Mallumv: A Perfect Binge-Watching Site for All Cinephiles


Over the years, there is a significant increase in the number of online movie streaming websites on the internet. Some of these websites provide content with a subscription package in a legal way, while some websites offer newly released movies in pirated versions for free. These sites are illegal and often blocked by the government innumerable times. They still pop up and survive by changing their servers or domains now and then.

What is the Mallumv site?


Piracy sites are popular because they permit online streaming and allow downloading of unlimited movies and series for free. Mallumv is one such popular website in South India, which has unlimited South Indian cinema content. Apart from South Indian movies and series, this website also has Hollywood films. You can also download all of this content for free in HD quality on the Mallumv site. It comes with an easy and simple user interface for all categories of people to access it with ease.

The website comes with both Indian and Hollywood content to cater to the need of all kinds of audiences. It offers every language movie in separate categories and when you open a specific category you will see the movies appear in year order. This makes it easier for people to choose a particular movie as they can easily identify it using the year. 

Features of Mallumv site

The popularity of the Mallumv site owes to its simple user-friendly interface and a great collection of both old and latest movies. It also comes with categories arranged in an organized manner for people to access content easily. 

  • Variety of content

Users can get access to hundreds of movies from various languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English on the Mallumv site. You can also binge-watch a lot of series on this site. It has both Indian and English language web series and TV Shows. 

  • Simplest user interface 

Mallumv has one of the simplest user interfaces when compared to other sites. Though the interface is not modern like many sites, it is very much easy to access for all types of users. The movies and categories appear as a list on the homepage of the site for you to choose from.

  • Various file formats and sizes 

 The movies and series on the Mallumv site are available in various file types like DVDrip, HDrip, etc. Various print qualities are also available like 1080p, HD, 720p, etc. From these types, users can choose the one they prefer. This feature will help you when your internet speed is slow or storage capacity is less. You can watch films in 480p or fewer quality versions. 

  • Telegram channel

This is one of the unique features of the Mallumv site. There is an option called Telegram channel at the bottom of the page. By clicking this option, you can get access to Mallumv’s Telegram account. Many people watch pirated versions of new movies through Telegram channels. Mallumv has a Telegram channel for its users to help them easily download new films and series.

  • Fast server

The server/domain of the Mallumv site is very fast. When you type the site address on your browser and click the site you will see the homepage in just a few seconds. Similarly, you will also be redirected to the films you want in few seconds after you click on a particular film. The server works so fast. 

  • Minimum ads

Unlike many movie streaming sites, Mallumv will not annoy you with never-ending ads. When you go to Mallumv’s homepage, you will see two or three ads appearing on the right top corner of the site. The ads will not disrupt your movie watching or downloading experience. When you click on a particular movie or category, an ad appears. 

All the above-mentioned features are a great advantage to the Mallumv site and are also the reason behind the website’s popularity among cinephiles. 

Categories in Mallumv

Mallumv site has about 7 sections, which provide versatile content with the combination of movies and web series. Take a look at them below:

  • Web TV Series

You can find all the latest viral series in this category. Web series belonging to Tamil, English, and other languages are available.   

  • Malayalam movies

For all the Malayalam film lovers, this category will be an exciting one. It has numerous latest and popular Malayalam films.  

  • Tamil movies

You can find popular Tamil movies year-wise. There are also Tamil dubbed movies available for people who wish to watch other language films in Tamil. 

  • Hindi movies

Just like Tamil movies, you can find Bollywood films in year order in this category. 

  • English movies

For all Hollywood film lovers, you can get access to all the popular and recent Hollywood films in this category.

  • Telugu movies

This category has a great collection of Telugu movies in it to entertain all Telugu film fans.  

  • Kannada movies

Get free access to numerous popular Kannada films in this section. 

Mallumv is a popular site not just because it has a great collection of South Indian films, but also because you can find dubbed versions of other language films and popular Hollywood films and web series in it. 

Best alternatives to Mallumv website

Internet is never short of free movie streaming and movie downloading sites. If you are looking for some of the best alternatives to the Mallumv site, here you go! All these sites are popular among people and offer free movies and series in various languages. 

  1. Tamilrockers
  2. MoviesRush
  3. 9xMovies
  4. Teluguwap
  5. Filmyzilla
  6. Gomovies
  7. Moviespur
  8. Bolly4u
  9. 123movies
  10. Crackstreams 
  11. Yolamovies
  12. 7starhd 

You can access these alternatives with a lot of excitement as these are completely free and come with an amazing collection of new movies and series. You can also find classic old films and series on some of these sites. These sites are also user-friendly and allow downloading of content for free. You can spend your weekend binge-watching new movies from these popular sites. 

How to download content from Mallumv?

Like we already mentioned, Mallumv is a movie streaming and movie downloading site with one of the simplest user interfaces. Let us give you a brief idea of how to download your favorite movies and web series from the Mallumv website. 

  1. Go to your browser and type ‘Mallumv’. 
  2. You will see the website address in the very first result. Click on the first appearing result to get directed to Mallumv’s homepage.
  3. Now, you will see the homepage of the Mallumv movie streaming site. 
  4. On the homepage, you will see a list of the latest movies of all languages, with the ‘Click here’ option. You can click that if you want to download any of those films.
  5. If you want to search manually for a film, you can use the search box below the list of films. You can also use the categories to select a particular film from the available category.
  6. When you click on the particular film, you will be directed to a new page, where you will see the download option.
  7. Below are the screenshots of the film, you will have downloading options. You will see different file sizes for download. 
  8. From the different file sizes, choose your desired file size. 
  9. A new page will appear and ask ‘Confirm download’.
  10. Press ‘confirm download’ to start downloading the film you selected. 

By following the above steps, you can easily download your favorites movies and series from the Mallumv site. 


1. Is it safe to use the Mallumv site?

Yes. It is completely safe to use the Mallumv site and download content from it.

2. Does the Mallumv site ask you money for a subscription?

No. Mallumv is a free movie downloading site. Therefore, it will not require you to spend any money.

3. What is the best feature of the Mallumv site?

Mallumv site offers films in various file sizes. This will help you save your internet and also storage space.

4. Is Mallumv a legal site?

No. Mallumv is not a legal site. It is an illegal movie downloading site that has pirated versions of newly released movies and web series in many languages.

5. What language movies are available on the Mallumv site?

Mallumv site offers movies and web series in languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. 


Mallumv is a free movie downloading site that is used by thousands of people. It contains pirated versions of newly released films and is an illegal website working against the government’s guidelines. It also violates copyrights. We do not encourage piracy or support the Mallumv site in any manner. This article is just for informational purposes. We genuinely request the readers to stream movies and series from sites that are legal and are working under the government’s guidelines. Apart from the legal aspect, piracy also kills the business of hardworking cinema professionals. Movie leaks in piracy sites are affecting the cinema industry to a great extent, causing a great decrease in their profits. Therefore, it would be a great gesture if movie lovers stopped using piracy sites. 


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