13 Popular Alternatives of Movierulz in 2021


With the advent of the internet and smartphones, watching movies and web series has become very easy. Numerous websites let you watch your desired TV show or movie on your smartphone anytime you want. However, it is to be noted that not all of these sites can be reliable since a lot of them are illegal which consist of pirated content. Although, torrent sites are very popular for watching and downloading movies but using these sites can put you at risk because they are not legal. One of the many popular torrent sites is Movierulz, which facilitates movie watching as well as downloading and features a lot of categories. One can make use of this website to watch movies, web series, and short films of different types. 

What is Movierulz?



In the present day, different forms of cassettes and CDS are no more used to watch movies. There are a lot of websites and other platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and others for watching your desired movies. However, unluckily, all these are paid platforms which require a subscription fee to be used. But, Movierulz is one such platform that is free and you can access it from anywhere anytime. 

Movierulz is an online site which provides you the freedom to access and watch movies of different genre and language. The video content on this website gets frequently updated and they keep informing the users about their new uploaded content. Apart from this, Movierulz provides a lot of categories to its users such as Bollywood, Hollywood, and Kollywood. It also lets the users download the content without having to pay any charge. 

Features of Movierulz:

There are many different features offered by Movierulz which are mentioned as follows: 

  • It can be accessed free of cost. You can watch your desired content free. 
  • It is an internet-based platform that doesn’t require you to install the application and update it regularly.
  • The content offered on this website differs from one region to the other. This lets the users watch movies and tv shows in their regional language. 
  • It features high-quality content that can be watched very smoothly without any interruptions. 
  • It has a very simple user interface which makes it easy to be used by the users. 
  • Another important feature of this website is that it allows you to autoplay the contents. This way the website by itself shifts to the upcoming episode and you don’t have to do anything for the same. 
  • You can have easy accessibility to all the recent Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies on this website. However, you cannot avail of this in the Google Play Store, but you can use this by downloading its APK version.
  • Another outstanding feature offered by this website is that apart from watching movies, you also can have access to a lot of famous TV series and they can even help you in live streaming. 

Categories offered by Movierulz: 

There are different categories offered by Movierulz which are mentioned as follows: 

  • Hollywood movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Malayalam 
  • Bollywood movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  • Old movies 

All of these above-mentioned categories consist of several subcategories and each category shows you the details of the movies. You can even search for a movie with the help of the search icon. You can avail movies, download them in HD resolution, and have unlimited fun. You can even find several other options such as weekly releases, featured movies, and new releases. For opening the links instantly, you just have to click on them. Nothing is required to stream and download the content, except an active internet connection. 

Steps to use Movierulz:

Here are the steps that you can follow to stream to Movierulz:

  • If you want to use this website, the steps that you need to follow are as follows:
  • The first step is to type the address of the updated website and name of the domain. 
  • You will discover yourself on the website just after that. 
  • You will find several types of content that can be downloaded. 
  • Then, you need to click on the movie you want to watch, and you will discover an option to download towards the end of your screen. 
  • The content which can be downloaded is connected to Torrent, so you have to assure that you have a torrent app on your phone. 
  • The last step is opening the folder of your choice and enjoy the content. 

13 Alternatives to Movierulz:

We are going to discuss 10 alternatives of Movierulz which are completely safe to use because they are legal:

1. Yes movies

This is an excellent website that offers a lot of video content, including TV shows, movies, and other trending videos. You can search for any movie and then start watching it instantly. You can even download it to watch it later. It is a legal website which makes it completely safe to use. It offers a lot of added benefits which makes it even more preferred by the users. For knowing more about this application, you have to download it on your phone. A lot of users have been already using it. This website even offers a lot of exciting packages and the user can choose the one according to their needs. 

2. Go Movies

The next one in this list is this website which lets you have an access to unlimited movies on the go. On this website, one will get Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, and many other movies that too in a good quality print. You can also find many exciting deals on this website. You can download it either from the Google play store or app store and complete its installation process. You must complete your registration first and select a subscription option that will be suitable for you. There are monthly as well as yearly subscription packages offered on this app. 

3. Movie Ninja

This is the next option we have in the queue. Another great website also offers a variety of features. You can choose the best online deal for yourself on this website. You can even customize your search and choose your desired tv series, movies that suit your preference. It also allows the users to download the movies without having to pay any charge. This is a completely authorized site with no pirated content. You can make a selection of your subscription plan according to your budget since it offers many different plans.

4. Z Movies 

If you are looking for video content based on a lot of different categories such as adult, horror, etc. Then you are just at the right place, since here you can select any kind of TV series and the latest movies and watch them or download them. This app can be downloaded from the Google play store or even from the app store, but requires to get installed properly. The users need to create an account and complete their registration on the app to enjoy watching animated films, series, Hollywood films, Bollywood films and so much more. 

