Laxmii Full Movie Download Leaked by the Illegal Piracy Website Moviesflix


Although faced with a lot of controversies, Laxmii was a movie that everyone was looking forward to watching. So, it wasn’t surprising that when the movie did release, it did gain a lot of popularity from the audience. Not only was Akshay Kumar appraised for the portrayal of a transgender character, but the overall premise of the movie was applauded too.

However, despite the near recent release of the film, the pirated movie website, Moviesflix did manage to leak the movie illegally on their platform, leading to a lot of backlash from the audience.

This isn’t the first time that Moviesflix has indulged in the illegal leaking of such movies, so although the audience is not surprised, they are pretty disappointed as well. The worst thing about the leak was the fact that the movie was released a few minutes after the actual release, leading to an extreme rebuttal from the audience.

What is the premise of the movie?


Laxmii is a Bollywood horror-comedy movie that stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role. The story of the movie follows the life of Aasif, who visits his wife’s parents’ house to meet them. However, he soon finds himself on a haunted ground, where he is possessed by a transgender spirit who is out to take their revenge.

The movie was announced in 2019 and was finally released in 2020. The initial name of the movie was supposed to be Laxmi Bomb, which was later changed due to issues. The movie has been directed by Raghava Lawrence, who also worked as a screenplay writer for the movie.

The premise of the movie is based on another movie titled Kanchana, which was released in 2011.

Who is cast in the movie?

Not just the main characters, the movie did have a very heavy cast, leading the audience to come to watch the movie in the first place. If you aren’t aware, here’s what the cast in the movie looked like.

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Kiara Advani
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Aryan Preet
  • Rajesh Sharma
  • Manu Rishi Chadda
  • Tarun Arora
  • Prachee Shah Pandya
  • Amika Shail
  • Vinita Joshi
  • Rajesh Dubey
  • Arun Shekhar
  • Ayesha Raza Mishra

These are some of the most important casts that outshone in the movie. Not just the cast, even the crew behind the scenes have worked tremendously to ensure that the movie comes out the way it did.

When was Laxmii released?

Laxmii was released on November 09, 2020, on Disney+ Hotstar due to the prevailing pandemic. Soon after its official release, the movie was leaked on Moviesflix, leading to a sharp impact on the views of the movie. There is no public news as to whether there have been any legal steps taken against piracy, however, we’d recommend our readers to avoid watching movies from such pirated sites.

Not only is it illegal, but it is a threat to your device as well. Since the movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar officially, we’d recommend that you stream the movie via the platform.


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