5 Top-Level Content Tricks to Go Viral on Instagram

5 Top-Level Content Tricks to Go Viral on Instagram

Do you wish to be famous on Instagram by posting unique and eye-grabbing content? If yes! We will assist you by giving the correct information through this article to craft enticing content to impress your audience. So many Instagrammers have become popular using the platform overnight. It is solely because of the app’s massive user base of 2+ billion people who constantly look for exciting and engaging content.

Content that goes viral on Instagram is content that receives maximum engagement when compared to the regular content that you publish. Going viral on the platform requires some amount of dedication, effort, and consistency. Content creators leverage Trollishly to reach the right and interested niche audience. This step will make you build a meaningful and supportive community. Doing so will aid in providing a warm and welcoming digital environment.

What Do You Mean by Going Viral on Instagram?

According to many brands and users, posts with over 100,000 likes on the platform are considered viral. The concept of going viral differs from niche to niche. However, the posts that go viral possess the qualities given below:

  • It will have more likes than the majority of the content that you publish.
  • More shares than the other posts published in your account.
  • You gain views from special and unique users on the platform.
  • The particular post receives quick engagement from the users continuously.

Now that we have learned about the qualities of a viral post on the platforms, let’s know how to make your posts join the going viral bandwagon.

5 Top-Level Content Tricks to Go Viral on Instagram

The essential aspect that influences your content’s ability to go viral on the platform is the quality of your content. High-quality content that’s rich in information and that is visually appealing is something Instagram highly values. Here are some top-level content tricks you could follow to help your content go viral quickly. The wonder-working tips are as follows:

1. Know Your Niche Audience

Conducting a research study can help you understand your target audience effectively. You can adapt the survey method, which consists of a few niche-specific questions to gain insights into your audience’s preferences, interests, and pain points. A good amount of knowledge about your audience enables you to craft helpful content they wish to see on the platform. It also helps you understand their expectations, allowing you to customize products to cater to their needs and solve their challenges.

Apart from knowing your audience well, it is essential to identify the type of content they prefer watching on the app. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is perform a competitor analysis. Consider visiting your competitor’s Instagram page and checking out the posts that have received a lot of likes and comments. Likewise, if you have posted a decent amount of content on your account, you can do the same and replicate similar patterns for the content you post in the future.

2. Taking Inspiration From Other Viral Reels

Reels tend to go more viral on the platform, and Instagram’s algorithm has a special place for reels compared to images. You can utilize your explore feed to watch the various reel videos that have received high levels of engagement. After watching some of the appealing and well-performing videos, see if there are videos and images which you could use by adding your own personal twist.

All you need to do is take ideas from other creators’ videos and recreate them. Many creators buy Instagram reels views to get more people to watch the refurbished content and get them to engage with it.

ProTip: Posts containing a sophisticated and well-arranged breakfast table or an image of a cute pet animal receive much attention and engagement. Filming videos of wild animals can go viral too.

3. Display Your True Self Often

If you are a new brand or Instagram user, you may wish to sound formal and professional in the initial phase—new users and brands do this to maintain their image. However, sharing details about your personal life that does not qualify to remain a secret can help boost engagement. In addition, being raw and genuine about your personal life at times on the platform sometimes lets you stay in your audience’s mind for longer and sets you apart from your competitors.

Pro Tip:  Showcasing your true self, like making a reel of your morning routine that keeps you motivated throughout the day or a fun family ritual you engage in, is likely to attract the interest of your audience.

4. Stay Very Active on the Platform

Some fortunate users publish a single piece of content and become famous overnight. But for some creators and marketers, attracting the interest and attention of people can be challenging. In this case, using the platform actively and replying to the comments you receive on your posts in a friendly, appropriate, and, most importantly, unique way will help. Avoid responding to comments and DM’s using predetermined answers, and such responses can annoy your audience.

Engaging with the content of your competitors is also a recommended practice. Liking and commenting on their stories and posts will help them take notice of your activities and prompt them to return the favor. Responding to the comments of their users will increase your visibility and engagement. Additionally, brands and creators use Trollishly to strengthen their online presence. Only if users on the platform are aware of the existence of your account will they take steps to keep a tab on your online activities.

5. Publish Life Hack Content Using Your Brand or Product

Studies indicate that posting life hack videos encourages users to buy your products and use your service. Such is the power of life hack videos. Brands looking to advertise their products can show videos on how using their products and services can help solve the challenges most of their target audience face.

For example: Consider that your brand is involved in manufacturing and selling multipurpose vegetable choppers. You can make a video showing how efficiently your multipurpose vegetable chopper helps slice, dice, julienne, and finely chop different vegetables and fruits. Videos of this short exhibit the usefulness of your products and let your audience know the value your product adds to their lives and well-being.

Pro Tip: You can also show any hidden feature your product, service, or app possesses. For Ex: Consider you are a food delivery app like Swiggy, you can let your audience know about the section of the app they need to visit to make use of the various offers to get attractive discounts for their orders.

Final Thou ghts

Creators and users wishing to go viral on the platform should publish content that adds value to their audience. The value you wish to add could be in terms of entertaining, empowering, or encouraging your audience. Content with any of these qualities attracts the audience’s attention and prompts them to engage with your posts, increasing the likelihood of your content going viral on the platform.