5. HDO 

HDO is another top-rated alternative of Movierulz. The best part about it is that there are no legal concerns associated with this website which makes it reliable to be used by the people. Although it requires the users to get registered and create an account for choosing a subscription plan some movies can be watched even without getting subscribed. However, choosing to get subscribed can help you with a lot of advantages. There are numerous categories in which the video content of this website is divided. This makes it easy for the users to search for the videos they are looking for. 

6. Ice movie

Another legal alternative that can be used as a replacement for Movierulz is this website. It is one such movie that allows the users to live streaming and free downloading. All the videos on this website are available in HD quality which makes the users enjoy clear visuals. It has a lot of different packages out of which the users can make their choice as per their convenience. It can serve as a really good option to pass your free time. It requires registration, but keeps your data safe. There are a user ID and password required by this website for you to get logged in. Just after logging in, you can start playing your desired content. 

7. Sony Crunch 

This is the most unique option we have here in this list because it us a bit different from the rest. It is a platform that is owned and operated by the very popular television channel named Sony. It is a private online site that lets you watch a lot of movies as well as TV series. The notable feature of this website is its collection of Bollywood movies. Although, it features a lot of Hollywood movies too. It is not a free website and charges some additional fee to be accessed. But once you subscribe, you are assured to have no regrets, just a lot of entertainment.

8. MX Player

MX player is another famous app that offers live streaming as well as lets you request for the videos which are not there on this platform. More than 280 million users have been using this application. It is very popular across the world and is multilingual. It supports nearly 12 different languages which are another reason behind its popularity. It can be downloaded in Android, IOS as well as the web. You can find a lot of movies and web series on this application.

9. Primewire

The prime wire can just be the ideal option that can be used as an alternative to Movierulz. It provides users with numerous movies and TV series, which belong to a different genre. But, you cannot have access to their content without getting registered to their website. It has an outstanding user interface which makes it even more enjoyable by the users. The best thing about it is that it is completely free of ads that keep your watch session free from any kind of interruptions. However, this app ensures complete protection of your data and doesn’t leak them to any other third party. 

10. Sony Crackle

Here comes Sony Crackle, which is one of the most popular legal movie streaming sites in the present times. The only point that can be considered as a drawback is the fact that it needs registration to be accessed which means that you have to create an account before starting to watch video content on this site. You can avail of this platform on your devices, irrespective of the operating system it runs on since this app is available for Android, iOS, and web too. Once you are done with the registration process, you can begin with your watch session and have endless fun. 

11. Popcornflix

In case you don’t intend to buy any subscription plan for watching movies in your free time, Popcornflix is here to give you free access to its huge variety of content. Though a torrent website, Popcornflix is especially popular among movie freaks for the good quality of the content it hosts. This platform is kept updated with the latest news, movies, and web series. Not just the latest ones, some of the evergreen award-winning movies can also be found here. Irrespective of your language and culture, you are sure to get what you are looking for. Starting from a romantic movie, comedies, and horror films to science fiction and psychological thrillers, Popcornflix has it all. 

12. Zee5

Zee5 is a premium movie streaming platform that operates in India. Watch the latest movies, web series, and other documentaries on Zee5 at a nominal subscription fee. Unlike the pirated movie streaming sites, Zee5 is legal and offers a safe movie streaming experience. When you enter Zee5, you get a clean categorisation of content. Categories include movies, music, news, etc. There’s even another option for live streaming. If you go through its collection of movies, you would realise diverse it is. Getting a subscription for Zee5 is worth it. If you haven’t got yet one, immediately subscribe to the application and stream and download unlimited movies sitting at home!

13. Hero Talkies

Hero Talkies is an extremely underrated platform that allows for free movie streaming anytime. All that you need is a steady internet connection. Like all other movie streaming platforms, Hero Talkies too lets its users download and stream content for free. Binge-watching on this platform is a hassle at all. With its clean categories and easy UI, anyone can browse through its contents and find out what one is looking for. One can even search for it in the search bar. Hero Talkies offers movies in a plethora of languages and genres. One can find comedy movies, movies in Hindi, English, different regional languages, and other genres.  


An important thing that just cannot be ignored is that websites and online platforms such as Movierulz are supporters of piracy because they upload all the latest content and provide access to the viewers without charging even a nominal amount. As you know, piracy is illegal and is banned in our country by the government because of several reasons. Hence, it is recommended to use these sites as less as possible. Instead of these sites, you can make use of the legal alternatives that we have mentioned above in this post. Using legal apps and websites wouldn’t put you at any kind of risk, but using websites that support piracy is not safe at all. 

Is it safe to use Movierulz?

Using Movierulz is not safe because it consists of pirated content. It promotes the act of piracy which has been banned in our country. 

Are the above-mentioned apps safe?

All the apps mentioned above can be used reliably because they are all safe. They also keep your data safe.

Are these apps free?

Not all of these apps are free. However, some premium features can only be accessed when you subscribe to the app. 

Are there any more legal alternatives?

Yes, there are a lot more alternatives to Movierulz which are legal. But these are some of the best alternatives you can rely on. 


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