Babahd is Here to Give You Your Daily Doze of Entertainment


Time is of utmost significance in the lives of people nowadays because of which people rarely ate able to make out ample time to visit the theatre regularly to enjoy a movie with their close ones. It is not even possible for the senior citizens who just have to sit back at home without having to do work as a mandatory charge. However, the present date technology has eased everything to their best and the same goes for movie watching too. There is a never-ending list of torrent websites from where you can stream or download your desired movies anytime and anywhere you want to. 

What is Babahd? 



Babahd is one such website that provides pirated copies of Hindi, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies. The movies can be streamed and downloaded anywhere by making sure that you have an active internet connection. It mainly comprises of the latest movies from the Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, and Bengali film industries. It features a wide array of movies and TV shows. 

It lets you navigate easily through content on the site with a very smooth interface. 

Babahd is a torrenting site that lets you watch different movies and TV shows. As you know, torrenting is considered a crime in India because it affects the income of movie theatres. Hence, the government decided to ban all torrenting sites like Babahd. You can now look for alternatives to keep yourself good going with watching movies. 

Features of Babahd

The unique features of Babahd which make it stand apart from the rest of the kind are as follows: 

  • This site has a very easy user interface.
  • It can be accessed on any device. 
  • It supports different languages and the content it features also belongs to different regions. 
  • It provides a search bar and numerous filters. 
  • It offers premium and high-quality content 
  • It provides a good speed for both streaming and downloading its content.  

Categories offered by Babahd

The different categories that can be found on Babahd are: 

  • Telugu movies 
  • Gujarati movies 
  • Malayalam movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Marathi movies 
  • Bhojpuri movies
  • English movies 
  • South Indian 
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Punjabi dual audio movies 
  • Pakistani Movies 

Steps to use Babahd

For using this very popular movie website, one just needs to follow a few simple steps which are mentioned below: 

  • Open any browser on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Enter the name Babahd and click on the search icon.
  • You will find the search page in front of you where you will find a lot of links out of which you just need to click on the official URL. 
  • When you input the name of the names you will be welcomed with a black page on which you will find the link of the official website mentioned near the search bar. In case you already have the name of a movie in the back of your mind then you can search for it on the search bar. Or else, you can choose to explore the site and its content. 
  • Also, deny the permission that you will be asked for receiving notifications. It is no because this way you won’t get spammed.
  • After making your final selection you just need to select the movie. You might think that you have to return back and again forth because of the faltered website URLs. You just need to beware of not falling into the trap. 
  • You will find a lot of movie descriptions, scores back accompanied by every bit of detail about the movie you are about you are watching. Based on the resolution of the movies, you will find the downloading links. 
  • You can also download the movies directly to your device with the help of different torrent apps. 

12 Leading Alternatives of Babahd

Because of the numerous issues related to torrenting sites like Babahd, the users are now looking for legal alternatives to the website. So, some of the best alternatives for this website are as follows: 

1.Oh, Free Movies

If you are irritated with a lot of Ads coming your way when you are streaming or downloading any content then this is just the most ideal option for you. It lets you download a great collection of TV shows and movies of different genres like romance, thriller, tragedy, drama, comedy without too many Ads. All you need to do is download the app version to fulfil all your entertainment needs whenever you want and it can be accessed on any device. This app can be connected to your TV for more convenience. 

2. Crackle


This is an app that is governed by Sony. It is a website that lets you download movies for free. It is very easy to use and can be used by everyone. You can surely find a lot of rarely watched premium content on this website which cannot be availed on all the sites. Sometimes you might have to come across a few ads while downloading the movie. Even if you want to watch classical movies, comedies, documentaries, or action-based movies, you can find all of them on Crackle. Apart from downloading, the users can even stream TV series as well as films online. You must keep a note of the fact that this site doesn’t consist of videos that promote infringement of copyright laws. 

3. HdMoviesPlus


It is a top-rated online service provider that provides you to watch a lot of movies from Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood for which you don’t have to pay any amount. This sense is considered as one of the top-rated movie sites because of the varied range and simple user interface. The best feature of this movie site is that it lets you watch all the newest HD movies in various genres and languages. This website is gaining more and more fame with every passing day because it offers several movies in various formats for downloading. 

4. MyDownloadTube


The MyDownloadTube can undeniably consider as a go-to entertainment option not because it has an easy user interface but also offers a wide range of TV series and movies from different parts of the world. The content can be availed on high definition quality. Apart from the TV series and movies, it also includes the total version of the popular games which can run on any PC with Apple, Android, and Windows. It provides you with a lot of screenshots, torrent links, movie explanations, previews, etc. 

5. Movie4k


This is another very popular website that offers a detailed preview of any movie in HD quality. This website is owned by numerous interest-based companies of European origin. The website has undergone a modification in the name of its domain because of the law-related issues but it found its way back to the internet world. The major function of this platform is building up a connection between the users and their desired movies. This site offers every information that you might need to know about the content you are about to watch. It features all the common series and shows in different categories for offering its viewers. You don’t even need to get yourself registered to access the content on this website. 

