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As people are becoming closer and closer to the accessibility of the internet and smart devices, their lives are getting simplified in a lot of ways out of which torrenting is a crucial part. Torrenting is mainly preferred by people because of the convenience it offers. 

Nowadays, the lives of people are so busy that they rarely take out time to visit a movie theatre for enjoying their desired movie. Instead of taking out the time to visit the theatre, they prefer downloading the movie or streaming it live to stay back in the comfort of their own house. This is the reason why the number of torrent sites is growing more with every passing day. However, it must be known that torrent sites offer free content to the users only because they feature pirated copies of the content which promote the infringement of copyright. 

What is Isaimini?


Isaimini is a website that lets you download a large collection of movies that can be streamed absolutely free. It mainly comprises of Tamil movies and doesn’t only feature Tamil movies but also the movies of other languages dubbed in the Tamil language. It has a very easy user interface and is designed for smartphones. The section features the Tamil movies which are arranged in the sequence of their release. 

One can also find a distinguished section of movies on this website that are of lower quality and are smaller in size. The next category belongs to Tamil dubbed movies. You can also find some famous TV series such as Game of Thrones which can also be availed of here. The movies on this website are organized very well which makes it very convenient for the users to find out their desired movie. You can even find a button where there are only English movies. Isaimini is also a torrent website which implies the fact that it also consists of pirated copies of movies. Using such sites can have a lot of benefits but they can be equally hazardous once you get caught because torrenting has been banned in our country and so are the usage of torrent sites like Isaimini. 

Features of Isaimini

Let us now take a glimpse through the unique features of this website which keep it distinct from the rest of its kind: 

  • This website has a very easy user interface which is very easy to work with. 
  • It offers different kinds of movies on a single platform including Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies 
  • This website can be accessed on any device and the page can be opened on any browser without any complications 
  • On this website, the users can find their desired movie in a lot of different video formats such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. 
  • The users can download the movies from this website at high speed without any obstructions. 

Movie Categories on Isaimini

The different categories of movies offered on this website are: 

  • Tamil movies 
  • Tamil Dubbed movies 
  • South Indian movies 
  • Hollywood movies 
  • Bollywood movies
  • TV shows 

Steps to access Isaimini

Some simple steps to access the Isaimini website are as follows: 

  • Launch the browser icon in your device to enter the website name in the search bar 
  • After entering the website name you will be automatically directed to the homepage of the website 
  • Check out the different categories to explore the content offered on this website. Or, search specifically for the movie you want to watch.
  • You search results will be enlisted on the screen and you will find options to stream and download each movie
  • Then, you need to choose the movie you want to stream or download 
  • Click on the link mentioned against the movie of your choice. 
  • You can check the progress of downloading progress in the download folder of your browser. 

Unmatched Alternatives of Isaimini in 2021

The 10 alternatives of Isaimini which remain unmatched are as follows: 

1. V100v 

V100v is a great option that can be used as a substitute for the Isaimini website. This alternative is very comprehensive and has a wide collection of famous Tamil movies because of which it happens to be a superb alternative of the V100v. The major advantage of browsing Tamil movies on this website is the interface which is very easy to understand. Also, the number of ads shown on this website is very less which cannot become a concern for the users while streaming. There is a wide array of movies that can be availed on this website that have been classified under several categories for the convenience of the viewers. Also, the most remarkable feature offered by this website is that it lets the users put a request to the admin for uploading that particular movie that you are looking for. 

2. Movierulz 

Movierulz is a website that can be the ultimate alternative for Isaimini. It has a great variety of Tamil movies for the viewers. Not just Tamil movies but Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannad movies can also be available. It offers several unique features. The powerful and advanced browser system of this website is much optimized which helps the viewers to search easily for their favourite movie to watch. The maximum Tamil movies found on this website are classified based on language, genre, IMDb rating, release date, etc. The users just need to create an account for free on this website with the help of their email ID. This website also supports HD video format. You just need to click the thumbnail of the movie whenever you want to stream the movie. 

3. HD Movies Da 

This is also a very popular website that is very well known amongst its users mainly because of the unique array of movies that it features. You can find a wide collection of Telugu as well as Tamil movies on this website. On the website homepage itself, you can find the thumbnails of every movie which is a new addition to the website. There are different categories of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies which can be browsed for free. One can also discover a large number of movies with a high IMDb rating on this website. It allows both streaming as well as downloading but the users prefer downloading more because once downloaded, they will not have to face a lot of interruption in the form of ads. 

4. Uyirvani 

This website can also be a great alternative to the Isaimini website. It can be a great platform for those who are looking for Tamil movies from old to new. This website has already gained a lot of fame and is popular amongst a large number of users. It also has a huge database that consists of several dubbed Hollywood as well as South Indian movies. The users can also find these desires movies on this site by sorting them on an alphabetical basis or by searching manually by entering the name of the movie in the search bar. It also provides an ad-free movie-watching experience to the users accompanied by a very comprehensible user interface.

