HDMoviesMaza 2022 – What You Need to Know About the Website?


In times where the majority of the people are charged with work and constantly trying to maintain their work-life balance by including some fun activities during the weekends, movies have become an integral part of that fun. But, watching movies outside every week is not just economically unstable, but extremely tiring as well. 

So, it was no wonder that people relied on the internet to get their weekend movie fixes too. HDMoviesMaza is such a website that caters to the needs of the people’s movie fixes. Their wide collection of movies ranges from the South Indian regional languages to Bollywood and Hollywood-dubbed movies.

But it is a pirated website, so everything that you see on the website is illegally uploaded. Since we don’t support or encourage the act of piracy, especially as per the Indian laws and regulations, we’d suggest that you take a look at some of the best available alternatives to the website that are legal and won’t make you feel guilty watching the movies.

That aside here is everything that you possibly need to know about HDMoviesMaza, from what the website is about, the available categories, and the legal alternatives to the website.

What is HDMoviesMaza?


As mentioned, HDMoviesMaza is a popular piracy website that hosts thousands of movies in different languages, including South Indian regional languages, Bollywood, and dubbed Hollywood movies. The website is known for its extensive collections of both the new and the old movies in all the languages that we mentioned above. 

Since it is a pirated movie website, the quality of the print of the movies range between 360p to 720p, so you can’t necessarily expect HD quality movies every time the new movie is uploaded a few days after the release. 

Aside from the normal and regular movies available, this is also one of those rare piracy websites in India that offer Marathi movies too. Though the collection is not that extensive, it is pretty impressive. The movies are leaked by the website since it is illegal, so try and either watch the movies in the theatre or via the legal alternatives that we are going to mention down below.


When talking about the HDMoviesMaza, the features are not that extensive. It is pretty simple and to the point. The website has everything categorized based on the language of the movie and the genre as well. So, it becomes easier for you to find the movies that you possibly want to watch.

Some of the common features of the website include:

  • It has categorized movies on the website based on the languages along with the overall list of movies based on the genre of the movie too
  • The reason why it has gained so much popularity is that it hosts not just movies but TV shows and music as well
  • The website keeps changing its URL because of legal issues. So, make sure that you keep a track of that
  • It has a search bar on the top that allows easier navigation and helps you find the movie that you likely want to watch
  • The overall user interface of the website is simple and doesn’t complicate things further for you


HDMoviesMaza is a one in all package. It hosts thousands of movies in multiple languages and genres aside from the TV shows and music videos that are available too. Some of the common categories that you can find on the website include the following:

  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Kannada
  • Bollywood
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Dubbed Hollywood movies

Steps to download movies

Since piracy is illegal in India, you will realise that HDMoviesMaza, for the most part, is illegal in India and can’t be accessed without a VPN. So, you first need to start with a VPN to bypass the irregularities.

Some of the common steps involved to download the movies include:

  • Start by downloading any VPN application and then changing the location to somewhere where piracy is not illegal and can help you access the website
  • Once done, you can look up HDMoviesMaza on the internet and then open the website to directly access the content there
  • Once you are in, you can easily choose a movie that you want to download, click on it and then download the movie via a high-speed internet

12 legal alternatives for HDMoviesMaza

With the basic information out of the way, the next thing we need to do is find a few legal websites on the internet that can help you watch similar kinds of movies without the risks of piracy. Here are a few of the legal alternatives for HDMoviesMaza.

1. Jio Cinema

If there is one website that mimics HDMoviesMaza best, both in terms of the content availability and the layout, it is Jio Cinema. The website hones a list of amazing movies, including all the categories that you find on the HDMoviesMaza website. From Bengali movies to dubbed Hollywood movies, the website has it all. Aside from the movies, it also features a range of TV shows, original short films, and a range of amazing music videos that you can binge-watch without any guilt. And, the best part of this is everything is free. You don’t have to pay for any subscriptions, which is pretty awesome.

2. Disney+ Hotstar

Although this is not necessarily a free platform, it does include free content that you can access when you download the app. There are only a few of the movies and TV shows on this application that are for the premium subscribers for which you need to pay an annual fee. But, even this one, like Jio Cinemas has a wide range of amazing movies in different languages and genres. If you are bored and have been looking for some legal alternatives for HDMoviesMaza, this is one of your safest bets. Make sure that you have high-speed internet while accessing this website as they don’t allow downloading, so you have to stream the movie online.

3. YouTube Movies

Much like your regular videos from the independent content creators, YouTube has a separate platform for your movies. It is not restricted by language, which means that you can find a wide range of movies on this platform for free. Just ensure that you have a list of the movies that you’d possibly want to watch. The section has categorized movies based on the languages available, so it makes it easier for you to navigate through. But, the only downside is that all the movies on this platform aren’t free. You have to pay a fee to buy the movie to be able to watch it.

