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There are a lot of film buffs out there. Especially, in this lockdown period, the interest in watching movies of all genres has increased exponentially. The main reason behind this is the wide variety of movie options available to watch. But many aren’t fine with the exorbitant amount of money charged by the theatre owners. This has led to the mushrooming of a lot of piracy sites to watch and download movies of all languages and genres. But the major doubt lies in as to how far the sites are safe enough for downloading and watching. 

The pirated sites are pretty much famous for uploading movies of lesser size. Also, the best part is that they come with good quality. In case, you are cautious about the kind of safety issues you need to take care of when it comes to downloading movies from pirated sites, then you need to be aware of the legal alternative movie downloading and watching sites. 

What is MoviesDa? 


MoviesDa is a pirated site that uploads movies from languages like Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. One can find a large number of Tamil movies uploaded on to this site. A separate section has been dedicated to the downloading of movies in mobile phones which require lesser size and the quality is also less. One can also download web series from English and other languages on this site. There is a separate section dedicated to dubbed movies as well. The site was earlier called Isaimini. 

Features of MoviesDa 

Before you get to know how to download movies from this site, it is imperative to understand the plethora of features attached to this site. Some of the most important features are listed below. 

  • The User Interface of this site is excellent. One need not spend too much time going about different tabs on the site to download and watch movies. 
  • All the sections are specified clearly and as you just move the cursor near the tab, it shows all the requisite details. 
  • All the movies uploaded on this site are of great quality. One can find good quality even in the lowest resolution possible. 
  • One can all the latest releases on this site. Most of the time, the movies are uploaded to this site as soon as they are running in the theatres, also one can find it on these sites even before they are released in the theatres. 

Categories of MoviesDa 

One of the biggest challenges in running and maintaining a site like MoviesDa is that it needs proper categorization of content. But sites like MoviesDa has done a commendable job in categorizing all the content of the site. One doesn’t only find movies from languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada on this site, one can find movies from Hollywood, Bollywood as well:

  • Tamil HD movies 
  • Tamil Dubbed movies 
  • Malayalam Movies 
  • Hollywood Movies with subtitles 

Steps to download movies from MoviesDa

There are certain things to keep in mind and also certain steps you need to follow if you wish to download movies from MoviesDa. 

Make sure you have a Virtual Private Network. There are various web browsers which provide you with the option of Virtual Private Network using which you can connect yourself to the servers located in countries abroad. This ensures that you download movies and other related content without any sort of hurdles. As these websites are banned in India, they are found only in virtual private networks. 

  • You need to keep a note of the new website link. If you don’t enter the right website, then you won’t be able to access all the relevant details of the site. 
  • You need to click on the category you wish to download a movie from. All the movies are arranged in alphabetical order on the site, so you need not spend a lot of time searching. 
  • Once you find the movie, right-click on it and choose Save Link as to the specified format and the file starts downloading. 
  • One could have spotted this name often in various news channels. This site is on the constant hunt down by the department of telecommunications, the government of India for uploading all the latest movie releases on to this site. 

The site hosts content on a different web page and when you click on a movie, you get redirected to a different web page altogether. This sometimes leads to downloading other content that you don’t intend and desire. Be it whatever the reason, MoviesDa is still one of the most preferred sites to download Tamil movies and other language movies as well. 

10 Legal alternatives to MoviesDa 

As MoviesDa is a pirated site and you can’t rely completely on it all of the time, you need to get an idea of the 10 legal alternatives of the site, MoviesDa. 

1. Herotalkies India 

If you are a fan of any movie released from India, then you need to go for the Herotalkies site only. Also, not just the latest releases, one can find movies released even 5 decades back on this site. This is a boon for those who love watching both old and new movies. Also, the movies of actors are uploaded to this site in a zip folder format that contains a huge collection of his movies. This is a feast for the fans of those actors. The movies uploaded to this site are not too large. It doesn’t end up occupying a lot of space on your system or mobile phone. This is a venture by two budding youngsters who never wanted to miss their favorite star’s movies. 


If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the movie alone, then you need to prefer a site that categorizes all of the movie content. The categories of the movies are specified in the tabs of the website, a click on it will give you the list of movies available under that category. In case, you aren’t able to find the movie you wish for, then you can leave a request in the menu specified for it. The website owners take all possible steps to upload that movie for you. This site is completely legal and you can enjoy watching all the movies and other content without any ad break. You have to pay a very minimal amount to enjoy all the movies uploaded on to this site. 


