3D Poker App Octro Poker Launched by Octro Inc.

3D Poker App Octro Poker Launched by Octro Inc

In May 2021, Octro Inc. announced its latest development in the world of mobile gaming. The hugely successful company has brought 3D poker app Octro Poker to the market. This is an exciting venture for the gaming brand, which is already well-known for running Teen Patti, the most popular mobile casino game app in India.

The Teen Patti take on poker is massively popular in the country with many suggested sites where players can enjoy the game. This game has been an integral part of Octro’s success so far.

The success of Octro Inc.

Octro has built on the popularity of poker with its Teen Patti offerings and now with its new Octro Poker app. Of course, poker is a game which has been around for more than 1,000 years in different forms. But Octro has brought it into the digital age and has achieved great success from doing so.

Octro has its headquarters in India and has established itself as a leader in both Teen Patti and Rummy gaming opportunities. It’s the fastest-growing gaming company in India. Players spend more money on its products than they do on other brands according to data from analytics firm App Annie.

The company’s success has been boosted by the growth of the gaming industry in India overall. Currently, it’s experiencing an annual growth rate of 40% and its worth is expected to reach $14 billion by 2025.

Why launch new poker app now?

The ongoing success of Octro, and the growth in the Indian gaming industry overall, make this an ideal time to expand the brand into other app titles such as Octro Poker. The new app allows games to be played in real time and includes various modes such as 5 Card Poker and Texas Hold’em.

Players are also able to personalise their gaming content and enjoy the 3D visuals that the app offers. In addition, they can chat to other players using voice chat on private tables. It’s a modern and innovative take on the poker playing experience.

This is the ideal time to introduce new gaming experiences to players due to the increased amount of time people are spending online as a result of current global issues. In some countries across the globe, the amount of online poker being played has increased by 50%. New players are also becoming interested in the game and they are looking for opportunities to play.

In fact, online gaming overall has been one of the few success stories of recent months. Across the world, eSports and video gaming are now outscoring the film and music businesses when it comes to revenue. The industry is expected to be worth around $300 billion by 2025.

Against this backdrop, it’s clear that this is the ideal time for Octro to be introducing its new Octro Poker title. There is an appetite for this type of offering amongst players and it can only add to the success of the Octro brand.