4. Voot

Next on the list of legal alternatives is Voot. Although the platform gained massive popularity after the release of Asur, it has pretty much hosted some of the best movies even before that. Just ensure that you keep a check on the categories. Not every movie is accessible for free, so you might need to have an account or a premium subscription for that. But, even the subscription is not very expensive, so you need not worry about that as well. Aside from the wide range of movies the website hosts several popular TV shows as well.

5. Sony LIV

If you are particularly fond of Bollywood movies and some of the regional language movies, Sony LIV is a particularly good legal alternative for HDMoviesMaza. Aside from the movies, the platform also allows you to stream some of your favorite TV shows and sports content that are likely not available on the other streaming platforms. The only downside to this platform is that it requires a subscription for the movies. So, if you want to access the movies, you need to pay an extra amount. More or less, it is not too expensive.

6. Zee5

Next up on the list is another legal alternative that you can take a look at. It is a popular website from the Zee network. It has a host of amazing movies, TV shows, and music that you can watch and stream online. The platform has access to both free and paid content, so you need to keep an eye out for that. Aside from the movies, they also host a range of original web series and TV shows that you can binge-watch.

7. ALTBalaji

Even though people don’t necessarily like this platform a lot because of the host of unnecessary TV shows, it has gained a lot of popularity, especially with the amazing range of movies that they host. From the regular comedy movies to the categorized movies according to language, there are quite a few amazing options that you can take a look at.

8. Yupp TV

Not many people know about this platform but it has gained quite a lot of popularity in the South Indian province. So, if you are looking for a good and reliable platform where you can binge-watch some of your favorite South Indian movies and TV shows and news too, this is your safest bet. It is one of the oldest live TV streaming platforms that host a wide range of amazing options for you to look through.

9. Tata Sky Mobile

While everyone has a feeling that Tata Sky is only for the DTH connection, that is not the case with the Tata Sky Mobile. It allows you to watch some of your favorite shows and movies and stream them on the platform. Make sure that you always keep an eye out for the available categories and the movies to make the process easier for you. This is also good for watching the TV shows on the channels that you have subscriptions for.

10. Airtel Xtreme TV

Last on the list is the Airtel Xtreme TV which is a lot similar to Tata Sky Mobile. More than the movies, these platforms are known for supporting the channels that show some of your favorite serials. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t host movies. There is a separate category for that, allowing you to choose a movie from the wide range of options and then watch it at your convenience. Make sure that you do have high-speed internet for uninterrupted watching.

11. Netflix

One of the most popular movies streaming platforms in recent times is Netflix. It’s a legal movie streaming alternative that offers paid subscription services to everyone. There are different subscriptions plans to which you can subscribe. Once you subscribe, you can access a wide variety of content from different genres. You can find TV programs, documentaries, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, be series, and so on. Netflix even hosts Netflix original movies and web series. Browsing through its content is easy. They are divided into clean categories and updated from time to time.  Since it’s a legal platform, you don’t have to worry about security issues. 

12. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was the most notorious torrent movie streaming site a few years back. Though there are other illegal movies downloading sites available on the internet, there are people who still prefer to use The Pirate Bay. The site is still popular among movie freaks because of its diverse collection of content. This site offers decent downloading speed. Not just that, it enables people to download in different formats as per their choice. The site is banned in several countries across the globe but still operates by changing its domains regularly. So, before you visit The Pirate Bay, all you have to do is look for its active domain. 

13. 123movies

If you are someone who loves to watch old Hindi movies, 123movies is for you. Though the site hosts other content too like movies in regional languages and English, the majority of the site’s content comprises old and new Bollywood films. You can find the best collection of Bollywood movies here. Developers update the site’s content from time to time. Apart from movies, you can also find some of the best web series, documentaries, and short films. The platform offers easy access to all, without charging anything for its services. So, if you are willing to spend some quality time with friends, visit 123movies and continue watching! 


1. Is HDMoviesMaza a safe website?

Indeed, HDMoviesMaza is not a legal website. But that doesn’t mean that the website isn’t safe. That is not the case at all. It is a safe and well-encrypted website that doesn’t require any kind of registration, so you don’t have to put any of your details on the website.

2. Is HDMoviesMaza a free website?

Yes, it is a completely free website that allows you to stream all of your favorite movies and TV shows with ease. Make sure that you do keep an eye out for the uploads that they make on a daily.

3. Does HDMoviesMaza require a VPN connection?

For those who aren’t aware, piracy is illegal in India. So, the website has its data concealed and is available via VPN access. If you want to download your favorite movies just as they launch, you’d have to download a VPN application and then access the website.

4. Does HDMoviesMaza host Marathi movies?

Yes, the website is one of the few Indian piracy websites that host Marathi movies and allows you to stream or download them at your convenience. Just ensure that you have high-speed internet for that.


India doesn’t support piracy, as should the case be. Since movie actors and the overall crew put their hard work and time into a movie, there is no point leaking the content illegally to thousands of people on the internet. HDMoviesMaza is an illegal piracy website, so our suggestion would be to check the list of the legal alternatives that we have sorted you out with. Make sure that you avoid supporting and encouraging piracy and instead support the people that put their heart and soul into making such amazing movies.