be updated with the crowd. 

9. YouTube

This platform does not require an introduction to it as such. On this site, you can watch anything starting from song videos to tutorials and of course various television shows and movies along with web series. If you have a channel of your own you can also upload your videos on the site. There are certain movies that you can rent as well from the site.

10. Sonylive

This is a legal website but mainly contains shows and films that are premiered on the Sony channels. This may limit its reach compared to the other sides that we discussed so far, but it gives its users the best that it can afford. The service of the site is not at all bad and can surely be considered as a worthy alternative to Openload. 

11. AZ Movies

AZ Movies is an amazing platform offering the best collection of movies. It is among the topmost movie streaming website. All the content in this website is divided based on several factors. You can find content based on the year of release, genre, and name of the actor, languages, and many others. This makes the search easier for you. You simply will have to type anything that you know about the movie so to get it quickly. Another interesting part of this website is that it also displays the description. For every movie, you will get a description based on which you could decide if you wish to watch that movie.

12. Prmovies

The next equally interesting option against the Openload website is the Prmovies website. This website brings a lot of fun and entertainment. It offers the best quality of content. The quality of all the videos is of high resolution. The sound effect too is quite impressive on this website. All the trending content is available on this website. Interestingly, this website also offers unique content. Content that you do not easily find on another website too will be available on this one. So, do you want to take an adventure trip? Start having fun with the Prmovies website and watch as many movies as you wish to.


The Indian government has recently declared the torrent sites to be illegal. Accessing sites such as Openload has now become a criminal act. Online piracy is a serious issue and these sites promote it. Plagiarism and piracy are highly condemnable practices. We in no way support or promote the sites which practice such acts nor the acts themselves. This has been made purely to enlighten the readers about the site and some of the legal alternatives that they can afford instead of the torrent sites such as Openload.


Is Openload not safe?

No the site of Openload is not safe. It lacks the level of dependable security that other sites such as Google sites would have. 

Even though Openload is illegal can we still access it?

Yes, even though the site is illegal you can still access it. That is why you would have to install VPN software on your device to give a false impression of your location on the web.

Do the alternatives also require us to install a VPN?

No, the alternatives listed are all legal. They are lawfully in function and can be accessed without appian software.

Does any of the alternatives require a subscription fee? 

There is an option to enroll yourself for the subscribed version of the sites. But it is not a mandatory thing to do. You can access most of the content on the sites for free.

Is Openload legal in any other country?

Yes, the site is legal in various other parts of the world. All you need to do is to enter the IP address of the location where the site is lawfully in function to access the content on it from a place where it is not a law-abiding site.


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