Moviesroot – Everything that You Need to know (13 Legal Alternatives in 2022)

Best Alternatives For Moviesroot

When it comes to watching movies, several factors come into play. From the amazing website layout to the overwhelming number of categories in the website, several things need consideration. Moviesroot is one such amazing website that lets you watch some of your favourite movies without having to pay an extra dime.

The reason why it’s considered one of the best movies downloading websites is all because of the wide range of amazing categories of movies that are available on the website. From your typical South Indian movies to the latest and retro Hollywood films, there are a lot to choose from. 

The best thing about this website is how organised everything is. Each movie is categorised based on actors, quality, and also the date of release. Aside from the movies, the platform also hosts several web series and TV shows that you can download and binge-watch.

But, at the end of the day, Moviesroot is a pirated movie website, so everything uploaded to it is illegal. So, we would suggest you look through the amazing legal alternatives that we have mentioned around.

What is Moviesroot?


Moviesroot is a popular pirated movie website that allows you to download some of your favorite Hollywood and South Indian movies from the platform. Not just that, the platform also allows you to download the movies based on the quality of the print and the kind of star cast the movie has.

If you are wondering whether it hosts the Bollywood movies then it is not the case. It only has thousands of Hollywood and South Indian along with double language movies. Make sure that you have high-speed internet while downloading the movies. This is a must. 

Currently, the official domain of the website is changed to, so make sure that you save that for further reference, in case the Moviesroot website isn’t available.

What are the features?

With the basic introduction out of the way, it is now time for us to walk you through every last detail of the website, concerning the features. Aside from the official movies, the website also hosts several amazing TV shows and web series that you can otherwise download and binge-watch. Some of the common features of the website include:

  • It hosts several categories, ranging from the common movies to the categorised movies based on cast, quality of the print, and the release dates as well
  • It has a separate search bar on the top of the website that allows you to directly search for the movies that you’d want to download
  • It features TV shows and web series on the website too, aside from the movies
  • It comes with the poster of the movie directly labelled on the home screen that allows you to download the movie directly from there

What are the categories?

If you haven’t used this website before for downloading movies, Moviesroot hosts several amazing categories. It is a pretty amazing platform that allows you to download both Hollywood and South Indian movies. Some of the common categories available on the website include:

  • Latest released
  • Upcoming
  • Movies
  • By Genre
  • By Year
  • By Quality
  • By Actors
  • 18+ Movies
  • Web Series
  • TV Series
  • By File Size

Steps to download Movies on the website

Now that we have sorted out the common information regarding the website, it is now necessary we talk about the steps involved in downloading the movies that you want. 

  • Start by opening the official website by visiting
  • Once the website opens, you can scroll through and select the movie you want to download or search for the movie that you want to download
  • From there, you can scroll down to the download links that are available based on the quality of the print of the movie
  • Direct download links are available for easier navigation without unnecessary redirection

12 legal alternatives for Moviesroot

Now that you have a clear idea that Moviesroot is a pirated movie website, you must keep a check on the legal alternatives to download or stream your favourite movies. With so many amazing websites available on the internet, choosing one can become a hassle. To ease your hassle, we have sorted out the best alternatives for you to look through.

1. YouTube

There’s no better online download or streaming platform than YouTube. With thousands of Hollywood and South Indian movies, it is hands down one of the best available websites that let you watch some of your favourite movies without any questions at all. The only downside to this platform is that not every available movie is free. You might have to pay for a few of them. So, you need to keep a check on that. It allows you to buy the movie that catches your eye and then watch it anytime that you feel like it. Ensure that you have high-speed internet to stream your favourite videos with ease.

2. The Internet Archive

Not many people talk about this but if you are particularly drawn to good quality and latest movies, this is a pretty good option. It is nothing but a goldmine for free movies and amazing TV shows and series. Even though the website now lacks direct download links like it has around 5 years back, it has a pretty good and workable Torrent file that lets you download your favourite movie without any further questions. The content on this website is also evolving rapidly, further contributing to the goodwill of the website.

3. HotStar

Aside from the library of amazing Hollywood movies, HotStar hosts some of your favourite South Indian movies too. If you are tired of using expensive platforms to watch some of your favourite movies, this is a good enough space that has both free and paid content. The majority of the good movies are available for free, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having to pay for every good movie that you come across, which is pretty amazing. It has an online streaming option, so you can’t download the movies directly to your phone.

4. Jio Cinemas

While Moviesroot is a free platform but pirated and illegal, Jio Cinemas is completely free. It doesn’t charge any extra money; the only thing you need is an attached Jio sim card for easier access. It has a plethora of Hollywood movies alongside the South Indian films that are common to Moviesroot. The good thing about this website is that it hosts several TV shows and original web series as well that you can stream online. The only downside to this platform is that it doesn’t allow you to download the movies to your phone. 

5. Crackle

Another good alternative for Moviesroot is Crackle. It is known for its wide collection containing both the latest and the retro movies that you likely have affection towards. It is owned by Sony, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the authenticity of the content posted on this website. The only glitch to this website is that you need to sign up and register to be able to access the content on this platform.

