Check Out These Amazing Legal Alternatives To Extramovies in 2022

Best Alternatives For Extramovies

Watching movies had never been easier. All you need to do is log into your favorite torrent site and start streaming your desired movie or television shows. Movie sessions with friends and family no longer mean an elaborate process of getting ready and going to the movie hall to watch a cinema after waiting a while in the long queues of the ticket counters. You all can now enjoy the same from the comfort of your houses. 

Extramovies is also a torrent site. It is one of the top torrent sites not only in the country but across the world. But the major downside of such torrent sites, including Extramovies is that they use pirated versions of the movies and television shows versions of the movies and shows. So what’s the solution to it? We have it right here. Read on and see for yourselves!

What is Extramovies?


Extramovies is one of the best torrent sites right now in the market. It has a flourishing reach not only in our country, but across various countries throughout the globe. So if you are wondering if you would find a particular movie on the site or not, then you can be sure that you would. Starting from Hollywood classics and some of the best Bollywood films to any and many international movies this site has a rich collection of movies like no other. On the downside of it though the site is completely illegal in our country and hence can only be accessed via a VPN. Even if you were to use a VPN it would still carry a chance of something going wrong. If you were caught browsing the site, you could be punished by the law. 

Features of Extramovies:

Any entertainment service survives in the market only because the public wants it. They have to provide something that the people would like to get access to and in turn, keep coming back for more. So how does Extramovies look after this aspect of it? It provides a wide variety of brilliant features that helps the users to enhance their movie-watching experience. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the site. 

  1. First off the movie site has one of the richest collection of movies as well as television shows and web series one could ever want to watch. This also justifies it being one of the top torrent sites across the world. 
  2. The website of Extramovies is quite well maintained. You can get separate tabs for every categories of movies that are there starting from Bollywood movies to Tollywood and Hollywood movies as well. 
  3. The site also provides the users with South Indian movies and their dubbed versions as well. Not only South Indian movies, but it also has other kinds of stuff such as web series and animes.
  4. Extramovies provides users with high definition display as well as a wide range of other resolutions to stream the videos.
  5. You can either stream the movie online or download some of them to watch later as well. This is an especially good feature for people who do not have much time on their hands and hereby can easily download movies to watch at their convenience later. 
  6. When the site is known worldwide for its services you must understand that it has a very simple user interface. Anyone with a minimum of knowledge about browsing the internet can get their way through the site quite easily.  

Categories of movies on Extramovies:

Extramovies offers a wide range of content to choose from. Here we have listed some of the categories of movies that one can find on the site. However, there is yet more to explore these categories. These categories again have contents from all kinds of genres starting from horror to action to romance. Furthermore, not only does it provide you with movies, but may also have a collection of other media contents such as web and television series:

  1. Hollywood movies
  2. Bollywood movies
  3. South Indian movies
  4. Tollywood movies 
  5. Movies of wide category

Steps to watch a movie on Extramovies:

Watching any kind of media content on the site of Extramovies is quite an easy affair. To make it much simpler for you we have brought to you some very easy steps to follow to watch a movie on the site. Take a look!

  1. The site is illegal in our country and hence requires you to install VPN software on the device that you want to stream the movies on. 
  2. Once the VPN software is installed on your device you will have to choose an IP address of a place where the site is legally in function. The VPN software helps you to create an illusion of your location on the web thereby steering you clear of any future trouble. 
  3. Now search for the URL of the site of Extramovies. Be sure that the URL you choose is that of the current working site. This is because the torrent sites keep changing their domain addresses to be in function without getting noticed by the government. 
  4. It is all smooth sailing from here on when you have reached the site itself. 
  5. All you have to do now is search for the movie that you want to watch on the site. You can do this either by searching by the name of the movie manually or choosing the category from which you want to watch the movie.
  6. Click on the movie and you will get two options. You will either be able to stream the movie online or download it for later. 
  7. Select the option to stream the movie online and enjoy it!

Legal alternatives to Extramovies:

We have by now made it pretty clear that no matter how good service Extramovies provides its users it is still illegal. This being the only reason behind us searching for other alternatives, we have listed some legal alternatives for you below. Let’s scroll through and you can decide on an alternative of your choice once we are done. 

1. Kanopy

This is what you would call an educated choice. Kanopy consists of a collection of movies that are selected after elaborate discussions with various libraries and universities. You can hence be sure to find some brilliant movies and shows with top-notch acting and themes. The service of the site itself is also quite commendable.

2. Retrovision

Are you a movie buff for old movies? Then here is a site that you should try. Old is gold and Retrovision helps us realize this phrase at a whole another level by preserving some of the best movies down the lane of cinematic history. This site has some of the best movies of the old times and at the same time takes care of both the quality of the videos as well as that of the movies. 