Erosnow is one of the leading movie distributors in the country. Almost all the movies of top stars are produced and distributed under the banner of Eros Now. There is no doubt if you end up seeing all the major films production named under this banner. ErosNow has ventured into the streaming of movies to the user by charging them for a subscription. It is available on Amazon, Apple, and Roku devices as well. 


If you are a huge fan of Tamil movies and songs, then you would have spotted this name often in the film circle. They once were into selling audio cassettes of all the latest movies. Now with the digital age, they have ventured into the subscription of their website hosting movies to the users. You can download movies and watch them in offline mode, listen to songs as well.


Almost all the TV channels that fall under the STAR network hosts all of its programs under This is available as a site and as an application as well. One can download the application from the play store and app store. One of the best parts about having an Hotstar subscription is that you can get to enjoy all the matches of IPL. You can either pay for a month, six months, or for a year at 

6. Netflix 

Netflix is a movie streaming site from an American International company. One can find top-notch Hollywood content on the site. Also, these days a lot of movies and series are being produced under the banner of Netflix productions. The subscription charges for Netflix are a bit higher than the other streaming sites but it is worth the money. 

7. Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is one of the topmost movie streaming sites in India. One need not have any doubts regarding this statement as Amazon being the biggest company in the world. In fact, during the lockdown period, a lot of movies that missed a theatrical release have turned to Amazon prime. The digital age has taken a huge change in the field of entertainment. A lot of film stars are working for the banners under these streaming sites in itself. 

8. Voot

Voot is an extremely popular movie streaming application available in India. It’s a subscription video-on-demand platform that offers a vast collection of content like movies, web series, documentaries, and Voot originals. To make it easier for people to look for their desired content, Voot has categorised its content cleanly. You would be amazed to see its well-designed homepage. Moreover, it’s easy UI further makes it convenient for people to browse through its contents. You can access Voot even if you haven’t subscribed, however, a lot of content wouldn’t be available for streaming. Subscribing to Voot select gives viewers the chance to stream unlimited content on Voot anytime, anywhere.

9. Zmovies

With Zmovies, you don’t have to keep searching for your desired content. With its easy interface, it has made browsing a much easier task. It hosts a wide variety of content for movie freaks in various languages and genres. Not just movies, the site hosts web series, documentaries, short films, and whatnot. Content in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, etc., are available. Don’t worry about the site’s collection of movies. They host the best films, which are critically acclaimed and award-winning. Movies from every genre are available. Irrespective of your movie preferences, you are sure to get movies of your choice on Zmovies. 

10. Ice Movies 

Another notorious and highly popular pirated movie streaming platform online is Ice Movies. For entertainment seekers, Ice Movies is an option worth considering. No matter what is your mood and the kind of movies you are looking for, Ice Movies is sure to have that for you. The site has been operating for years now and over time, its collection has only become more diverse. It brings the latest movies, web series, and other content within 7 days of their theatrical release. Thus, no longer do you have to spend money to watch movies in theatres. With Ice Movies, you can stream them in any format, free of cost, anytime, anywhere. 


It is highly recommended not to watch and download movies from sites like MoviesDa. Keeping in mind the immense amount of effort put in by the film stars and the other technical people involved in the film making process. A lot of money pooled in by the producers go waste when people prefer to watch all the latest releases in sites like these and not in theatres. MoviesDa is under the watch of the cyber cell and there are chances of the site being pulled down anytime owing to the content it has.


Is there a limit on the number of movies a person can download in a day? 

No. There is no limit. One can download how many ever movies they want in whatever language they wish to and watch it n number of times. 

Is there a chance of the system or the mobile phone getting hacked? 

No. But, there are chances of a virus attacking your system or mobile phone when you try to download movies from the site. This can be avoided if you use anti-virus software on your computer. 

Can a person be jailed if found using a website like MoviesDa? 

Yes. There are chances of a person getting arrested. According to some laws framed by the Department of Telecommunications, watching and downloading movies from sites like MoviesDa might land them in jail for 3 years or so. 

What are the sizes in which one can download movies from MoviesDa? 

The sizes are 300 MB, 400 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, etc., The size of the movie file is based on the length and the content of the film. The resolution of the movie also speaks for itself when speaking of the size of the download. So, based on your requirement, you can download. 

Why does the link of the website keep changing? 

As the website is under constant vigilance of the Government of India, the site owners keep changing the link of the site so that it can’t be tracked easily. 


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