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Kotha Movies

We all need entertainment in our lives. In today’s times, we remain occupied mostly. Hardly do we get time to get relief and release stress. If you too are fed up with your busy schedule and want to take some time off, what better way is there to release stress than by watching movies?! If you love to watch movies and wait for the latest releases, movie streaming sites are the best place for your entertainment. We understand that it’s impossible to pay high prices and visit theatres every day. Here comes the importance of movie streaming sites. With these sites, you can stream your favorite movies anytime, anywhere. No longer do you have to visit theatres to enjoy movies. 

Now, there are several movies streaming sites on the internet. Oftentimes people get confused as to which one to choose. There are legal as well as illegal sites on the internet. The legal sites charge subscription prices for their services. However, if you can’t afford to pay the high subscription charges, you should access the free movie streaming sites. One such torrent movie streaming platform is Kotha movies. Like all other torrent websites, this site too uploads pirated content, allowing users to stream them for free. To know more about Kotha movies, continue to read below. 

What is Kotha Movies?

Kotha Movies

Kotha Movies is one of the pirated movie streaming sites where people visit to watch movies. You can watch the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies for free on this site. Yes, the site uploads pirated videos of the latest web series, documentaries, short films, and trailers, allowing them to be accessed by people for free! So, if you don’t want to subscribe to the legal movie alternatives, simply because you can’t afford the high subscription charges, you can stream your favorite movies on Kotha Movies. 

The site is extremely popular among movie freaks. Once you visit the site, you simply wouldn’t feel like leaving it. Its collection is so vast and versatile. No matter what type of movie you are looking for, you would get it here. Are you willing to watch some sci-fi movies? Worry not; you can stream the best Hollywood and Bollywood sci-fi movies here. 

Though the site primarily hosts content in Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, and English languages, there are films in other regional languages too. A few good movies in Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam languages can also be found. Stream any movie of your choice. If you don’t want to stream online, you can download the content for free, that too in any format of your choice. So without delaying any further let’s go through some of the useful features of Kotha Movies. 

Features of Kotha Movies

The site has become so immensely popular mostly because of its features. Are you willing to know the features of Kotha Movies? We have mentioned some of the main ones below:

  • User-friendly site

Developers of Kotha Movies have developed a smooth, flawless site for all movie freaks. Streaming content on this site is extremely easy and hassle-free. Once you visit the site you would understand that. 

  • Vast collection of content 

The site brings together movies from all categories. Here, you would find movies in all languages and all genres. Movies from different cultures are available here. Not just movies, the latest web series, documentaries, short films, trailers, etc. are available here. 

The collection of this site is top-notch. All sorts of award-winning and critically acclaimed films are available on Kotha Movies. Streaming content from this site would ensure you get a flawless, thorough, movie streaming experience. 

  • Movies in different languages 

The site primarily hosts Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu movies. But, apart from these movies in other regional languages are also found. So, irrespective of whatever mood you are in right now, you are sure to find out a suitable movie as per your choice. 

  • Movies from different genres 

Do you know movies from various genres are available on Kotha Movies? Are you in the mood to watch some romantic movies? Find out your favourite movie from the site and continue streaming or download it on your device. Also, if you want to watch horror, sci-fi, comedy, psychological thriller, or movies from any other genre, get it on Kotha Movies. 

  • Free accessibility

Free accessibility is the greatest feature of Kotha Movies. Who wouldn’t like to access free services? Anyone would love to stream their favorite content for free. That’s why Kotha Movies have become everyone’s favorite movie streaming platform nowadays. 

These are some of the major features of Kotha Movies. There are other features too. However, we would now move onto the categories of movies available on Kotha Movies. 

Categories available on Kotha Movies

For the convenience of the users, the site has classified its content into several categories. This makes it easier for people to look for their desired content. We have enlisted some of the major categories of movies that one can find on Kotha Movies. 

  • Comedy

If you want to watch funny, comedy movies, this is the perfect category for you. 

  • Action

Do you love to watch action films? If yes, click on this category. 

  • Horror

Do you love to enjoy mysterious ghost films? Click on this category to enjoy some of the best ones. 

  • Fantasy

For some of the best fantasy movies, this is the category you must visit. 

  • Romance

Are you a romantic person? Stream some of your favourite romantic movies from this section. 

  • Drama

Enjoy the best dramatic movies on Kotha Movies here. 

  • Crime

Do you love to solve detective movies? If yes, these crime-based movies would be your absolute favorite once you stream them. 

How to download movies from Kotha Movies?

Kotha Movies being an illegal site shouldn’t be accessed. But if you are still interested in streaming content from Kotha Movies, you can follow the steps we have listed below. The steps are easy to understand. Even elders can find out your desired content here and enjoy them. So, without delay in any more, we would dive into the steps now, in detail. 

  • Firstly, connect your device to a VPN server. For that,
  • Install a suitable VPN application from Google Play Store or app store. Select the location of any foreign country, for instance, the United States.
  • Now, once you have done that, open Google and look for the official site of Kotha Movies. These are torrent sites and they keep on changing their domain names. Therefore, look for the active domain of Kotha Movies. 
  • When you get the site’s link, click on it. You will enter the homepage of Kotha Movies. 
  • There, you would find innumerable categories of movies. Click on the one that you want to stream from.
  • Next, look for movies in that category. Click on the one you would like to stream. If you can’t get it from the categories, search for it in the search box. 
  • Once the movie link appears on the screen click on it and you will be redirected to another page. 
  • Now, choose either streaming or downloading. If you want to download click on that. 
  • When you click you would be asked to select a suitable format in which you would like to download the movie. We recommend streaming it in 1020p for an enhanced movie streaming experience.

That’s all. The movie will start to get downloaded. If you want to stream the movie online, even then you will have to choose a suitable format. 

Alternatives to Kotha Movies

Since Kotha Movies is an illegal site, we don’t advise our users to use it. Nevertheless, other sites have similar functioning. If you have any issue in accessing Kotha Movies, you can stream the following movie sites below: 

  1. 133x 
  2. RARBG
  3. Tamilrockers 
  4. The pirate bay 
  5. Jio rockers 
  6. Funmaza 
  7. A2movies 
  8. skymovies
  9. Go movies 
  10. Khatrimaza
  11. 9xmovies 


1. Is accessing Kotha Movies illegal?

Yes, it’s an illegal site. Therefore accessing Kotha Movies is an act of crime and punishable as per the anti-piracy law. 

2. What are the different formats in which movies are available on Kotha Movies?

The various movie formats are 1020p, 320p, 720p, 480p etc. 

3. Do Kotha Movies charge prices for its services?

No, the site offers services for free. 

4. What are the different movie categories available on Kotha Movies?

We have already listed the movie categories on Kotha Movies. However, there are various other categories available on the site. New ones are being added every day on the site. 


We don’t intend to promote piracy of any kind. This entire post was meant for educational purposes. We hereby intended to inform our readers about the handful of effects of accessing pirated content. We are responsible citizens and hence shouldn’t indulge in any kind of piracy. Accessing the piracy sites means supporting the illegal piracy business. But, it’s high time we stop doing that. There are legal movie streaming alternatives available. We must subscribe to them and access their content. 


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