3. Tubi TV

This site allows you to browse as many free movies and television shows as you want to. The site also has an application that you can download from the play store very easily and does have a better experience of surfing through it. Tubi TV is legal and free at the same time and will certainly have what you desire in its library. 

4. ZMovies

This site has some of the best Bollywood movies that you could ever want to watch. Bollywood in itself is an industry that has produced some top-notch performance over time. ZMovies has kept a track of it all and will surely be able to provide you with any old or new Bollywood movie that you desire. 

5. Crackle

One of the most popular movies watching sites, the cracker is surely one of the best alternatives that you can get to fill up the space of Extramovies. Starting from Bollywood to Hollywood and some other movies of other languages, this site has a rich library of movies and other media content that you can choose from. 

6. PopCornFlix 

This site has everything starting from movies to animals and of course web series and television shows. You can get anything and everything out of this site along with top-grade service for its users. The only problem here would be the traffic that you may face because of the site’s popularity. But that is something which is surely worth the content that PopCornFlix provides. 

7. Open Culture 

This is not just an alternative to Extramovies but is even better than it in some respects. Open culture does not only consist of movies but also various kinds of other content, including PDFs of books and television shows, and web series. Not only is the site varied in the types of media content that it harbors, but it also has various kinds within it. Starting from Russian movies with top-notch acting performances too the fun-loving K-Dramas this site has something to offer to everyone. 

8. Vudu

This is more of a movie renting site than a movie watching site. You can rent the movies that you desire to watch from its well-maintained list of content. There is however another option to stream some movies online on the site. But this option is limited to certain movies only.

9. Pluto TV

This will surely remind you of the old times when everyone would gather around a television set and shuffle through the channels. Pluto TV has hundreds of channels, all specialize in its media content such as Sports News and movies. A drawback here though is that you may miss out on a cricket match while enjoying a movie on another channel. But apart from that, the site’s reviews speak for itself. 

10. YouTube

YouTube does not only has movies of old and new times, but also different kinds of other content as well. The plethora of different categories of content that one may find on this site is indeed quite unbelievable. YouTube also has many song videos and enemies that you can watch along with the provision of you uploading any kind of video on the site as well.

11. Disney+ Hotstar

If you are looking for a good alternative for extra movies, Disney Hotstar is worth considering. This is an Indian movie streaming application that offers free as well as subscribed-based services. There are two types of subscription plans to which one can subscribe. If you decide to subscribe to the VIP plan, you would get access to every content on Hotstar, except the premium ones. If you opt for the premium plan, you would get access to domestic as well as international content. The price is extremely nominal as compared to the other streaming platforms. For the price that you pay, you receive exceptionally satisfying services and content. 

12. Voot

Voot became especially popular after the release of the critically acclaimed web series Asur. Earlier Voot used to host daily TV soaps and programs from channels like Colours and MTV. Besides that, Voot also allows people to access its limited collection of movies for free. However, recently, Voot has launched its “select Voot” services which are an ad-free, subscription-based plans. A nominal subscription fee has to be paid, monthly or annually to access its unlimited and diverse collection of content. Starting from England, Hindi, Bengali movies, you can explore a wide range of regional films too. Even dubbed movies are also available. 

13. Jio Cinema

Another’s popular legal movie streaming application is Jio Cinema. It hosts a wide variety of content starting from TV shows, short films, documentaries, movies, etc. This application hosts content from different genres. You can find the latest thrillers, comedy and romantic movies, horror films, and whatnot. Each content is grouped under a specific category. This makes it easier for people to look for their desired content. The site allows people to stream and downloads its content in HD resolution. Jio Cinema is exclusively free for people who are Jio users. The site is always updated with the latest content. 


It must be made clear that we in no way support online piracy or any acts of plagiarism or any other practices that are linked to the same. All of the information that is provided here about torrent sites and especially Extramovies is to educate the readers about the same and encourage them to use suitable legal alternatives. Plagiarism is a practice that is morally as well as legally incorrect. A person, if and when caught browsing the site of Extramovies or any such torrent sites, can be punished in the name of the law. 


Is Extramovie popular?

Yes, Extramovie is one of the most popular sites. It is quite well known amongst all the torrent sites across the world. 

Is Extramovie safe?

No, it is not a very safe and secure site. It has been declared illegal and hence lacks any security that Google sites would have.

Is it safe to use the alternatives?

The alternatives that we have provided in the list above are quite safe to use. They are completely legal and can be browsed freely and safely in the country.

Do alternatives use too much data?

Data consumption is quite an issue in recent times when most of our works are online. However, we have tried to curb that possibility in this case as far as possible and have tried to list only those sites which do not use much of your data. 

Can I still use Extramovies?

You can of course browse the site of Extramovies on your device with the help of VPN software. But we would suggest you not to do so as if and when caught you can be punished by the law. 

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