4MovieRulz 2023: Top 12 Similar Sites Like 4MovieRulz.as


Who in this world wouldn’t like to spare some of his routine towards entertainment and stuff? Well, we all like to do so. Right?

However, with an increasing number of OTT platforms and government regulations towards piracy and all illegitimate stuff, it’s becoming hard to get everything for free online. Well, it’s genuine upto some extend also that directors and producers put a lot of efforts and money in producing these creations.

So yeah, gone are those days when we used to lookout on torrent search and find our favorite movie in high resolution for free. However, it’s not impossible though, yeah, there are some sites which are still exist to serve movies for free to their users. In today’s article we’re going to discuss about one of such website.

But, before we proceed further, we’d like to state that we are strictly against piracy and we don’t encourage our readers to get access to these websites for getting stuff for free. Yeah, these sites have a lot of risks associated with it and we never want our readers to get trapped into the same.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 4MovieRulz website.

What Is 4MovieRulz?



As stated earlier in this article, it’s a website which allows internet users to get access to pirated movies and other entertainment stuff for free. It’s not officially regulated site and it’s prohibited to involve into its access. However, they’re still active and providing an ample amount of movies, webshows, seasons and TV shows for free to their users since quite a long time now.

Features of 4MovieRulz

As mentioned, this website serves all sort of entertainment content which is not easily accessible or available online. And, it has quite a few interesting features that you should know. Let’s discuss.

  • Easy Interface :- 4MovieRulz is the easiest to use and interact with. Yeah, for downloading movies you’ve a simple walkthrough to get it to your local device. Well, movies are not stored at their server and hence you might need to download it from a mirror link which is available on each specific movie, show or TV show’s content page.
  • Faster Download :- Being one of the oldest website in entertainment world, 4MovieRulz provides lightspeed download for their content.
  • Variety of Content :- As stated earlier, 4movieRulz is a website that has almost all sort of entertainment content available on it. You just need to search for it on their website and 90 out of 100 times you’ll find your desired content on their platform. Moreover, if we talk about movie segments then it has almost all genre and locality’s movies on its platform. Yeah, be it a Bollywood or be it a Hollywood movie; but, you’ll find it on their website. Even tollywood and other local regional movies and shows are often available on their platform.
  • Usual Download Size :- While on other websites, high resolution good quality movie or show might need a lot of data to download it, but on 4MovieRulz you’ll usually get any movie in the range of 300mb to 800mb size to download movie online for free on 4MovieRulz.
  • Streaming Function :- Apart from download facility, they also provide streaming feature where you could watch your favorite show without downloading it to your local device. It’s amazing isn’t it?

Categories of Entertainment Content on 4MovieRulz

As we mentioned earlier in this article, on 4MovieRulz you could download almost all kind of content online for free. Now, if we talk about some of the famous categories available on 4MovieRulz then it includes following.

  1. Bollywood Movies :- In this category you’ll find all latest as well as old Bollywood movies on their site.
  2. Hollywood Movies :- In this category there are two sub categories. One is English Version and second one is Dubbed Hindi version of Hollywood movie.
  3. Telugu Movies :- It has a wide collection of south indian movies like telugu movies on their site.
  4. Kannada Movies :- As mentioned, almost all south indian regional movie are available on their site.
  5. Malayalam Movies :- It has wide variety of Malayalam Movies online download facility available on its site.
  6. Webshows :- Not all, but many web series and web shows are available for download on 4MovieRulz platform.
  7. TV Shows :- Many award functions and TV shows are quite often uploaded for download online on 4MovieRulz platform.

How To Dowload Movies From 4MovieRulz Website

To download entertainment content and movies online for free from 4MovieRulz website, just follow our below mentioned process.

