MovieMad: A New Entertainment Zone You Must Explore right now


Is Bollywood drama the only dose of medicine that you need? Are typical Bollywood couples romancing in isolated sheds, hiding from the heroine’s father, the kind of romance you crave in your life? Do Bollywood thrillers with an awesome cast make you sit on the edge of your seat every time you watch them? Is Bollywood, life for you? Well, then you must have heard of Moviemad. It is one of the torrent movie pirating sites that can provide you all the latest Bollywood movies of all time. They do have other collections too. But Bollywood films are what they specialize in. But wait, you did hear us when we said that this is a torrent site right? The site has been rendered illegal in various places. You must hence opt for some legal alternatives to Moviemad to be in a safe place. However, you do not need to rattle your brain cells to come up with legal alternatives to the said site. We are here to help you out. So, read along!

What is Moviemad?


It is an illegal movie streaming site. Moviemad has all the Bollywood and Hollywood latest movies and much more. You can be sure enough to find the latest web series and serials that you watch on your television to be on the browsing list of the site. The site offers you loads of different genres of movies and other content to choose from. This is one of the many best parts of watching content on Moviemad. There are so many choices not just in terms of the genres but also the kinds of contents that the site has. Starting from subbed movies and series to all-time favourite movies, you can be sure to find something for yourself in this illegal gold mine. The only drawback to this otherwise perfect site lies in that one word “illegal”. But no problem does not have a solution, and the solution to this problem will be at your fingertips in just a few more scrolls. 

Features of Moviemad:

Moviemad is an illegal site, true. If you are caught using it, you could be punished for breaking a law, true. Then why do people still risk it? That is because of all the amazing set of features that the site has. It’s like the forbidden fruit; it is not permissible to eat it, but so tasty. Let’s take a look at some of the features. 

  • The site has a great collection of movies and amazing video qualities to watch them in. The site has HD quality videos, but it also has a set of other video qualities that you can choose from as many devices may not support the video type. 
  • Almost all the Hindi movies that are provided here have English subtitles to them. You see, the site consists of contents of various regional languages as well. So if you are not comfortable with any of the languages, you can always follow the subtitles. 
  • This is one of the elite plus points that makes users choose Moviemad over various other torrent sites. Unlike many other movie piracy sites, Moviemad does not have many bugs in its site. Even though there are any bugs spotted, they are dealt with as soon as possible. 
  • The site is an Eden to movie buffs. Moviemad consists of movies from Hollywood and Bollywood, along with certain other regional languages as well. Not only are the movies varied in the languages that they are made in, but the collection of movies on Moviemad also gives you the scope to explore various genres as well.
  • The site does not require you to pass any course on computer studies to understand its working. You can understand how it works and where to find the movies you want to watch as soon as you enter the site. It has a very user-friendly interface. 

Categories of movies available on Moviemad:

We have been talking about the kinds of movies that you can watch on Moviemad are varied and quite entertaining. So what exactly does the site offer you? Here is a shortlist of the range of movies that the site has to offer to you. 

  1. Bollywood movies
  2. Hollywood movies
  3. Movies of other regional languages
  4. Movies with English subtitles

One must, however, keep this in mind that these are just the kinds of movies that you can browse on the site. There are various and excellent genres of movies within these categories as well. Imagine the diversity that the site offers!

Steps to stream movies on Moviemad:

It is quite easy to stream movies online on Moviemad. We make it further easier for you as here we have a few simple steps that will help you browse through the site and choose and watch the movies that you want to watch. But do remember that you are talking about accessing an illegal site. It will require you to use a VPN on your device. 

  1. Step one is to install the VPN app on your device. 
  2. Now opt for an IP address that is different than your own and is of a place where the site is legal. After you are connected to it, your location now will be anonymous on the web. 
  3. Search for the current and active site of Moviemad, as most of the pirating sites keep changing their domain addresses to keep themselves functioning. 
  4. Enter the site.
  5. You will see all the categories of movies listed on the home screen. Tap on one of them or search for the movie that you want to watch.
  6. You would be provided with two options. One will ask you to download the movie, while the other would be for streaming the movie online. 
  7. Click on the stream online and watch your favourite movie. 

Legal alternatives to Moviemad:

Here is a list of ten legal alternatives that you can use instead of Moviemad. This is a simple way to enjoy the latest movies of various kinds without setting your conscience off on a guilt trip. Take a look at them!

1. ZMovies

The first on our list is ZMovies. It has all the ingredients that a good movie watching site must-have. It is mostly based on Bollywood movies and television shows, but has a good enough collection of other movies as well. If you are someone who needs a daily dose of Bollywood drama to go by, then this could be an ideal site for your taste. 

2. IMDb TV

There would be very few of us who have not heard of IMDb TV. It has a plethora of movies to offer you. If you are using the site for noncommercial purposes, the site will provide you with free service as well. It would not be requiring any subscription fees. The site is supported by the collection of revenues of its advertisers. 

