Fullmaza 2022: What are the Best Alternatives for Fullmaza?

Best Alternatives For Extramovies

Unfortunate but it’s true that “Gone are those days when people were buying movie tickets in black.” Yeah, it seems like a decade of evolution and hence things have been changed and new traditions has taken place. Also, with time, entertainment being one of the most essential part of people’s daily routine life; movie creators & producers have raised their ticket prices like anything.

And, hence, people will definitely go and look for a solution to cop up with inflation. That’s where act of piracy takes place. Yeah, if a movie is priced for 300 INR on its first-day release then a common man would opt for two different ways; one is to wait for few days and then go for a movie in the theater, and the second one is when movie become available online for free download then simply grab it and watch in on phone or laptop.

Yeah, in the majority of recent instances, usually it takes a couple of days to a week for people behind piracy websites to grab it and put it on their site or platform. 

Well, in 2010, producers and stars were blaming piracy scandals for their failure on box office. However, now the picture has gotten clear and it can be said that it’s not people behind piracy but its fault of streaming platforms. Yeah, they get it from the place where it’s available for a mere charge.

And, that’s the reason we could say that some people are still visiting piracy websites and platforms to download and watch movies online for free.

So, in this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most-known piracy websites of India. And, we’ll discuss about it in utmost depth. So, be patient and let’s walk through it.

What’s Fullmaza?


Fullmaza is one highly shared and known website among entertainment seekers. Yeah, it’s like heaven over the internet for people who are looking for all the details about their favorite movie. And yeah, it provides the fully up-to-date and latest information regarding most of the movies; let it be an old hit or a latest release. 

Yeah, on fullmaza one can explore details regarding star cast, production team, music & sound teams, movie interviews, release dates, trailers & teasers. Above all, one could also get full length movies online on fullmaza. Yeah, there you’ll get a completely downloadable movies in very small data size yet in best HD print.

It’s like a place for movies of almost all genres, regions, languages in the entertainment industry. Yeah, you think about one and it’ll be available for free download on fullmaza.com

Is FullMaza Legal In Our Country?

As this question comes into the picture because there might already be a doubt in your mind regarding its legitimacy in our country. Well, your doubt is valid and it’s true too. Yeah, as per our country’s piracy act; it’s not valid & legitimate to stream or make a copyrighted and trademarked media available to public. Yeah, according to our piracy act and rules & regulations pirating any media or digital content is completely illegal and a punishable offence. Also, it’s only allowed to be shared or streamed over some selected sites which are licenced to do it. Well, those sites won’t allow access to this content for free right?

Moreover, we’d like to advise you that always prefer to watch and enjoy movies in theaters instead of doing free download movies online. Well, there’s a reason behind it. Yeah, because according to our piracy act; not only to share it is an offence, but one who access it and download from such site is also considered as an offended person and there’s a provision of fine of up to 1 lakh rupees for such people.

Is FullMaza a safe site to explore & browse?

To provide you with a most justified answer; our team took one step ahead and tried to explore the same. Yeah, we tried to understand why and how such sites are still in existence and how they’re surviving. Well, that would be a whole new discussion arising here; so, to keep it short, we’d say that it’s not.

Yeah, according to our team’s research, accessing FullMaza is not at all safe. Moreover, as by doing piracy and being involved in such crimes, we can’t expect any positive side from them. Yeah, who knows if they might be accessing your private data while you visit their site? Who knows if they’re attaching virus with their content and it come into your device when you download it?

So yeah, in nutshell, we’d still like to suggest our readers to stay away from such sites as for saving some pennies you might be risking your utmost private data’s exposure to those people.

If It’s Not Safe, Then Why Is It Better Than Other Websites?

Better? Well, only if you ask us about content availability then we’d say that yeah it’s better than others. 

Yeah, FullMaza is one of the best online movie streaming and downloading site out there; where you could get access to a wide range of movies in all genres, regions and languages. Moreover, user interface is also simplified to keep whole flow of access as simple as possible. 

However, being better is not the key; but, being safer should be your prime objective. And, that’s where its not justified as one of the safest site to explore.

What Are Some Alternatives To FullMaza?

Well, there are many alternatives available on internet. But, if you’re able to access FullMaza then you might not need any others. Yeah, among many other piracy sites; FullMaza is best one for getting access to your favorite movies, shows, episodes and music. 

And, still if you’re looking for an alternative then MovieRulz, TamilRockers are few among many.

But, there you won’t get range of content which is available on FullMaza. Moreover, on fullmaza you can simply download movies for free online and get it on your local storage. While with other websites, process of downloading movies is a bit complex and highly unsafe. 

Still, we’d suggest you to go to theater and experience real charm of your favorite movie instead of experiencing it on a small screen. 

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is a very useful platform that can be used for browsing through unlimited movies and TV shows. The website is free to use and you can use it from any browser. There are no specific requirements for getting access to this website. On this website, you can find content in almost all languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengaluru, Tamil, etc. All of the latest TV shows and movies can be browsed here for free. The website has a very simple interface which makes it convenient to use for people of all kinds as it doesn’t require the user to be very well equipped with the technical know-how.

2. Filmywap

Filmywap is an outstanding platform wherein you can watch movies of all kinds without paying any charge. It features every single content in HD visuals which ensures that the users can have a smooth movie-watching session. You can see the names of all movies offered on the homepage of the website itself. In case, you don’t find the name of whichever movie or TV show you want to watch, you can just type its name and click on the search button to start the search. The website offers some of the very dusting features which make it more preferred over the others. 

3. 123movies

123 movies is going to be your one-stop destination for watching all that you want. Be it movies, TV shows, documentaries, short videos, or any other video content you can find all of it on this website. Just go to the browser of your device and search for this website after which you will be redirected to the homepage of the website wherein you will find the names of different content. You can choose the one you want to watch from the homepage itself. It is free to use website with no hidden charges or subscriptions. It also offers different prints in which you can stream or download content.  


Here in this article, we never encourage our readers to get involved in pirated content access. Moreover, whatever we shared is solely our own opinion and following it or not is completely in reader’s hand. 

Also, we’d like to state that pirating any soft or digital content is strictly against our laws and regulations and hence it’d be better if you stay away from such activity. And, with this article too, our key aim is to help government and our country to knock down all such piracy websites from internet including FullMaza.