6. Yidio


Yidio is another site that offers free video streaming services to its users. It features a remarkable collection of movies and TV shows. But, the only drawback is that this website cannot be accessed directly. Only if someone has a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon this site will become accessible absolutely for free. One can find the newest range of movies and TV shows on this website which can be a great source for entertainment.

7. IMDb TV


If you are a movie lover then you just cannot miss browsing through the very unique collection of movies and TV series on IMDb. In the case of both web series as well as movies, the users are assured to find different kinds of content that you want to watch. It features a varied range of content which is very rich too. The majority of the content that is featured on this website supports ads but there are not too many. You can close the ads whenever they pop up on the screen to continue browsing the content you are watching. Just like the rest of the movie browsing sites, this site also divides the content into various categories for the convenience of the users. The interface of this website is also very smooth which runs without any kind of interruption. 

8. Hoopla


Here is another notable alternative of Babahd which is also very popular as a movie downloading the app. It is mainly used by the librarians or students since only those people who have a valid library card can access the content on this website. It is generally considered as a library-linked platform. On this website, you can get access to readings and downloading not just books but audiobooks, movies, music videos, and TV shows. 

9. CW Seed

CW Seed

Another name included in this list is the CW Seed which is a website that offers free streaming services to its users. It can also be availed in the version of an app. It mainly comprises TV shows and one can find a varied range of TV shows on this website including the ones which are no longer shown on television. Not just the numerous TV shows but several originals can also be watched on this website. For accessing the contents, the user is not required to buy any subscription plan. One just needs to click on this website to start browsing its content. This is a very popular site used for downloading movies. The index on this site helps the users to find their favourite shows and films. This is a very useful website and can be comprehended easily.

10. Kanopy


The major point of attraction of this website is the design of its website. It has been created with attractive movie scenes because of which it never fails to gain popularity and stands apart from its competitors. Just like Hoopla this website also is a public library that offers borrowing and allows any individual with a library card to get access to its content. It is a completely legalized site with no copyright issues. 

11. HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns is an amazing platform that offers a lot of engaging features. It offers a varied category of movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, and other videos. Hd Popcorns also allows users to watch content based on their local language. The website is not just limited to Bollywood movies. It provides the content of various languages. You can also find Hollywood movies here. Interestingly, it is a one-stop destination that is one key for all your locks. This is one of the most popular platforms which is considered as the best alternative to Babahd platforms. So, go ahead download your favorite content.

12. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is another interesting platform. Though it sounds similar to the above platform it is completely different in terms of its features. Popcorn Flix is among the most outstanding website offering an enriching experience to all the users throughout the world. You can operate the website without actually having to register yourself on the platform. There is no registration fee or subscription charge to access the website. It offers everything that a movie freak would desire but does not charge anything for the same. It provides services free of cost. Try out the platform and decide it for yourself. 

13. Skymovies


Skymovies is an impressive platform. As the name suggests, the limit of this website is similar to the sky. No one knows the limit of the sky and similarly, the Skymovies website offers such a variety of content that there is no limit. Whether you wish to watch a comedy movie, thriller, romance, horror, suspense, or action everything is available here. Interestingly, it also provides all the latest music. When you travel, the music becomes your partner. Hence, we suggest using the Skymovies website for listening to your favourite music and also to download movies to watch later at your convenience in the comfort zone of your room.  

14. Moviesraja


With a smartphone and a decent internet connection, you can easily access the website of Moviesraja. This filmy-world has a mobile application too, to entertain its users. Without any registration or paying any fees, you will have it all – download any films and watch them without spending money. Get full HD movies without any challenges because Moviesraja provides true links for movie download. The server and download links are very fast and will not direct you to a third-party website. It is a torrent-based site that offers multiple famous movies of Bollywood and Hollywood.



This is a website that is known for providing all kinds of torrent files and magnet links for users so that they can download and enjoy content from the website. This is the website that does not allow streaming but lets users download all their favorite movies and TV shows and then enjoy them in offline mode. The website is available all across the globe and is in the English language. The website has been working since 2008 and after multiple server changes; it has still been able to survive. RARBG does not allow users to upload their magnet files.


This post was meant solely for providing you every bit of information on sites like Babahd. But, that in no way means that we are supporting piracy. Instead, by this article, we tried to let our users about the pros and cons of using torrenting sites to watch movies. It is a request to all to follow the advisory of the government and stop using such banned sites as they can highly threaten the data on your phone. However, to continues with your movie watching fun you can try out the different legal alternatives that have been launched recently. 


Why is Babahd banned by the government? 

Babahd is banned by the government because it is a torrenting site, which threatens the piracy concerns of the government. You can use the site in several other ways like changing the URL or by using a VPN but it is advised not to. 

Is the content available in different resolutions?

You can find the content in different resolutions including 720p and 480p. They can be streamed across various devices including PC and mobile phones. 

Are the downloads restricted? 

There are no restrictions for the downloads. It just depends on the amount of space your phone has. 

Does it ask the users for registration?

The users don’t have to register themselves or create an account on Babahd for downloading the movies. You can visit the website directly from the browser and choose the video that prefers downloading. 

Are Hollywood movies available on Babahd?

One can find several Hollywood movies on Babahd ranging from oldest to newest. You can either search for it in the search bar or find it on the menu.