  • Find proxy link of 4MovieRulz platform. Yeah, as piracy is banned in india for good of us, you won’t find their platform active online for majority of times. However, owners of this platform frequently keep changing their domain address to stay away from official actions by indian government. So, firstly you’ll have to find their currently available proxy site.
  • Install a VPN service to get access to their website.
  • Once you’re on their platform, search for your movie in the search bar available on the homepage.
  • You’ll get list of movies available for your search. Now, select your desired movie based on required resolution and data size. And, click on it.
  • Once you’ll select your movie, it’ll redirect you to download page.
  • On download page, hope through all available mirror links to find active mirror link.
  • Once you find an active mirror link, click on download file button to download your favorite movie online from 4MovieRulz.

Alternatives of 4MovieRulz

As piracy is strictly prohibited in india, you’ll quite often face 404 error for this website. And, in such occasions you’ll have to look out for another alternative. Well, to ease your search here’s a list of alternatives available for 4MovieRulz.

1. Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla is an outstanding website used for movie streaming and downloading. It facilitates a good amount of entertainment and fun. The users are assured of the best quality content in terms of visuals and sound. It consists of trending movies and TV shows along with classic hits. It is one of the best alternatives to the 4movierulz website. It provides endless content to the users that too without asking for a single penny. It is free of cost and is used by users from different parts of the world. Not just movies and TV shows but it also features a lot of documentaries, short videos, and biographies which is an advantage to consider. 

2. Vumoo

Another good alternative to the 4movierulz website is Vumoo which has so much to offer that the users can never get tired of it. You can browse through unlimited content on this website without any lags or interruptions. This website can be used absolutely for free and from any browser. You can find content in different languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, etc., on this website. There are different categories offered by this website like new, classic hits, latest movies Bollywood movies, etc. You can browse this website very easily without having a lot of knowledge. For the content which is not shown in the categories section, you can just search for it by typing its name in the search bar. 

3. 7starhd

7starhd is a great alternative to 4movierulz as it offers similar features and even more. It is an amazing website that comprises movies and TV shows from different categories and genres. It also offers subtitles with every content. You can get unlimited access to this website for free. It allows you to download whichever content you want, that too very easily. You just need to follow few steps to download the movie or TV show you want so that you can watch it anytime later. If you haven’t used this website till now, go ahead and browse through it. 

4. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is a free streaming website that allows users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. The website is known to provide detailed information about each movie and all the movies are in high definition. Moviewatcher is known to be compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones making it quite versatile. Users will require a stable internet connection to be able to watch movies on Moviewatcher. All the movies available here are in full length and users will be able to watch them without any kind of registration on the Moviewatcher website.

Other alternatives are following:

FAQs – For 4MovieRulz

Here’s a list of frequently asked question

1. Why 4MovieRulz is not available online?

As stated, it’s a piracy website and it is not involved in any legitimate practices. So, government often ban their URL on internet. So, it might be possible that at the time you search for it, they’ve been banned by government.

2. How to find 4MovieRulz active website?

To get active website, search on google “4MovieRulz active proxies”. There you’ll find active proxies which will look same like 4MovieRulz website.

3. Is 4MovieRulz genuine site?

No! In fact, none of the piracy website is genuine in any sence. So, only access it at your own risk. We never encourage our readers to access these websites for free stuff. Yeah, sometimes free things are too costly from other perspective of legalities.

4. MovieRulz is involved in Piracy. Is it true?

Yes. It’s true.

5. Can we download all type of content from 4MovieRulz?

Yes; you can download all authentic entertainment content from 4MovieRulz online except erotic and 18+ content.

6. Is 4MovieRulz safe?

To be honest, none of the piracy platforms is safe from all aspects. Yeah, chances are too high of getting malware or virus coming to your device whenever you access these platforms. We recommend our readers to always use an anti-malware and anti-virus software before getting access to these piracy platforms.


So, that’s all about 4MovieRulz for an online movie download website. We hope you liked our article and genuine advice. Yeah, we’d once again like to mention that accessing these platforms are quite dangerous and hence you’re advised to stay safe from the dangers of piracy. Also, we never encourage our readers to get access to such websites and platforms.