5. Yify/YTS

Yify is a new generation online website that offers streaming services. It has a large collection of Telugu and Tamil movies. The users don’t need to get themselves registered on this website to access the content. It supports over 25 languages which itself is a commendable feature. Also, there are no ads or pop-ups to disturb your movie-watching experience. It has a very clean and simple user interface because of which the users can experience this website without any hassles. One can also find a series of Korean drama on this website. Apart from the Korean drama, you can also find drama series from different countries like China, America, Japan dubbed in the Tamil language. 

6. Film Chest 

The film chest is the next choice we have here. This website mainly targets providing access to older classic movies to users. This website has a very friendly interface that features nearly 2000 movies belong to a different genre. All the old movies which cannot be found on any other site can be found on this site. It has become very popular over the past few years. It offers several links to the users for downloading the content or even streaming them. Each content on this website is appealing and can catch your attention without any second thought. 

7. Einthusam

The next option that you have in this list is the Einthusam site which offers a wide variety of movies from different genres such as comedy, thriller, action, suspense, romance, family series, etc. It also includes Telugu and Tamil movies both in the regional language as well as dubbed in other languages. From old classic movies to the newest released movies, you can stream all of them on this website. This site is supported by several servers because of which the users will not have any problem in accessing the site. It has an optimized and enhanced GUI. The content can be classified by the users in a very easy way with the help of different filters like a year of release, language, top IMDb ratings, length of the movie, etc. 

8. Yidio 

Yidio is also a website that provides streaming services for free to the users and features one of the most distinctive collections of movies and TV shows. This site cannot be accessed directly. For accessing this site, one has to be a user of Netflix or Hulu, or Amazon. You don’t have to visit the OTT platforms and you can search for your desired content on the Yidio site instead. Some contents on this website can be accessed for free but for watching the premium content you must a subscriber of this site. 

9. TV Player

The next site that we are going to talk about is a very popular TV player which offers streaming services. It has a very friendly and smooth user interface and offers different channels. For non-subscribed users, only free-to-air channels can be accessed. The best aspect of this website is that the users don’t have to confront ads very frequently. The channels which are free to air are the general channels which feature only a limited amount of content. With the premium membership, you can get access to a lot of content on over 80 channels which can also be downloaded. 

10. Share TV

Share TV cannot be referred to as a movie streaming site. To a great extent, it works distinctively than the others. Share TV can be referred to as an online community for the users who can maintain a record of their most desired TV shows such as daily serials, award shows, dance programs, etc. This site offers the users explained details of the episode guides, character details, video clips, and a lot more. 

11. Gomovies

Gomovies is an extremely amazing platform offering the best experience to the users. The platform offers a lot of content. Interestingly, it also provides a subheading that has a description of the movies. This helps the users to decide whether the movie suits their desire. In addition, it also displays the IMBD rating of all the content. This makes it easier for the users to analyze the content. Furthermore, this website has various other appealing features as well. Henceforth, Gomovies is among the best alternative to the Isaimini website. So, why keep yourself aloof for a long time? Go ahead and start using the website. 

12. HDO

HDO is another equally significant platform. This platform has even more exciting features for the users. If you are a crazy fan of your favorite actor then you would never want to miss their movie. In that case, HBO is the best platform that provides the latest content. So, if watching movies is your favourite hobby then you would fall in love with this platform. It provides the best quality of content without any compromises. The platform does not require the users to pay any amount to enjoy the benefits of this platform. The users can simply access the platform and enjoy watching or downloading their favorite content. 

13. Zmovies

Zmovies is an outstanding platform that is different from other movie streaming websites in a lot of ways. It does not just provide a large variety of content like all the other ordinary movie streaming platforms. It categorises these content based on year of release, genre, language, and many other categories. Zmovies is a safe and secure platform that proffers not just movies, web series, and TV shows but also music. Whether you are a movie freak or a music lover, in both instances, Zmovies is your key. The locks might be different but the key remains Zmovies website.  


The only aim of this post is to inform the users about torrenting sites such as Isaimini. However, we do not aim at promoting the act of torrenting in any way. It is always recommended not to use these sites because they promote copyright infringement. Henceforth, it is better to use the legal alternative sites instead of the torrenting sites. 


Is the Isaimini website legal? 

The Isaimini website is not illegal and has been banned in India because it features pirated content. 

Are the alternatives safe to use?

All of the above-mentioned alternative websites are safe and reliable to use as they don’t possess a threat to the data in your device. 

Can these websites be accessed on all devices?

Yes, these websites can function on every device just with an active internet connection. 

Does the Isaimini website offer different formats of the video?

One can find the movies in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on this website. 

Where are the downloaded movies saved? 

The movies that you download from these websites directly get saved in the files section of your device. You can find them in the file manager section of your device. 


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