6. Pluto TV

Not many people have heard of this platform but Pluto TV is the closest you will get to experience an actual TV layout. It allows you to watch some of your favourite movies from over 75+ channels, ensuring that you would never have to worry about the categories or the quality of the movies. It hosts a plethora of amazing Hollywood movies and South Indian movies that you can binge-watch without any guilt.

7. Amazon Prime Video

While Moviesroot is a completely free website, Amazon Prime Video requires a subscription. That is likely the only difference between the two. But, if you are willing to pay an annual fee to get quality content and some of your favorite movies to watch on-demand, we’d suggest you go ahead and do that anyhow. It is known for its collection of movies, both in the range of Hollywood and South Indian regional language movies. You must have a good internet speed to stream the movies online.

8. Movies Found Online

Even though the name and the layout of the website seem sketchy, it is a legal streaming platform that you can take a look into. With so many amazing websites available on the internet, this stands out because of its quality content and the good quality prints of the movies. You never have to compromise on the quality of the movies that you stream. Aside from Hollywood movies, it doesn’t have a wide collection of regional language movies, which can be a downer for some individuals.

9. Popcorn Flix

When talking about one of the best alternatives for Moviesroot, it is Popcorn Flix. The website is known for its versatility of the movies available on the website which makes it a perfect option for you to binge-watch. It has thousands of Hollywood movies that you can scroll through and watch. The range of South Indian movies on this platform is limited. So, if you are scrolling through Moviesroot specifically for South Indian movies, we would suggest you look through something else on this platform. 

10. Netflix

Last but not least on the list is Netflix. The variant available in India hosts both Hollywood movies along with some of your favourite South Indian movies as well. So, if you have been looking forward to watching one of those while being bored during the weekend, we’d suggest that you give this a quick watch. Make sure that you do have a good internet connection because it features some high-quality prints of the movies which require high-speed internet to stream the movies seamlessly. Make sure that you also check through the availability of the movies that you want to watch before you buy the subscription for the platform.

11. Fmovies

If you are looking forward to streaming the latest movies and web series, Fmovies is the ideal platform for you. It has been uploading the most recent content in a short time, allowing people to have fun at home without spending bucks at movie theatres. The recent movies and web series are uploaded in excellent quality. People love to stream content on Fmovies. Besides streaming, the site also allows for free downloading in HD quality as well. The site’s user-friendly interface is a big reason for its rising popularity. It makes navigation easier by categorising its content into groups. So, visit Fmovies now and see which latest content you would like to stream online. 

12. Solar Movies

When you enter the homepage of Solar Movies, you would feel like you are using any of the premium legal movie streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, zee5, etc. The site is extremely well arranged and categorised. Its collection is superb. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it on Solar Movies. There’s no hassle of registering on this site to get access to its content.  You only have to click on the active site link and you would land upon its homepage directly. Go through its categories, look for your desired content and click on it for streaming or downloading. Here, you are likely to get the best collection of IMDb-rated movies, award-winning films, internationally acclaimed movies, and web series. 

13. GOmovies

There are several reasons for the growth of GOmovies as a movie streaming platform online. It’s now considered to be one of the most preferred sites for streaming and downloading content. Here, you would like different kinds of videos like movies, web series, documentaries, short films, biographies, etc. Movies are available in different languages, covering every genre. The site doesn’t ask for a subscription fee. You can however register on this site to get recommendations of movies and web series that are likely to cater to your movie streaming preferences. There’s a separate category dedicated to featured movies. Here, there is a list of critically acclaimed, top IMDb rated, and Oscar-winning films. 


1. Is Moviesroot a legal website?

No, Moviesroot is a pirated movie website, which means that it’s not a legal option. Since piracy is illegal in India, even the website is illegal in India. But, the good thing about this website is that the website doesn’t require a VPN for access. You can easily view it by typing in the URL of the website, which is a bonus.

2. Does Moviesroot require a VPN?

No, unlike several of the other pirated movie websites, this one doesn’t require any kind of VPN. This means that you can download or stream your favourite movies directly by visiting the website without needing to change the location on the IP address. 

3. Is Moviesroot chargeable?

No, Moviesroot is a completely free website. This means that you wouldn’t have to pay any kind of extra charges for the website at all. It also doesn’t require any kind of unnecessary registrations and sign-ups, which is a bonus.

4. Does Moviesroot have Bollywood movies?

Unlike several of the other websites available for downloading Hollywood and South Indian movies, this one doesn’t feature Bollywood movies. So, if you are particularly looking for a website that lets you stream Bollywood movies, this isn’t the one that you need.


With so many amazing legal websites available on the internet, we’d suggest that you rely on these legal websites rather than the illegal and pirated movie websites like Moviesroot. Since piracy is illegal in India and directly harms the creativity and labour put in by the people working on a movie, we’d suggest that you take a look at some of the best movie websites that are not just legal but also deliver some good quality content on their websites. Even though Moviesroot does have a good collection of movies, it is not legal and uploads their content illegally, which is why we’d suggest that you alternatively look at the legal websites that can provide you with the same quality of content.