3. Fmovies

This again has a wide range of movies to offer you. But it also has many very similar good characteristics to Moviemad. Like Moviemad, this site too is quite easy to access and free to use. It keeps in mind to make browsing through it easier, to appeal to a larger audience. The icing on the cake is the fact that it is not illegal. 

4. Nitro

It is quite an unusual name and yes, true if you are not very much acquainted with all of this online movie watching game, it is possible that you have not heard of the site before. However, that is one good thing about the site. Since not many people know about it, the traffic here would be lesser and hence make it easier for you to go through it. 

5. Popcornflix

The site has it all. It is easy to use, has all your favourite contents, and most importantly is legal despite being free! Popcornflix has movies as well as television series. No matter if you are someone who enjoys television shows or movies, the site has got your all covered up and in different genres too!

6. YouTube

This site needs a little introduction. The application has so many features and has a content of every sort. YouTube does not restrict its contents to just movies or web series. It has all kinds of content starting from short funny videos to thought-provoking short films to tutorials even. You can pay a subscription fee and enjoy many more features of it as well.

7. Yahoo View

This site is user friendly, has all sorts of movies, neatly categorized according to their genres, and is legal and free as well. But the drawback here is that its contents are mostly made accessible to the US audience. Using a VPN to make up a virtual location for yourself could be a possibility, but not a very sure one.

8. Sony Crackle

This is a Sony-owned site. It has a collection of shows and movies that are aired on its channels, but that does not make it compromise on its collection of movies and other contents. It’s an amazing collection to offer and that too in a very neat manner so for you to not search for the choice of your content.  

9. Vudu

This site is mainly known for renting movies. There is still an option to stream movies online, and you could certainly go for it. The range of contents on the site runs wild, starting from anime to movies to series and much more. You can find all latest and popular movies on its watching list. This makes it a site that could be worth a shot. 

10. Snagfilms

This is your go-to site if you are a digger for classical movies. Classics are always entertaining to people who can understand them and watch them in the light of the era they were made in. This site provides you with a rich collection of classic movies that have been known over the ages and made a significant mark on the film industries.  

11. Netflix

The best legal alternative for Moviemad would certainly be Netflix. It’s an American content streaming platform that’s accessible in more than 190 countries globally. The company is headquartered in California. Ever since its launch, it has been gaining more and more traffic with every passing day. Netflix has an application that is convenient for mobile users. You can buy any of the four subscription plans that Netflix offers. Once you subscribe, you would get access to innumerable numbers of contents, anytime, anywhere. Apart from hosting Netflix originals, this platform is also hosting some exclusive stand-up comedy special episodes in collaboration with some renowned comedians like Louis C.K, etc. 

12. Amazon Prime Video

Another legal alternative worth considering is Amazon Prime Video. This platform also offers a wide variety of content for viewers. The best part about Amazon Prime Video is its top quality of content. You are sure to find the best content on this platform. Content varies from movies, web series to thrillers, Amazon originals, science fiction, etc. The content is classified into clean categories. As soon as you enter its homepage, you would be amazed to see how well arranged it is. To make browsing more convenient, this platform allows people to simply search for their desired content. 

13. Zee5

Next up on the list of the best legal alternatives is Zee5. This is an Indian movie streaming platform. It also has an app version which is mostly preferred by mobile users. It’s a subsidiary of zee entertainment. This application also offers services based on subscription plans. You can purchase its monthly or annual plan and get to stream content from every language, culture, and genre. There’s an exclusive live option on Zee5 that lets you stream some of the television channels live. This site offers multiple formats for users. You can choose any one of your choice while streaming. 


The Indian Government has recently declared torrent movie downloading sites as illegal. It is also morally incorrect to use the contents of individuals who have worked hard enough on them without paying them the due tribute, respect, or remuneration. If you are caught browsing a site such as Moviemad, please keep in mind that the law has every authority to punish you. It also needs to be made clear in this context that we in no way whatsoever support or encourage the act of piracy. The information put up here is solely for individuals to educate themselves.


Is Moviemad an illegal site?

Yes, Moviemad is a movie pirating site. It has been recently declared illegal by an order of the Indian Government. The site uses pirated movies that strip the original creators’ of their due remuneration.

Is Moviemad worth it?

Moviemad is certainly one of the best-pirating sites that you could find. But at the same time, you must understand that the site is illegal and it is also morally incorrect to use content created by others without their proper consent. 

Are the alternatives provided here legal?

All the alternatives provided in this section are legal to the best of our knowledge. Their characteristics are also tried to be kept as close to Moviemad as possible so that the users do not compromise on their quota of entertainment. 

Are the legal alternatives free?

Most of the alternatives mentioned here are free to use and do not require any subscription fees. However, some of them may require it. In certain of the alternatives, it so happens that you can watch them free as well as pay a fee. The people who pay will have access to a larger collection of movies than the others. 

Are the sites mentioned easy to handle? 

Yes, the sites are quite easy for their users to use. Even if you are not quite technologically habituated with this kind of thing, you can still surf the sites with ease and watch your favourite movies on it.